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    What is it you miss living in Canberra?

    Not at the moment krackajak. Been too many things going on and I want to wait until I'm on a decent sized property before I dive back into horses again. Probably another year or 3 yet before we look at moving out of Canberra.
  2. MrsMoo

    What is it you miss living in Canberra?

    sunniecat I couldn't have put it better myself! Each to his own and I can fully understand that, while I love the heat and the endless blue sky days, for others its misery. However, apart from Canberra drivers, whom I've learned to laugh at, I don't see any of those things Bora has mentioned in my new home. Its been over 3 years now and I have a full and happy life with a new set of hobbies and wonderful and supportive friends and neighbours, blinding views of the Brindabellas to wake up to each morning and the sight and sounds of a whole new set of wildlife. I've no idea what 'electric garage door syndrome' is but my remote controlled, huge, 2-car garage, certainly beats the crap out of the damp, single car garage, that flooded in the rain, with a wooden door, too narrow to actually park in that I used to own! I miss the Lake District, but that's ok, I can still visit. I miss fish and chips I miss the pub (but not much - and the George does Old Speckled Hen which is good enough) I miss its 'oldness' I don't miss the grey, suffocating skies and 6+ months of depression each year I don't miss the stupid property market or the stupidly tiny proportions of most houses I don't miss the M4 (or the M3 or the M25 or the M42 or the M6 or the M62) I don't miss sodden fields, knee deep in mud and horses with mud fever and frozen troughs and frozen hands and frozen legs I shall stop now :cute:
  3. MrsMoo

    Dogs vs Cats: the show down

    Both :cute:
  4. MrsMoo

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Its been 4 weeks now since we had a CO assigned. She asked for an extra document that we had to send for - got it to her within 5 days. Since then we've heard nothing, MA is saying nothing either. Does this seem odd? Should I be worried?
  5. MrsMoo

    Is there a race on to get to Aus?

    Still its located in a concrete carbuncle in the middle of Civic - hardly the English idyll Personally I've sold my soul..I wander down the road to the George Harcourt (with my eyes closed so I don't have to look at its failed attempt to be an 'English Pub') and drink Old Speckled Hen. My friends in the UK generally plan my itinerary for me when I go over to visit so that there will be at least one pub visit per day :biglaugh:
  6. MrsMoo

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    After reading of a cluster of visa grants recently I got my own notification yesterday that a CO had been assigned! However my MA tells me that the CO has asked for further documentation...a copy of my husband's marriage certificate from his previous marriage. They already have a copy of the divorce documents; I said "that's odd, why would they think he went to the trouble of a divorce if he hadn't got married in the first place!" :arghh: Oh well, just need to wait for a copy to be mailed over from the US now ...... As an aside, does anyone know whether the CO will collate everything they want and ask for it at one time or whether they do it piecemeal? I just have this horror that I'll get hold of the marriage cert, send it to them only to find another request comes back for the dog's birth certificate or some such.
  7. MrsMoo


    I work for Telstra and I won't tell you its all a bed of roses. But Telstra is more than aware of its customer service issues and is working hard to resolve them. In terms of Telstra's products and services I believe they are second to none and I was an advocate before I was an employee!! In the meantime, I'm happy to try and help if anyone's really struggling with a Telstra head-banger
  8. MrsMoo

    All things 'horse' & 'country' thread.....

    Canberra is quite horsey. Several riding schools and agistment available. I, too, had my own horses is the UK but, despite trying to detach myself and just have lessons, I've found it impossible to ride for 45 minutes a week. I think, coming from a competition background, that I would find the distance one has to travel to compete the biggest hurdle. Otherwise you can have a happy horsey life here
  9. MrsMoo

    Poms In Oz BBQ - Crace - Saturday 20th April - 1pm

    We're around the corner in Nicholls so will try to make it:biggrin:
  10. MrsMoo

    Moving to Canberra from Sunny Surrey

    Hello and welcome . You've picked a great place to raise a family; everything you could possibly want is within reach! Canberra might live up to its 'boring' reputation if you're 18 and want the bright lights of the city. But if you're looking for inspiration Canberra is surrounded by beauty and opportunity. We live on the north side and I work in Belconnen so please feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.
  11. MrsMoo

    Should I give oz another go? Please help x x x

    Oh boy - I can't believe you gave up so quickly! It takes a loooong time before it all slots into place; I've been here nearly two years and I've yet to build up a network of friends like I had in the UK. It takes time, I can't emphasise that enough. We moved out here in June 2011 and I went back to England to visit in Jan 2012. Screwed me up completely and I didn't know where the heck I wanted to be. However my husband adores it out here and it was only fair to stick it out. I'm still English and England will always hold a place in my heart but nearly 2 years on I can't imagine living anywhere else but here. It takes time - think how long it took to establish the network of friends you had in the UK and how screwed up your OH probably is out here with you pregnant etc. Actually being pregnant will be an awesome opportunity to meet other people at ante-natal classes and then at mom and baby groups etc. I don't know you and I don't know how you're feeling but my outsider perspective is 'give it another go'. Life is fabulous out here but it took me a while to realise it and get out of my homesick mode.
  12. MrsMoo

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congratulations! Excellent news. My application was submitted on the 21st December, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for July
  13. No, I didn't pay anything extra. It was back in March 2012 and this was the exact wording on the email: "Your skills application xxxxxx has been returned by the authorised assessor stating that your application is NOT closely related to the nominated ANZSCO code you have chosen. The assessor has made the recommendation that your application is ONLY suitable for ANZSCO code xxxxxx Please advise in writing via email, if you would like to change your nominated ANZSCO code as recommended. Please note: If you wish to nominate an alternate ANZSCO code apart from this recommendation, you will be required to submit a Review Application after your current skills assessment has been finalised.
  14. MrsMoo

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Just to muddy the waters further my MA states: However, there is no requirement to send certified copy of your documents to DIAC. They have specifically said that they will accept scanned colour copies of documents for 186 visa applications.
  15. I can't assist specifically with advice on the 263113, however, the following may be of interest. When I did my Skills Assessment with the ACS I applied for assessment under the ANZSCO code for Software Engineer because it was on the SOL Schedule 1, whereas my 'real job', Database Administrator, is not. It wasn't crucial that I was assessed for a Schedule 1 occupation, I just thought it would be nice(!) However, the ACS came back to me and said that my credentials weren't adequate to be assessed for Software Engineer, but they were happy to assess under Database Administrator. Which they did and everything turned out fine. So I guess you can go with the best option available and, perhaps like me, if they don't think your skills are adequate they will recommend an alternative? [h=2][/h]