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    How much do you love Perth?

  2. surflen22

    12 months in, well nearly

    I've been here about 2 years now and very settled. However, like you, around the 10-11 month mark had a major case of the wobbles. It caused me to act out of character and take it out on those around me. I couldn't tell you what caused it or why I was feeling that way....I guess its just human nature. It took a few weeks to pass and then I was back on top. Good luck with it! Packing up your life and re-establishing it thousands of miles away is no easy task. There are ups and downs - but hopefully, more ups on the way.
  3. surflen22

    I must have been insane?

    I don't think that's what Paul meant. He's not implying that it should all be about number one and to hell with everyone else! I think he's just pointing out that returning to the UK might not necessarily be the best course of action for ALL concerned.
  4. surflen22

    Help, Recruitment firm offering 457 sponsorship...??

    Was that really necessary?
  5. surflen22

    How long before you bought a car?

    In a word yes. If you're heading to the CBD, I would strongly suggest you get the train. It's faster, you don't have to pay for parking and they are surprisingly reliable! The freeway (particularly coming from NOR) is a nightmare at peak hour. Before changing jobs, I drove to and from work each day for about 8 months. I hated it. I arrived stressed out already and frazzled from the journey. I now get the train. 30 mins from my front door to my desk compared to around 50 mins if I was to drive.
  6. surflen22

    How long before you bought a car?

    For me it strangely worked the opposite way! When I lived closer to the city, I found I needed the car more than now. I'm about 20km out and it's way faster to get to places on public transport than it is driving! It depends on where you are heading and what links there are. The train service is actually pretty good and very quick.
  7. surflen22

    RSMS timeline

    Great news! Not long now hopefully! I know how frustrating that wait is.
  8. surflen22

    Help, Recruitment firm offering 457 sponsorship...??

    I guess the only advice I can give is to take a look at the SOL - Schedule 1 & 2 - and see if there is anything that looks like it may match your skills and experience. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule1-2.pdf Google the ANZSCO code for a full list of duties and responsibilities. I do understand where you are coming from. I was in a less extreme position to you - I was an Office Manager which wasn't covered by the 457 program. I came over as a Customer Service Manager on the 457 instead as it closely matched the role I was taking on and my previous experience covered this. Just tread carefully - everything is tightly regulated and checked too. And watch what you say on public forums - even if its just for your own sanity!
  9. surflen22

    I must have been insane?

    Unfortunately, regretting things doesn't change anything. You seem to be in some sort of limbo at the moment and unsure how to go forward. Have you managed to resurrect your career and regain all the other things you mention? I think, for your own sake, you need to work out what is going to make you happy and go with it. It is a tough one as you could return to the UK but resentment over where you are living could ultimately impact negatively on your relationship with your wife and child. Or you could stay in Australia but risk burning bridges. Only you can make the changes you need to be happy - no amount of reminiscing or commiserating is going to help with that.
  10. surflen22

    Students!!! Can you recommend a GP in Perth?

    Tandara Medical Practice in Gosnells bulk bills so no out of pocket expenses.
  11. Its probably not the norm but it doesn't sound too crazy. As long as you can meet the rent then you can do whatever suits. Think of it as one room for you, a study/office/media room and a guest room.
  12. http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/jobs-growth-to-accelerate-led-by-mining/story-fn7kjv7y-1226515643265 THE employment outlook may not be as bleak as some forward indicators suggest, with a new report predicting 137,000 jobs will be added to the economy by August next year, led by demand in the mining industry. That would be more than double the 58,000 people who gained employment in the year to August 2012. The biannual report by consultants Economic and Market Development Advisors (EMDA) forecasts modest jobs growth in every mainland state apart from South Australia, where the job market is expected to be flat. EMDA's Michael Emerson, the author of MyCareer Employment Forecast November 2012, said there had been a lot of business uncertainty after recent reports about China's economic slowdown and the mining industry, and a rise in the national unemployment rate. "But the overall outlook is quite encouraging as the economy continues to stabilise," Mr Emerson said, releasing the report today that analyses national, state, industry, and demographic employment trends and figures. The latest official data for October released last week showed the jobless rate unchanged from September at a two-and-a-half-year high of 5.4 per cent, after it jumped from 5.1 per cent in August. EMDA's report predicts Western Australia will lead the way with 2.5 per cent employment growth in the year to August, followed Queensland at 1.2 per cent. The nation's two largest states, NSW and Victoria, are both forecast to have 1.1 per cent growth. By industry, based on forecasts for the year to May 2013, mining employment is expected to surge by 10.2 per cent, while engineering is forecast to rise by 3.6 per cent. However, government jobs, construction and property, and manufacturing are all seen in decline. "Losses of jobs in the next year will primarily be as a result of public-sector job cuts and the strength of the Aussie dollar, which will send more of our manufacturing jobs overseas," Mr Emerson said.
  13. surflen22

    what's wrong with Perth?

    If you are used to somewhere like London and want the same kind of life, Perth would be a let down. It all comes down to what's important to you. I personally don't think you can compare the UK and Australia - they really are just too different. So many good and not so good points about both.
  14. surflen22

    what's wrong with Perth?

    I think there are the odd few who think Perth will be like London but with sun.
  15. surflen22

    what's wrong with Perth?

    Well this thread has taken a sinister turn...it was only a matter of time. As has been said so many times already, Perth is not for everyone. Neither is London for that matter! There's been lots of positives highlighted and I do believe that sometimes having to point out what's good about Perth becomes a little tiresome. If you can't find anything to like about it, then it's clearly not for you. And for some, it has an 'expiry date' too...nothing wrong with that. In Paul's defence, I do believe he was trying to be helpful and point out things that others may not be aware of. As Fiona said, you'd need about a year to find all there is to do here! I'm sure as part of the exploring process, we'll all find parts and like and also those we don't like so much.