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    Info needed asap please - young irish man stuck in Perth

    Thank you to every one who responded. My cousin is actually on his way back to Dublin, ostensibly for a holiday but I have received great information from you all and I will pass it onto his father and I think it will really assist him if he wants to go back, which at the moment he does In actual fact I will get Denis to register here and it will enable him to educate himself about the ins and outs of visas, etc. Thanks again. I have received 2 migration agent details, and its all positive info to pass on. I will now "Log Off" again and get back to my holiday in the Sunny South East. Much appreciated. Andrea
  2. Legal angel

    Info needed asap please - young irish man stuck in Perth

    I'm not in direct contact him - this is going through his parents (his father is my first cousin). It sounded to me like he was a bit overwhelmed by it all - and if I'm honest, a bit frightened as he lost his job and his accommodation all in one. His parents are worried for him and because I had lived in Australia, they were asking me the questions. They have contacted the Irish Club in Subiaco and have temporary accommodation for him but I haven't heard anymore, so not sure how things stand. I appreciate all the information you have all given. I'll leave the ball in his Court now. x
  3. Legal angel

    Info needed asap please - young irish man stuck in Perth

    Of course it is. Its in the Sunny South East of Utopia (Ireland). I am on my holidays at the seaside, a place called Ardmore, having a wonderful time. Back to my cousin ...... he did study Computer / IT so that was what he probably come on in. His parents are quite anxious so have bought him a ticket home. I think that's a bit drastic and want him to contact a migration agent - any names/numbers would be appreciated. Or are the migration agents in England?
  4. Legal angel

    Info needed asap please - young irish man stuck in Perth

    Can anyone pass me on migration agent details of an agent in Perth. Please PM if its not suitable for the open forum. Just want to pass on as much info as I can. thx x
  5. Legal angel

    Info needed asap please - young irish man stuck in Perth

    Thanks for all your info, his family is much appreciated. I will pass it all on. I'm on holiday so that's why I can only log on intermittently. Unfortunately he has no recognised profession, bit of a jack of all trades, master of none. Just a young man who, due to the recession here, tried Australia, likes it and would like to stay. I advised him to get another job asap and I said going Remote may help him find an employer, say Alice Springs (I heard through an uncle that they are desperate for people) but that might be a bit drastic! I have told them he has 3 months so not to panic, and I said to contact Immigration but should I have mentioned them? I will give them the crisis number and I recommended a hostel as you meet lots of young people coming and going with loads of up to date info. When Denis went to Australia he was 20, he's made it this far, done quite well but this has set him back a bit. All your info has been so helpful as we didn't know where to start. many thanks again.
  6. Legal angel

    Info needed asap please - young irish man stuck in Perth

    Thank you so much for all your responses. I will follow up on Irish families in Perth. His father tells me he's on a 457 employer sponsor visa. He was on a working/holiday visa subclass 417. If he got another employer, would he have to start the whole process from the start or could he continue with the new employer? He has accommodation for tonight and his father phoned the Irish embassy but they said unless he's dying or its an emergency, he is on his own. I will tell him about the Irish families facebook and I've asked his father to find out if he has PR. I'm assuming he hasn't. If I can get more info, I'll be back to you all. Much appreciated.
  7. Legal angel

    Info needed asap please - young irish man stuck in Perth

    Thanks for your replies. His dad is finding out the type of visa he is on and as I never had to apply for a visa I just assumed he had renewed the WHV - I haven't a clue. I will come back with more info. thanks
  8. I haven't been on here for a while, I'm happy back in Ireland "living the life of Reilly". But I have a 24 year old cousin, in Perth almost 4 years, his employer was sponsoring him to get Citizenship, though my cousin was paying for it, but they have had a falling out and my cousin is now wondering: 1. Can he get a new employer to sponsor him and complete his four years residence so he can get citizenship. He has six months to go. 2. Does he have to start again, with his new employer (if he can get one) with the whole paperwork again. Sorry I'm vague but I didn't have to go through the visa route so know nothing about it. I've just asked my cousin what visa he is currently on (I've text him) but I'm assuming its a WHV and he got it renewed for another two years. He did try the Irish Embassy but they weren't very helpful so I'm hoping someone on here can simplify it for me. He was working on a farm, and living there, so he is now homeless as well - I've told him to go to a hostel or the Irish club in Subiaco but any help anyone can give would be much appreciated. Thank you
  9. Legal angel

    Need somewhere to stay - urgent

    What about contacting the Embassy for repatriation? They do help citizens who need assistance - might be a thought
  10. Legal angel

    The Tayto Bar

    You should do a poll. Genius. How can you not like chocolate and taytos, they're iconic. At the moment they are only selling them in the independent stores Spar, Londis etc, can't wait to get my mitts on them. yum yum
  11. Legal angel

    Fat People Are Whingers

    Deleted post
  12. Legal angel

    Fat People Are Whingers

    I feel very sorry for the children I see that are over weight by over eating fattening foods - they can be bullied and ostraticsed by their peers and it really is a form of child abuse. I have done a few 'charity bag packing' exercises at the local supermarkets - and the utter trash that people buy, on a weekly basis, is astounding. Minerals (coke, 7up, fanta, etc), litres and litres of the stuff - I know adults that drink coke for breakfast - its disgusting. Just because coke is buy 1 get 1 free doesn't mean you buy 6 two litre bottles! Fish in batter, chicken nuggets, ready meals etc, packets of biscuits, muti packs of crisps, utter rubbish. Very few children know their vegetables and fruit, and if you could believe some of the polls in the papers, some children don't know what a carrot looks like, or that milk comes from cows. Have a look in the trolley of the person beside you and see what they have - I found it no different in Ireland to Australia. Adults can be lazy and not want to cook. Fine if its only you you have to worry about, not so good when you are cooking for others. Its not up to schools/government to educate you about the food you put in your mouth. Have some personal responsibility and educate yourself about what you are eating and feeding your children. Its on the packaging, which will give you some info. But also, we all have computers and the internet, look up receipes - remember meat and two veg - it is what it is - grill a chop, steam some vege, make yourself gravy - done. If, like me, you are a bit chunky, stop buying crap - better for your wallet and your wasteline. Some people on this thread have been very honest about their and their families health issues and I wish you and yours well. But we cannot deny that some of us (me) would benefit from locking the kitchen door and eating the key, rather than the contents of the fridge.
  13. Legal angel

    Fat People Are Whingers

    I run too and sound just like you, though I am of an age that I don't care what others think. I joined a ladies Meet & Train group - its not a Keep Fit group - these people are proper athletes, plus me. I do not have the physique of an athlete, I am more than middle aged, I get red in the face and in a 6k race last Wednesday, out of 189 people, I came 3rd last - but I did a PB (personal best time) and the two behind me, were young!!! Get out there and strut your stuff. Be proud of your achievements. I am of mine and I love to run and have goals of doing a HM in August and maybe the DCM in October - at the moment I can run 10k without stopping so I have a long way to go, but it starts with 1 step. And energy drinks (green slop) should be banned!
  14. Legal angel

    Fat People Are Whingers

    I can relate to this. My 11 year old daughter is taller and looks older than her peers - she has no weight, but is not super skinny either. I have her involved in drama and dancing now to help build her self confidence and it has worked out perfectly. She's mixing with a different group of children who seem to accept her exactly as she is. Your son, like my daughter, is probably just going through a growth spurt and when they get to Secondary School, the other children will "catch" them up. Two little witches in my daughters classs know better than to 'pick' on her or refer to the way she looks anymore.
  15. Legal angel

    Anyone moved back to Ireland recently?

    You'll be grand Dor, but like I said, work is the problem. I'm not sure how easy it will be for your husband to find work in Ireland from Australia, but then it depends on his profession, and you've done it before so you'll know the steps to take. Where in Perth were you? We were NOR and our quality of life was crap. We have a much better life here in Tipp, but I kept my house so we were 'going home' literally. Someone in Perth will be on to tell you how wonderful Hillarys Boat Harbour is and the free bbq's and beach, but OMG, I was sick to death of it. I have a much more varied life here and I'm outside all the time as I'm a runner, couldn't run in the Perth heat and didn't want to get up at 5.30am. Its not easy moving half way round the world, again, but its doable. Hope it works out for you all.