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  1. kayleighmarriner

    Should I give oz another go? Please help x x x

    Thank you to everyone for your comments it means a lot. Since starting this thread this morning I have since spoken to my partner he tells me I need to make a choice and pick between him and move back to oz, or he comes home in 5 weeks like he said he would for our boys and unborn child only! Not me!! So basically if I go to oz and give another chance well still be together and if I decide to stay in the uk, which I can't express to him enough is what I want to do we're over, nine years together and 2 children nearly 3 come August. I moved back home on the basis that he would follow me and our children back to the uk, once work was over and a few bills paid for it was NOT a very easy decision at all! The worst day of my life intact. But he assured me that he'd be ok and not to worry about him he just wanted me to be happy and if that made me happy then I needed to go. I couldn't of been in oz Any longer I was getting very down. So made the decision to come home without him, thinking he'd follow me soon. So much has now changed in the 4 weeks iv been home! Well for him! I still want to stay in the uk. He wants to be in the oz. And now he's making me chose him and oz or him home and not being with him. I'm Distraught x x x
  2. kayleighmarriner

    Should I give oz another go? Please help x x x

    Me and my fiancé and two boys saved up for over 2 year to make the move to Australia, we sacrificed days out as a family and holidays to save more money to be able to live in oz for a better life. We didn't hate our life in England but thought that Australian life would be better for us and have a lot to offer. My partner was born in oz his parents emigrated when they were young they returned back to the uk when he was two months old and never went back. My partner made the move to oz in October 2012 he went before us to find a place to work and a home for us, he does have aunts and uncles living there who have been there now for most of there lives, he is very much in touch with them so that is why we moved to Newcastle in nsw as they were also there, we thought we wouldn't be by ourself if we knew some people. After 4 weeks my fiancé had found a home and a job so once my visa wait was over (finally) we made the move too on 11th November 2012. Whilst in the uk going to Australia was all I ever thought about I just needed to be there I couldn't wait. the more I waited for my visa the more excited I became as I knew I'd be there soon. When we first arrived in sydney airport, I knew that I'd made the right choice, I loved the place already! It was perfect. My fiancé who we missed terribly when we were apart, picked us up and took us to our new home in Newcastle nsw. I straight away HATED the house just something about it that I didn't like it didn't feel like home to me. I'd seen pics of it and loved it but obviously it was very different when arriving, being there in real life. I thought though we can make it better at the end of the day it is just a house and were here for the lifestyle to enjoy ourselves especially our two boys 5 and 3 years old. Lover the next 4 weeks I had no doubt apart from the house that I liked Australia, we settled my oldest son into school and whilst my partner was at work me and my youngest went to the park and saw different things, my partner worked 7-3pm so once I'd sorted our boys out it was school time, dinner time, and rob was home! I loved it. We weren't managing though as he just took the sheet metal work temp and they no longer had work, we managed over the next month it was very tight. Eventually he found a job in chatsworth doing what he was doing in the uk (which was perfect and what he wanted) but it meant leaving at 6 in morning getting the train for 2 and a half hours, doing a day at work then again coming home 2 and a half hours he got in at 8 on a night 6-8pm. Very long day. Especially when for most of it me and my youngest son was by ourself. We moved to Australia for partly that reason as back in the uk he worked away a lot so we thought this would bring us together, we just lived for our weekends when he was off work, I dreaded Monday morning. During my time in oz I didn't meet any friends apart from the odd lady at the school who lived round the corner that was it. But she has her own life and I didn't see much of her at all just to say hello to every now and again. I made the worst decision of my life to come back to England in march, and leave my partner in oz to look after packing the rented house up and working to pay bills off and phone contracts, it broke my heart. But I went with my heart and I needed to be home, I was also 4 months pregnant at the time. Our baby is due in August. I brought our two sons home with me. My fiancé said he could manage and would be home in about 8 weeks. I never ever thought I would leave him by himself but the over bearing of wanting to be home just ruled everything out. Our two boys loved there life In Australia, as well as my fiancé I'm the one who wanted it the most and hated it they did many things we would never do back in the uk it was perfect for all 3 of them but not me I thought I would have spent the rest of my life in oz. we kept In touch with family back in the uk very regularly over Skype, letters it sounds awful but I didn't miss them like I thought I would I just missed being home ! It was a very hard decision to make many tears but I decided to leave with the boys and come home waiting for him to follow us, iv never felt so guilty, the things we'd got ourselves into together like phone contracts I was piling all onto him, as well as the house that isn't due till November for the lease to end, which is why he can't come home till may as we will owe money to them. We are currently living in my mams 3 bedroom home along with her my dad and sister, we left everything in the uk did not take anything with us so have nothing at all we need to start from scratch. My partner Is currently looking for work whilst in oz for the uk so he has something to come back to in may as we do not want to have nothing, the sooner we can save up for a deposit for a house the better, especially before August when baby is due. It is very overcrowded. i knew it was going to be like this when I said I wanted to go home as knew we had nothing but didn't expect to feel like this. We've been back 4 weeks since coming back iv been to a christening so was nice to see all friends again but apart from seeing my mam, dad sis, partners parents iv seen no one. Not that I seen a great deal of people before emigrating. Our two boys are happy anywhere as they're so young they don't really understand if I said to them were going back to oz today they'd neither be happy nor sad. We speak to my partner on Skype every day, it's so hard as we all want him home. The countdown is on 5 weeks and he should be able to come home. I don't miss any of Australia I just miss him as soon as he comes home it will just feel like iv been on a holiday. I hated the area we were in Newcastle I found it very boring. Speaking to my partner and messaging him has become very hard over the past week he is very eager to get me to go back to Australia before he comes home and its too late, we've ended our dream. He is promising me we will move down to central coast, where he says is lovely iv just past through it so never seen it properly, and much closer to his job so no late night coming in at 8. He promises to make us all happy which he did whilst we were there before but with money problems at first we didn't have the chance to do lovely things and visit places. We did go to Sydney for the day. That's was lovely. I just love us all being together and in the uk it wasn't like that and it was starting to be like that in oz once he got his new job. it goes without saying he loves it in oz and keeps telling me he thinks we could be making the wrong decision? I'm so sick at the minute I just don't know what to do for the best, overall coming home to live with parents is awful but I keep thinking would I be happier if I moved back to oz back to a different place in oz? It's gonna take a while to get sorted out back in the uk, with a house and things. But my life was becoming so bleak and I was crying everyday to come back to the uk. my partner tells me that things would be much different as we have money now and can do things in oz we'd move closer to his work. I just don't know if I could tear my family apart again and say in going back to oz? It would be awful. They've done loads for us in the 4 weeks we've been home. But then I think it's our life and if theres another chance take it? I just don't know what to do? I need to seriously make my mind up soon I'm 27 and I don't wanna be like this at this age we should be settled especially with baby number 3 on way! It's not fair on out other two boys neither as my oldest has missed a lot of school with moving and moving back to the uk. My partner really really wants us to go back and feels I haven't gave it enough time. I would miss home if I was to go back to Australia. I miss Australia at the minute but I don't know if its just because I know my partner is there and I miss him not the place. I'm so confused. He says I didn't give it enough time? It was only 4 months but I was in tears for about 3 of them. Please can someone help me decide? Has anyone else been through this? I don't have long to decide and need to know ASAP. before its too late. Could it be different in a different place? Will I grow to love it? My partner is worrying as he has no job as yet to come home to when he arrives in the uk and like me doesn't want to be stuck at my parents. He says we're all set up there and will make the changes, I'm in no doubt that things will change with regards to the house and area if we were to follow him back. But can I really see myself there for the rest of my life second time round I'm just not sure once he was home and we were sorted with housing and jobs we could make a go of our lives in the uk and do stuff we never did whilst here as we know where we went wrong. But he doesn't see this and Australia is what he wants. I do see his point of view it never goes out of my head its driving me insane. But is it for me? Should I give it one last go? For the sake of my partner and boys? Thankyou x x x
  3. Hi please could someone help me? im currently pregnant our baby is due in august 2013. In November 2013 we are hoping to move back to the uk. Weve been here since november 2012, not very long but i desperately miss home and i need to go back. Does anybody know what kind of passports our baby is going to need or a visa? (if any) as its going to be born in australia. my partner has an oz passport was born in oz i have a permanent residency visa. i also have two other sons who have an oz passport and australian by descent. They have both english and australian passports. Will i have to do this for our new baby aswell? if so... it might sound like a silly question but how do i obtain a british passport in australia, and how long will it take,info will be greatly helpful as i really dont know where to start with this and want to have it sorted so we know what to do when the baby arrives as we will be heading back to the uk early november. thankyou kayleigh x x x:biggrin:
  4. kayleighmarriner

    Really want to go home!

    ive been in oz since november 2012 and i also really really want to go back home : ( x x x
  5. Hi, we've been here 2 weeks. Relocated from england to newcastle nsw. Have a partner and two sons aged 2 and 5 please let me know if your in the same position as us or near by and would like some company kayleigh x x x
  6. kayleighmarriner

    what happens after visa is granted????

    thankyou x x x
  7. kayleighmarriner

    what happens after visa is granted????

    thanks very much kerry : ) x x x
  8. kayleighmarriner

    what happens after visa is granted????

    hi i wondered if somebody could help me? i have been told from my co that my visa will be ready around the 14th november 2012 i just wondered after this is granted do i need to send away my passport back to the london immi office for a sticker on it to say i have a visa? or anything else? or will they just know by my passport number when leaving the uk? thanks kayleigh x x x
  9. Rang co this morning explained everything to him, says to start looking for flights around 14th November, as he is not ready to grant visa yet! so another 4 week wait but not long now x x x
  10. Hi again, I emailed my case officer yesterday and today to check if possible for a date? Did not answer yesterday and today he was away from the office until tomorrow, so will try again tomorrow see if I can get any further forward. I explained in email that my partner was there, I'd like to book flights and don't want to keep the boys away from seeing there dad for too much longer if I can help it. Yes permanent residence. Really really hope it's soon!!!! Wish there was a way to get granted sooner, has been an awful 6 month wait but know it will be worth it, it's just the not knowing part it's awful x x x
  11. So happy for yous!!!! X x con still waiting....... My visa was sent also in may 12th still not heard when it will come! Hope it's soon I really do! As my partner is already in Australia, and me and my two children miss him so much already! Hopefully this week or next???? x x x

    <p> </p>

    <p><p>hi kayleigh hows your visa app coming along, are you any closer.</p></p>

    <p><p>we have just sold our house and we are now looking at flights to oz for next march.ill keep my fingers crossed for ya</p></p>

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    <p><p>Australia 2012 x x x x : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))</p></p>

    <p><p>Australian Citizenship by descent, for my two boys sent 20/2/2012 : )</p></p>

    <p><p>Certificates recieved, boys passports have arrived April 2012</p></p>

    <p><p>VISA ready to send : ) x x x check</p></p>

    <p><p>VISA sent may 2012</p></p>

    <p><p>police check sent 31st may 2012</p></p>

    <p><p>medical 6th june 2012</p></p>

    <p><p>october 2012 stillllllll waiting <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.png" alt=":(" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> x x x</p></p>

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  14. <p><p>x x x x x</p></p>

  15. please can someone tell me if the same person can sign all declarations??? x x x thanks x x x