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  1. Stovies

    Flying with 3 children! Eeek

    I don't think there's such a thing as 'adult to child ratio' when flying to Australia. I flew back to Aus with 3 kids and survived :biggrin:
  2. Stovies

    vistors GGGRRRRRRR

    Just say no!
  3. Stovies

    How many poos......?

    OMG ... that is directed at no post in particular ... just OMG at this thread in it's entirety
  4. Stovies

    Easter Eggs..... to bring or buy?

    I couldn't be bothered having the 'worry' of chocolate eggs breaking or melting enroute, and the hassle of having to carry them with you, declare them etc etc .... Naaah! Just buy them here! There's plenty for everyone to suit all tastes.
  5. Stovies

    Ten pound poms - dvd

    Get yersel tae the library (or website) and see if thull pit it oan hold fur ye. Or ye can watch on thon Youtube. It's a rerr watch just fur the banter like. Orrabest!
  6. Stovies

    Ten pound poms - dvd

    I picked a DVD at the library called Ten Pound Poms. I thought it was an interesting insight into people's thoughts and feelings of the day (post war years). 'TEN POUND POMS tells the journeys of nine Britons who took the gamble of migrating to Australia in the post war years. They were part of one of the largest planned migrations of the twentieth century. One million Britons were sold the dream of a modern British way of life in the sun and seduced by a fare of just ten pounds. The catch was that they had to stay for a minimum of two years. Most loved the sunburnt country but one quarter fled home disillusioned, fleeing 'Pommy bashing' or believing they had been sold a lie.' I think the feelings of people, emigrating to Australia then, are still the same today. They even ping-ponged in those days, except they called them Boomerang Poms :biggrin:.
  7. Stovies

    Help...i think i have a Rooster..

    If it's crowing it's a rooster. We used to hatch our own chooks in an incubator and that was a definate sign ... early morning crowing.
  8. Stovies

    Aldi is coming to SA!

    At last! I've missed Aldi.. :biggrin: http://adelaidenow.com.au/
  9. Our mortgage is with Lloyds TSB and we are renting our house in the UK out. While still in the UK, we made an appointment with the Mortgage Manager, told him our plans, he phoned the Mortgage people who gave us permission to rent out for a fee of 250 pounds which was then just added to our mortgage, so with a little bit of paperwork, we were all above board and legal. No hassles and no extra payments on our mortgage or anything like that.
  10. I think you'd regret giving it all up. We did but were lucky that a miracle allowed us to come back to Aus and we are slowly but surely building our lives back up here. ( http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/moving-back-uk/140638-think-hard-before-giving-all-up-aus.html thread explains our situation). Before making such a drastic decision to return to the UK can you not try managing your money more efficiently? We are having to be careful with every cent this second time around as we spent a fortune on moving back to the UK, moving back to Aus and having to have our things shipped, along with our dog, back and forward. The website simplesavings.com.au helped us enormously. You can browse around for free or subscribe to a membership to have access to loads more great advice and information. It's amazing how little you can live on if you really put thought into it. Best of luck with everything.
  11. Stovies

    A happy thread for anyone who loves life here!

    Having been on both sides of the fence ... The things I love about being back in Aus - EVERYTHING
  12. Stovies

    Large Jiffy Envelope Oz to the UK

    A couple of weeks ago I took my UK Christmas Cards to the PO to post. I hadn't realised that my daughter had added her friend's card in there too... and she had put two candy canes in with the card. All the other cards were $1.60 to post and the card with the candy canes in was going to be $17!!!! Needless to say ........
  13. Stovies

    Can I take these few food favourites?

    I have found that it's easy to adjust to the country you are living in's food. I've found that it's not such a big deal. I've found that it's a waste of valuable time trying to recreate a UK life in Australia. Just go with the flow and be open to all things new! BTW: blossom79 is right in saying that you can buy most of these things here.
  14. I don't mind them. It gives me a push to give the house a good spring clean! At the last inspection we were told we were a landlord's dream ...... my halo did need polished so it was a win win... We are renting out our property in Scotland and I am so glad of these inspections. Our tenant is great and it's good to know that they are happy and the place is getting looked after.
  15. http://otoweb.cloudapp.net/ From the 1860s, more than 100,000 children were sent from Britain to Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth countries through child migration schemes. Few were orphans; many came from families who were unable to care for them. With the belief that the lives of these children would improve, charitable and religious organisations sent them overseas. They were supported by governments for which these schemes supplied much needed population and labour. The lives of these children changed dramatically and fortunes varied. Some succeeded in creating new futures. Others suffered lonely, brutal childhoods. All experienced disruption and separation from family and homeland.