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  1. australia94

    Argh suddenly having a wobble

    Thanks for all the replies. I think what threw me so much is having parents of the children thanking me for all the work that I have done over the years and the impact they feel I have had on their children. Also had my Grandad in tears today as it was my daughters birthday. He's 85 and has always supported us going. He gave my daughter her present then took himself outside. I went out to see if he was ok and he was sat down crying, before saying that it is probably the last time he was ever going to be able to do this. It was heart breaking to see a man that was and still is a father figure to me so upset. Sat down and spoke to my wife this evening, she's kicked my butt so I'm feeling more positive again. Going to make sure that the next five weeks are action packed and have already invited my grandparents and parents on lots of trips so that my girls have loads of fond memories of them.
  2. australia94

    Argh suddenly having a wobble

    Can't believe I'm writing this post. Since I first went to Australia in 1993 I have wanted to move and live in Perth. Despite a few hurdles I was granted my visa along with my wife and kids 2 years ago. We went out last year to validate the visa and loved it. I handed in my notice back in February and left my job as a teacher yesterday. At the end if the day I had the rest of the staff and kids were in tears and I had so many parents thanking me for all the work I had done with their children. It struck home just what I am leaving behind job wise. With only five weeks until we leave I should be excited and full of joy but instead I am full of dread and worrying about whether we are doing the right thing. I've just left a job I love, I'm taking my kids and wife away from all our family and friends. Our parents and grandparents are all beside themselves, and I feel like a regular A hole. I don't know if its just after 20 years of trying I am finally nearly there or if it's something more. I feel like I'm stuck on a roller coaster travelling up waiting for the drop.
  3. australia94

    Teaching in Australia

    Jack, I have just read the thread and I truly worry that you won't make it as a Primary teacher. If one little comment that you don't like causes an outburst of "get of my thread you rude insolent girl", then heaven help you in a class. If you talk to people like this face to face then you'd not last a day in a school setting. A class of 30 children would eat you alive. If you continue in that vein that you'll quickly find that you have neither the attitude or temperament to be a teacher. Have you even been in a class since leaving school. Have spoken to a teacher or asked to go into a local school to get an idea of the environment. I guess you know about the hours of extra work that you are expected to do after school has finished. Preparing for lessons, marking, levelling, writing reports. Sometimes working until gone midnight just to make sure that you are ready for the next morning. I have been a Primary School teacher for the past seven years and taught in secondary before that. Its tough but brilliantly rewarding, seeing a child succeed in something that they could do before. Hoping that you've made a difference to their lives. Being a teacher is a vocation and not just a job. Also doing a PGCE is a year of hell. All the teaching, marking, preparing, levelling, whilst also completing Uni work on top. You will have not a second to yourself for nine months. I wish you luck but if teaching is just a means to getting you to Oz then I'd probably go with the hairdressing.
  4. australia94

    Who is going this year?

    Arriving in Perth on the 1st September with the family. Fingers crossed its forever but who knows.
  5. australia94

    This blokes a plonker - right?

    Any shark attack which results in either an injury or death is tragic. But if you swim in their sea and you run the risk of becoming lunch. They are the apex predator in the ocean. However I am all for killing sharks, but only if they start jumping from the water and chasing me down the street. Then it becomes a whole different story.
  6. australia94

    Rugby Union in WA?

    As well as the Western Force, there is the Premier grade which includes Cottesloe, Nedlands, Subiaco, Wanneroo, Palyra, Associates, UWA, Kalamunda, Rokingham, Perth Bayswater. Most have the usual 1st, 2nds, Vets etc. so depends on where you are going to live. Not out there myself yet but I'll be looking to get involved once I migrate.
  7. australia94

    SAS Killed Diana.

    I was meaning why was the SAS involvement only reported at the exact time the movie was released. Could it be in order to raise interest in a trashy movie based on a book written by someone who had no clue about the relationship between Diana and Khan. He has never and continues to refuse to speak about his relationship with Diana. The book and movie is a complete fantasy made up from hearsay and is nothing more than a fairy story. As for SAS involvement in killing Diana. SAS are one of the elite regiments in the world, simply shining a light at driver in order to assassinate an ex Royal is too hit and miss in my opinion. Have to agree that if the Queen had wanted he bumped off she would have ordered it during her relationship with Khan and not Dodi.
  8. australia94

    SAS Killed Diana.

    Strange how the story of the supposed SAS involvement in Diana's death was sensationally released at the same time as the movie about Diana's relationship with the surgeon Hasnat Khan.
  9. australia94

    Check list of some sort?

    Little bit old as it has information on the 175 visa not the 189. But I've just found this. Don't know if it'll help you Kooky http://www.immigrate2australia.com/Immigrate2Australia/vault/ausImmigration.pdf#page80
  10. australia94

    The 2 best news stories of the week were missed

    If its payback for the sins of the past then we had better go and bomb Italy because they invaded us 2000 years ago and all but wiped out the Celtic natives. Oh and the Germans had better watch themselves, pesky Saxons coming over from the 6th century. Next we had better have a go at seeking retribution against the Scandinavians for allowing their Viking ancestors to rape and pillage the coastline of Eastern Britain before settling our fair shores. Lets not forget that its was Vikings that settled Normandy and gave rise to the Normans, and the problems of the French nobility.
  11. australia94

    Drinks on Emirate flights, what's the crack?

    Last time we flew Emirates I'm sure all drinks except champagne were free. Flying with them again in four weeks to validate our visa's so they'd better not have changed.
  12. australia94

    457 visa scheme to be tightened

    Saw this in the West Australian today. Seems the Government are going to overhaul the 457 visa. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newshome/16214799/rorted-457-visa-scheme-to-be-tightened/
  13. australia94

    UK loses it top AAA credit rating!

    Despite not having a degree in economics or politics I am sick to death of the Tories and George Osbourne continuing along the same economic path blindly. Its almost as though they can't bring themselves to say admit that they got it wrong, They should be changing tact and invest in creating jobs. They seem so obsessed with paying off the debt that everyone is paying for their hardline stance. They should hammer the bankers for all they are worth, whilst also building new factories, kick start building housing. Creating jobs or starting community projects with full pay so that no one is able to just sit at home and claim benefits. However I can not believe that Wallace and Gromit (aka Milliband and Balls) are crowing on about any of this. Their governments ineptitude over saw a massive increase in our national debt. They are as much if not even more to blame for this mess. They didn't invest in industry, they did nothing to re-regulate the banks. I am fed up with Labour coming out with the excuse of the Global Economic Crisis, other countries did not borrow money at the rate they did to pay for their policies and projects. They saved during the good times or paid off debt, instead we spent, spent, spent. No more boom and bust was the bull that I remember Brown spouting. The two combined has lead to an economy that is going now where, a generation of people that seem to think that they deserve something for nothing. I lost count of the times when I worked as a careers adviser, that I would have a 16 year say I am not working in retail for that amount. I can get more sitting at home. Looking back it seems to me that successive governments whether Labour or Conservative have overseen the demise of this country. The failure of Labour to control the Unions in the 60's and 70's leading to massive strikes, leading to the closure of much of the manufacturing industry, and its loss overseas. Followed by Maggie's campaign to smash the Unions and selling of the nationalized companies in the 80's has meant that we have very little industry left in the country that lead the industrial revolution. All the parties are as bad as each other, can't trust any of them.
  14. australia94

    Selling your house in UK

    We've looked at selling out house but at the moment with the exchange rate so low, we can't justify it. We've decided to stay in the UK a little longer and save before moving. At the moment the idea is that qe are going to rent out the house which will cover the mortgage and also ensure we have money in an account for any repairs or problems that may arise. If the exchange finally moves in the right direction in however many years time, we'll look at selling.
  15. australia94

    Visa agent or do it yourself?

    Just to echo the previous posts. We did it ourselves from start to finish, took some time to get everything together but didn't find it that hard at all.