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  1. ggavy


    Nice! Though I just checked and everything is booked up for the next month or two. Not to worry, Dec 6th is good for me.
  2. ggavy


    (I should add that I had nominated Parramatta as my local immigration office on my initial application)
  3. ggavy


    Hi, Location: Sydney CBD Applied: Jan 4th 2018 Email received for interview/test invite: Nov 7th 2018 Test/Interview Date: Dec 6th 2018
  4. ggavy

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Everyone, Just letting you know that I got my PR visa granted this morning (Saturday)! Here are my details: Nomination: 12/04/2016 Application: 17/05/2016 Visa Granted: 26/11/2016 Occupation: Records Manager Transition LR 1 person NSW I didn't get any requests for any extra documentation - I just received an email saying it was granted. Anyway, good luck to everyone currently waiting - I hope you get yours before Christmas! I'm off for a 10am beer to celebrate...... Cheers
  5. Not for me unfortunately. It's an irrational fear. Even though I know I'd be totally safe going up the Eiffel tower or even the Westfield tower in Sydney, the fear still kicks in.
  6. Thanks MaryRose. I'm actually looking at places that I can start at say floor 20 or so (below that and I'm generally okay). But the 'open house' idea is a good one - I hadn't thought of that.
  7. This one is useful! Thanks
  8. Thanks Pom Queen, yes, I would need to be able to look out the window. The idea behind it is that you put yourself into a nervy situation but force yourself to stick with it until it no longer instills panic. Once you are comfortable with that level (which may take several visits) you can move higher up and repeat the process.... Gerry
  9. Hi everyone, so this will probably be one of the more random questions you might read on this site. I would like to know if any of the tall buildings/skyscrapers in Sydney CBD are public access? I don't just mean getting to the top floor but being able to get off the elevator at say floor 20, floor 40 etc. The reason I ask is I'm currently going through a course to get over a fear of heights. Part of this is to gradually expose yourself to greater and greater heights. Hence a building whereby I can go up in steps would be ideal. I doubt there will be such a building but I thought it might be worth posting here in any case. Thanks in advance, G
  10. Hi, I reckon I might come along to this. I might be away that weekend though but I'll let you know. Cheers, G
  11. Hi everyone, I just remembered that I have never closed off this thread..... I've being doing the daily commute from Central Station (living in Surry Hills) to Richmond for over two months now. And I have to say it's not that bad. It takes about 1hr 20 minutes but with the ability to work on the train (and counting this into my daily work hours) I think it's okay. It would be a different story had I been driving (in which case it would be 'lost' time). And it is certainly worth it in my opinion to be able to take advantage of the loads of stuff to do in the city. And maybe I'll come back to this thread in a years time and let you know if I still feel the same....... Thanks everyone for the advice.
  12. ggavy

    Five a side football (soccer)

    Hi Darryl. Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I think it's going to be a little far for me to get to Manly Vale given that I'll be getting home during the week around 7pm and am aiming to be living around Surry Hills/Redfern. Good luck with finding other players.
  13. ggavy

    Five a side football (soccer)

    Thanks nst, I'll get in touch with Ray (I probably won't be able to start for a few weeks but I'll get in touch anyway).
  14. ggavy

    Five a side football (soccer)

    Me too. Will be moving into the inner west within the next few weeks and looking forward to starting playing again.