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  1. Galahad

    'Dog Walks' whilst in Eastern Creek Quarantine..

    Yes, I have.... There are mixed opinions on here - but I can only speak as I find & I found them excellent.... I was able to check my animals every couple of days on their great 'picture website' & my two dogs & one cat were in very good condition when I picked them up in May.... I found the communication & the care exceptional.... Hope that helps....
  2. Galahad

    Back to Blighty

    Mmmm - yes E.W.... I saw that....& I do understand 'the rant syndrome' - sometimes you just gotta rant.... But the poster - in his short posting history - allowed his own bad experience colour his view of the whole of Australia & its occupants to the extent that he is now on a plane back to England - or even there already.... Well I hope honestly that things work out in the way he hopes they will - but somehow I think we carry our attitude with us from hemisphere to hemisphere & that colours our experience....it's not just about what happens to us - it's how we get over what happens to us.... When I was going through a horrible divorce, many many years ago, there was a great plaque on the wall of the solicitors office - which in spite of my unhappiness at the time, made me smile.... Say it wth candour, Say what you think. Say it when sober Or say it with drink Say it with flowers Or even a mink, But never ever Say it with ink.... :nah:
  3. Galahad

    Back to Blighty

    '.....BTW: I am not bitter......' Sheesh - I'd hate to meet you on a day you were feeling bitter then ! '.....- this country is horrible .....- most (but by no means all) Australians are horrible and lazy....' I have just returned & am staying with a friend (an Australian) for the weekend before going to my 'new home' & have watched her two university-student daughters barely lift their eyes from their studies because of dead-lines/exams (all self-motivated study) & the younger daughter happily hand over the use of her fairly new & respectable little car for my unlimited use while I go to organise things financial & buying my own car etc.... Both (stunning looking) girls have boyfriends who have not been around because the girls put their studies at the top of the priority list....& the older girl works a part-time job as well.... Such laziness. Such horribleness..... In my previous 20 years working here I only met humour, kindness & generosity.... Yes, of course there are obstreperous 'nasty people' everywhere but they do not define a country !! I think it's sad when hatred or bitterness blinds you to beauty....where-ever you live....
  4. Galahad

    Pics please!

    Candygirl - sorry to hear of your stressful day.....hope it turns out OK..... :hug::hug: Such gorgeous pics. everyone..... I'm in 'transit' at the moment with my 'big' computer not yet 'shipped' & only my laptop....& my 'back-up-memory sticks' SOMEWHERE in my 30 kilo suitcase..... Have had a lovely weekend relaxing at my friend's house overlooking the water in Brisbane, but hopefully tomorrow or the next day will go down to my 'new home' & THEN just watch this space !!!!! And then a quick turn-a-round for the drive to Sydney to pick up my furry family.....WOOO-HOOO !!!! Meanwhile I am being 'looked after' by the big soppy Great Dane in this family....such a huge bundle of love..... :yes:
  5. Galahad

    Moving to Melbourne Apologises

    .....A pity I can't post what I'd really like to say...... But-but-but-but......Wendee - that's a first !!!!! :laugh: And for once I fully agree with you !!!! :yes: Un-bulu-bulu-believable that people would do that ! :shocked: M2M, here's to your rapid & full recovery...... :hug:
  6. Galahad


    It's clear that prices vary enormously - whichever hemisphere you are in..... I paid considerably more than Rupert for a hygienist clean & slightly more for a crown......from a very good private practice all the way down here in South Devon...a long way from Central London... Having been reassured that it's OK to recommend a GOOD service/practice etc. I have no hesitation in recommending 'Face Value' in Albert Street, Brisbane..... Fabulous & friendly, approachable & compassionate in an emergency.... To be honest I don't begrudge any money spent on my teeth, keeping them clean, healthy & 'there'.... I mean honestly, that there are professionals who make a career of doing things in people's mouths is beyond commendable..... :yes:
  7. Galahad

    UK block on overseas spouse pensions

    Whatever happens, whenever & to whom - this is the biggest can of worms to be opened for many a long year.....
  8. Galahad


    Hi Foo, I've tried to reply but getting the response that your settings don't allow PMs..... Can you check your settings ? Or contact an administrator.....
  9. Galahad


    I went to an absolutely wonderful dentist in central Brisbane & never for an instant felt ripped off.... I received world class treatment, friendliness & never feared going to the denist at any time.....I can honestly say all the proceedures I had there were painless....including an extraction, a root filling, various 'normal fillings' & a crown. My particular dentist was a Glaswegian with a wicked sense of humour...... Am I allowed to recommend on here ? I will have no hesitation in re-booking my dental care with them & did not find them in any way extortionate.... All treatment was pre-priced & therefore I could choose what to have done & when.... Initially I went in for an 'emergency' with raging toothache & was so impressed with the service & standard that I continued at an affordable (to me) pace thereafter.... The result was, that when I came back to the UK for three years, friends were impressed with my (still complete!) smile & good-looking teeth.... I'll happily recommend this practice via PM.....
  10. Galahad


    Horses !
  11. Galahad

    Cute photos of our beloved pets

    This is something I thought I'd never find myself saying - but that's a very pretty rat Piglet1..... :laugh: And Love Shoes - that's cute ! :biglaugh:
  12. Galahad

    What was the last thing you bought ??

    Last purchase ? My 'plane ticket to Brisbane for next week..... Online...... :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  13. Galahad

    Cute photos of our beloved pets

    And.....purr-fecting 'the look'....
  14. Galahad

    Cute photos of our beloved pets

    Fifteen days in - fifteen days to go.....
  15. Galahad

    Cute photos of our beloved pets

    Lovely Tink - the dogs & the machine....yes it probably still works - they usually do ! I'm really happy by the way - with the way mine are going in Quarantine....they're getting lots of 'walkies' & cuddles & I'm seeing photos every couple of days..... It's horrible to go through, but it's great to 'see' them...... Purdy looked very stressed at first (the dogs have each other) but she's alone.....but she's definitely got the "I'm-a-goin'-to-make-you-pay-fur-this" look in place now....