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    Shipping back to the UK

    We used Grace from Perth to Cheshire earlier this year. So glad we did, highly recommend them. We ended up with just short of a 20ft container load, so went shared, but didn't wait too long. We had the added complication of returning back to the UK within a year, Customs did question this and we did indeed have to prove we brought back what we shipped initially. They used a company called AGS in the Uk to do the customs clearance, they were great, excellent communications with them. Kept us well in the loop with Customs and they really were very efficient and helpful For onward delivery to Cheshire it was a contractor, but have to say the two lads from Yorkshire were brilliant, was a pleasure to have them in our house, so helpful and hardworking. I would have no hesitation recommending them or using them again (not that I'm planning on returning!). Hope this helps.
  2. Hi just thought I would post my experience in the hopes it helps someone. We had less than a 20ft container, so went groupage. Initially I got 4 or so quotes. They varied massively. I had one guy telling me my stuff filled a 20ft and would need to send the remainder groupage - what a joke, they wanted $8,900. We knew how much of a 20ft we filled as we had only been here 10 months and originally shipped our stuff over with John Mason. We ended up going with Grace they quoted $6'700. Great service both ends. I was concerned that we were going groupage it would take a lot longer. Our stuff left Mandurah 4 March and got delivered to Cheshire on May 22. It's been a while but not too bad. Was 10 days in customs this end. They also put a few more things into the container than was agreed, thought we would get charged extra, but no. As we had not been out of the country for a year customs and excise did question our container and initially said we would have to pay VAT on the whole container. Anyway, we disputed this and had to send a letter of explanation as to why we didn't spend a year there and had to supply all our outgoing documentation and packing list. They looked at it and there was no charge. Service was very good at both ends, they used AGS this end, never heard of them, but the two lads that came were great, arrived 8am, gone by 1.30pm job done, their UK shipping/clearance people were very nice to deal with. Still for the life of me can't fathom how come it's more expensive to ship AUS - UK, than UK- AUS! But that's WA for you!
  3. Taylors4

    Maybe moving back to uk what's the costs?

    We got loads of quotes and it is more expensive from Oz to UK, I asked why and didn't really get a good explanation off any of them. Any way we chose Grace from MAndurah to Cheshire and paid $6,700 for a bit less than a 20ft. We have gone group age as it was $1,000 cheaper. It was collected on 4th March and still hasn't left. We were assured by the rep that it would be gone in a couple of weeks. We have been told it will go by the end of this month! Good luck with whatever you decide.
  4. Taylors4

    Shipping small loads back to UK/Ireland

    Yes the Seven Seas move cube is the way to go. You pack it yourself, so any room you can just utilise until it's full. Lots of very good reports on these. Certainly worth looking at.
  5. Thanks, making me feel better now!
  6. Just a tax query really, just wanted to know from people who have actually done this. I'm panicking really, don't want to be landed with a massive tax bill. All goods were bought in the UK prior to coming here, and we are shipping back within the 12 month period. The shipping agent had told us you only pay tax on new items, i.e. things you have bought in Australia. As we haven't bought anything new whilst we have been here, they say we won't have to pay any tax or duty. Just wondering if someone who has actually done it can confirm this to be true. Some of the other agents we had round didn't seem to have a clue about this. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've been getting quotes over the last few weeks. We have decided upon Grace, we are going groupage, just less than a 20ft, $6,720. Other quotes from Wridgeways, Kent, crown, Chess all want a lot more, most around the $8K+ mark. Seems shipping has has gone up considerably since coming here 10 months ago. I had questioned this and have been told it's always more expensive from Oz to the UK, sounds about right really haha! Good luck with it all.
  8. Taylors4

    ASDA!!!!! Arghhhhhh...

    Love this thread, having worked in Coles now for 6 months, I can tell you, I have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly! Over here people shop eating fast food in the store, when the finish they just place their empties on the shelf. They eat half the stores produce on their way around the shop too. People have been seen blatantly walking out with trolley loads of shopping, the general theft is shameful, people stuffing items down their pants, putting stuff straight into their bags and walking out. People walking around barefoot with very dirty feet, which is both a health hazard and a health and safety issue. I would love it if someone ran over their toes with a trolley just to teach them a lesson. Jezza Kyle eat your heart out.
  9. Taylors4

    Shipping costs

    Hi Lynne this is with Grace, cheapest quote so far!!
  10. Taylors4

    Shipping costs

    I know, this is what's doing my head in. We are in Cheshire, so half an hour south of Manchester, so not as far as yourself in road freight. Of all the quotes so far this is the cheapest, can't believe it. Was it about 6 months ago you sent your container? Only thing I can think of is that the £ is getting stronger, so may have a bit of an impact, but they wanted $7,500 for a sole use 20ft container. Think I'm going to get more quotes in, but running out of time, only 3 weeks to go!!
  11. Taylors4

    Shipping costs

    We are going groupage though as we don't have enough to fill a 20ft, so ours is less than a container load, can't believe they want $6750!!!
  12. Taylors4

    Shipping costs

    Hi Lynne, we don't regret it either in a funny sort of way, and we will be back. I travelled the length and breadth of Australia when I was 21, so know a bit of what is here in Oz to see, it truly is an amazing country, and just wish I could of shown my kids a bit more whilst we were here, oh well. It's with a heavy heart we leave here, but knowing one day we will come back and enjoy it has a holiday. just very roughly, we are only a little short of filling a 20ft, so here goes 2 x 2 seater leather sofas 1 x 2 seater sofa 1 x 3 seater sofa nest of 3 side tables 1 buffet cabinet 1 table 10 chairs 2 large drawer sets 1 bed camping equipment 3 bikes 4 boxes of photos about 6 boxes of kids toys etc 4 tvs 2 tv cabinets 4 smaller bedroom cupboards, tall boy tools about 3 boxes very large esky couple of boxes of clothes, prob suitcase size 2 boxes of shoes iron all kitchen stuff, pots pans, glassware, pottery cake tins etc Think that's about it - gives you an idea, hope this helps!
  13. Taylors4

    Shipping costs

    Thanks for the reply LR, that's good to know you had a positive experience with Grace. We've been quoted more than that for less than a 20ft going groupage, but it's still the cheapest quote so far, so think we will use them anyway, no other option. No we have only been here 9 months, but situations get complicated really. We aren't as well off financially here, early days I know, but we are struggling with the money we earn and tbh the only way we are surviving here is to use money we still have in the UK. We aren't by any means flash with the cash. Also, we have an unhappy teenager too. She's found it hard making friends, she has plenty in school, but none really want to have anything to do with her out of school. To us life is too short for any of us to be unhappy. We had a great life in the UK, we came here for an adventure and a new challenge really, but for us it's not paid off. My daughter is 14 on Friday, so schooling wise we have to decide on staying here for the next 7 years until my son finishes his schooling, or quit whilst we are ahead and can afford to go back with the savings we have. She will be going into year 10 this September. I know now we haven't given it long enough, but think we realise we have made a mistake and think we should just get on with it and move back. If it was just my and my husband, it would be totally different and we would stay for a few years before we contemplated moving back, but we are putting the kids first tbh. We wish we had just kept Oz as a holiday destination, although I do love the place and really regret not seeing more of OZ, we will be back ......... Just not to live.
  14. Taylors4

    Shipping costs

    Hi Emma, yes just re read what I wrote, we are getting quotes for just less than a 20ft container. We asked for quotes for both groupage and sole use. The groupage is coming up in most quotes to be $1k cheaper, but then obviously it may take a bit longer few weeks max is what they have all said. Will keep you posted. Missing good old Cheshire, can't wait to get back to my old haunts .......