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  1. RVN

    Passport question

    Ok thanks guys.... I'll try and get it renewed if I can before we go. Also if she comes back to oz in June, and her aussie passport expires in September 18, would that be an issue coming back into Oz? Is there a "must have 6 months left on passport" "thing" still?
  2. RVN

    Passport question

    Hi, my daughter, who was born in the UK and is now an Aussie citizen , is coming back to the UK in Dec for 6 months. My questions are, 1. She wants to get a little job that will pay for her spending money and also for putting something on her resume when she comes back to oz. Will she need a visa as she will be travelling on her Aussie passport because her UK one ran out and it was too expensive to renew. . 2. Her Aussie passport expires in September 2018. She is due to fly back to oz in June, will this be an issue bring under 6 months? If so would she be better renewing her uk passport while she is there and travel back on that? She will be 18 in March TIA
  3. RVN

    move from nsw to vic info needed

    Thank you for your replys. Not really sure for definite as to where we will end up, but I'm thinking the Gippsland area. I heard its good area for being near the coast, city and the snow. Maybe along the highway corridor somewhere. We are not city slickers and prefer the country. Thinking maybe Sale, Bairnsdale or Warragul (if we could afford it) or even on the coast. Probably will want to avoid bush and true rural areas. We miss having train links. Currently is a good 6 hour round trip for a day out in Sydney (we don't do it that often) or we can fly in but thats really expensive. We used to live near Wollongong and it is lovely there, we liked that area and would go back but pretty much priced out of the market down there and jobs are really hard to find. We would be looking at mininmum 5 acres for our animals and would even consider building (EEK!!). Going to plan a reckie for later in the year. Just hoping that Victoria may be more for us, climate wise and location. Keep hearing that Victoria is very pretty with lots of old buildings (big plus for me - love history). As for dry - its dry here too.. OMG, and we don't have bore water (mmmm things you learn:confused:) so my poor garden is pretty non exsistant. Bit bored of having to go and collect water from local water point on a daily basis. Its definitely hard graft up here.
  4. Hello me again, Considering moving to Victoria from NSW next year. Never been to Vic but plan a reckie later on this year so some areas. Was just wondering if anyone else has moved across and what the major differences that we would need to know about that occur in Vic but not elsewhere. For example... I'd know I'd need to change car license to Victorian one etc or cat curfews in some areas. Thank you.
  5. RVN

    gippsland area

    Thank you so much once again for replying. Ok thats interesting.. Unfortunately I want it all.. LOL min 5 acres within 1 Hr reach of coast, min half hour to supermarche, good transport links into city (for jobs or a day out etc), a solid house that wont fall down with a nice green garden (lol) and nice friendly neighbours.... oh and nice clean drug free residents LOL.... all under my budget of $400K......aaaaghhhh.... ok have to be realistic and know compromise is the key. I feel a reckie visit is in order... I love where I currently live but my husband doesn't. We are approx 1.5 hours to nearest big town and I'll admit I am starting to miss decent shopping centres and a cinema.. and no trainlines or bus links and sinking our tinnie in our small dam doesn't quite cut the mustard. Work has been difficult to come by and I worry for my daughter when she leaves in yr 12.
  6. RVN

    gippsland area

    Thank you guys so much for your imput...can I ask whats wrong with Morwell??? cheers
  7. RVN

    gippsland area

    Hi all, Just throwing it out there. What is the Gippsland area like as a place to live? Thinking hypothetically about relocating from Central West NSW to the Victorian area. Sick of the bus, heat and dry and drought - hubby had enough of current situation and its make or break time... Ideal areas for two working adults (Veterinary/Aged care industries and mechanical) and one 16-18 year old high school student.????? Areas good for equestrians/agistment? ??? employment chances????? any dodgy NO GO areas.... schools????? Weather - if its cold and wet..yippeee or are Fires a massive problem???? links to Melbourne??? Pros cons hit me with it all... Sorry lots of questions.... cheers....
  8. RVN


    Bathurst is a great little country town, and all depends on what you want from a place to live. If your a big shopper of brand clothes for example it will disappoint. There are many great cafes and bistros and if you like to drive then there are some lovely villages to visit. The central west well known for is great local produce and fine wines. If thats you then you will love it. Be prepared to drive lots though, you'll be in the car a good few hours to get to the Blue Mountains and Sydney, or surrounding villages. You can always try it and if its not for you move on... good luck
  9. Hello, been a while since I last posted.. I have Oz permanant residency and am now an oz citizen. My dilemma is, I may have to go back to the UK for a few weeks to care for a family member recovering from surgery, but as I am not working at the moment I will be short of funds to pay for my everyday expenses (food petrol etc) . Does any one know if I would be able to legally work during my time over in the UK. I should be able to get some part time locum work easily enough, but just not sure what the deal is on what I can and can't do. Not even sure, but can I claim any carers allowance? Any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  10. RVN

    vistors GGGRRRRRRR

    Thats how we feel at the moment Freesia. No time for ourselves. Well we had a good chat the other day and have decided that we need to make time for ourselves. We will go "off line" so to speak for a few months and simply tell our friends that it is a no for now. I like your idea of the holiday cottage and fewcuws idea of camping area. We are 25 acres, which is nothing compared to some. thank you all for your ideas. Glad its not just me, I was beginning to think i was turning into a bit of a grump. LOL
  11. RVN

    vistors GGGRRRRRRR

    that books sounds very interesting..might have to have a read. Maybe Im being a bit of a ungrateful old woman about it all especially as people are travelling a long way to come and see us. Yes it is lovely we are very popular that people want to visit us. No not had an invitation back, but then maybe it is expected that we would obviously be welcome..I dunno. It just feels like we haven't been here long enough to get ourselves sorted yet and the last thing we want is for every long weekend to be expected to play host. and yes people do complain, as mentioned previously, my xmas guest, lovely lady but her life is very different to ours, she is used to Sydney living and one click of the finger gets the waiter to come running. She spend all the weekend complaining how the cockeral woke her up and was most unhappy having to cart water in from our tanks to flush the loo (due to power cut). We also had other friends that were most put out that we would not let them drive their car all over our paddocks, so their daughter (who is 9) could have a go at driving!!! Not to mention our paddocks are not a race track, and it was in the height of summer, so grass fire a very high risk. Having said that we have had some lovely friends come up that have been appreciative of the visit. It is nice to see people, and clearly they do not realise we have had lots of guests prior to their visit. Think maybe we just need a holiday ourselves, so will make an effort to do that I think. Thanks for your ears everyone. Im not normally a whinger but the last stay request took the biscuit...so I said No...yay I can say it LOL
  12. RVN

    vistors GGGRRRRRRR

    Hi hear you harpodom LOL, the trouble is I don't want to offend our friends by telling them to "piss off" They have a very different perception of county living..But if you live in the sticks, your'll know its very different from suburbia..We had guests at xmas that could not cope with the fact our electricity cut out due to a storm for several hours (our bad for not getting a generator yet!) It was so awkward, listening to them wingeing, good job we did not run out of grog LOL If its not the flies, theres no town water, bush fires, the snakes, the animals smell and bite you, the cockeral wakes you up in the morning to the oh you can't shoot the lovely fluffy bunnies ????? oh the car gets bogged and its miles from anywhere,...er hello why'd think we moved here..??? lol sorry I feel better for the vent...... Keep smiling, good idea to get them to work..MMMM theres poo to pick up, er..sheep to round up...who wants to catch the bull???? yes he is in that paddock over there, about 300 acres away haa haaa (joking don't have that much..but hey my neighbour does)
  13. RVN

    vistors GGGRRRRRRR

    Hi all, sorry only writing this to have a vent. Since moving from sububia to rural NSW 8months ago. We are lucky to have brought some acreage and fill it with a few farm animals. Everything is great here, we love living off the land but since we moved we have had non stop visitors. Friends and people we have not seen or heard of in ages suddenly want to visit. Whilst we love seeing our friends, we are finding it too much. Every few weekends we are entertaining again and its costing us a bomb in BBQs and time. We are trying to renovate our house and tend to our animals whilst learning how to live off the land. My OH is up super early and home late. His work is very physically demanding and he doesn't get much rest when he gets home. Our free weekends are always doing up the house or fixing something that has gone wrong ie, fences down etc We absolutely love living here, but feel like we are running a B&B!. We are starting to dread the next time the phone rings or we get that email...can we come and visit???? Feels like every long weekend now is booked up. Help we don't want to offend our friends, but we are exhausted and don't want to be everyone elses country retreat. Anyone else in the same boat??? Okay soap box session over....mmmmmm 1 missed call already:arghh:
  14. RVN

    Oz Citizenship

    Hi Guys, thank you so much for your info. Mary Rose, thankyou your a star!!! thats the form I was looking for !!!(form 1195 identity) don't know why I could not find it on the website....must have had my man eyes in (oops sorry fellas) Thanks again folks xxx