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  1. jasepom

    Who is right, Me or the Mrs?!

    yeah no need for free standing wardrobes in Australia, they just don't need 'em.
  2. Gave me a breakdown, ruined my career and marriage. And it was something neither of us wanted to do. Just stupid homesickness and grass is greener situation.
  3. jasepom

    Is Anyone Happy?

    The pubs are still alright in UK but the prices have gone up. You don't get much change out of a fiver now for a pint of beer. But then again we buy mostly slabs here and drink them at home, that's the thing to do.
  4. jasepom

    Is Anyone Happy?

    I moved back cause I thought that's what my wife wanted. But it wasn't, we did it out of pure stupidity not a thought on what we would do when we got back there.
  5. jasepom

    Is Anyone Happy?

    I had a beautiful house good job and I still went back to bloody England.
  6. jasepom

    Is there a reccesion looming.

    Don't give up your jobs whatever you do.
  7. jasepom

    How have you found the Aussies?

    I've found the Aussies very friendly. And I've noticed that even though I'm a married man, the girls are very polite, they talk to you and are really sociable. The lifestyle here is really good for meeting people too. It's very club rather than pub oriented though which is not to a lot of Brits taste.
  8. jasepom

    Is Anyone Happy?

    I moved back to England and regretted it from the very start
  9. Why the hell do people vote for the far right ? Everyone knows people lose their jobs when they come into power.
  10. The political parties havent got a clue in England.. Been there, done that.
  11. jasepom

    I'm a mummy!

    What a bouncing bundle of joy you have there. Also a good weight for the future.
  12. jasepom

    Shabby poorly built and...

    Who is a whinning pom ?
  13. jasepom

    Shabby poorly built and...

    Yeah it would be good to have a house with a pool. Notwithstanding the dunny issue, kids dry off in about a minute in hot weather so not usually a problem. Wrap a towel around them and everything is cool.
  14. jasepom

    Shabby poorly built and...

    That would be hilarious to have a toilet in the laundry room. If you dropped a massive dump, your clothes wouldnt exactly smell fresh would they !!!
  15. jasepom

    Shabby poorly built and...

    In new build houses, some toilets have basins others don't, depending on the size of the house. Ours didn't, but remember that Aussies like their toilets away from the bathroom which have the basin in it. It's more convenient IMO, since you don't have to wait to have a pee. Better to have a bigger bathroom with everything you need.