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    Irish family maybe moving to Sydney!! ...help

    Hey Millie, Sadly, the sad truth is that if your oh is a carpenter, there is a lot of work but there will be travel so that is inevitable. So my thoughts would be to think about the family side of it, as with my family, the kids generally take precedence. We used to live in the North-West but found that it was too much hassle at the weekend getting into the city so we moved. We now live in the North Shore, Lane Cove to be exact. We rent, and it is expensive compared to out west, but we like it as it is a very family friendly area. No clubs (discos) but there are a couple of pubs. We are, in the morning, 30 mins on the express bus to the CBD and the Northern Beaches are a 30 mins drive from here on the weekend. If you're Catholic, there is a very good school here too...there is also public one too. Look, that's my two-cents worth, if you want any more info about this area, let me know...... Try to get info from people actually living in the areas that you are thinking about, Ta, Harry
  2. HarryOb1

    2012 Subaru Liberty 3.6R Premium 5GEN Auto AWD MY12

    So, just curious.....did you get any buyers for the car and if so, at what price? Harry.
  3. HarryOb1

    Rugby World Cup Predictions

    So.....I know there are plenty of Irish on the board....what are the predictions for the Irish beating the Argies and taking on the Ozzies (probably) in the semi? Also for those in Sydney....where are the place that people are watching it....other than at home, like the Star casino or wherever?

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    <p><p>Hi Harry</p></p>

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    <p><p>I was just reading your post about you looking for pubs int he Hills district...hope you got sorted. We are an couple from Dublin with a 6 yr old and we are moving to sydney in sept. How do you find the Hills area? We are looking castle hill area. i will probably be working in the city, do you do the commute, how it is? how long are you there, any major problems that you encountered?</p></p>

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    <p><p>would love to hear how you are getting on </p></p>

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  5. HarryOb1

    Anyone want a working microwave & TV *FREE*

    right so, no takers, out on the kerb tomorrow evening so.
  6. HarryOb1

    Anyone want a working microwave & TV *FREE*

    Kellyville Ridge area
  7. Hi there, we have a microwave and a 25" TV that we're giving away for free. They both work fine and i've attached a couple of pics. The microwave is a convection type and the tv even has a working remote. (so long as you hold the back of it when pressing buttons) We moved over here last August from Ireland with nothing and got them from a friend and they have done us until now, so we'd like to give them to someone that has just moved over here in the same situation as we were in. If nobody wants them, we'll just end up putting them out on the kerb for anyone to pick up. We're in the Hills District, so it would suit if you're nearby as you will have to collect them. PM me if you want them cheers, Harry
  8. Hi there, Just a (silly) question about applying for the PIS waiver..... can it be applied by email with scanned docs, to the adress on the form or does it have to be by post? Has anyone tried or does everyone use the post? Thanks, Harry.
  9. Hi there Iron Chef, thanks for the reply.....i did send an message via the website to you at the same time as i posted the previous comment, just from a different email address without the Harryob1 bit...... I was just including the 'no claims bonus' docs as proof of insurance during the period before we came out. It'll be shipped from Ireland as well... I'll give you a call tomorrow to see what the ballpark numbers would be... Thanks, Harry
  10. Hi Iron Chef, I've been following this for the last few months, trying to decide whether or not to import my car. We recently moved here (Sydney) just over four months ago and left my 2003 320D BMW at home in Ireland, with the hope that someone might buy it. So that hadn't happened by Oct so i tried to decide whether to import it. I've decided to do it....(my wife hasn't) Ha,Ha...... Anyway, i've a couple of questions regarding the whole customs process: I don't fully understand the breakdown of what exactly it will cost to bring it over. Would you be able to give an 'around-about' estimate (from your experience) of what it would cost once it goes on the boat, including shipping, in Ireland to getting to the workshop? 2003 BMW ES M Sport Sedan E46 2 liter Diesel engine Also, another thing, seeing as we are in Oz, when applying for the waiver would a 'no-claims statement' from our previous insurers suffice as proof of insurance for the previous 12 months? As you can imagine, all our docs are back in Ireland locked away and would be very hard to get. Thanks in advance, Harry.
  11. Thanks very much, I didn't know that was even there. Thanks again, Harry.
  12. Cheers, Will try that and see what I get, Thanks.
  13. Hi all, Edit ***In Sydney*** Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions about where to watch the Irish / Italy rugby match on Sunday? We are currently staying out in the Hills district, so don't really know many of the pubs out here bar the Mean Fiddler and that's ****e for watching matches. We have a three year old and would like to take her with us but we don't really want to go to somewhere packed & messy. We're not going out on the lash, obviously as we're bringing our daughter but would like to go somewhere with a bit of atmosphere. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Cheers, Harry. Cheers, Harry.
  14. HarryOb1

    Is there any irish thread???

    We're also looking into travel insurance as well but can't seem to find anyone that insures from Ireland going one-way......travelling in two weeks so would like to get this sorted. For all those that have travelled one-way from ireland recently, i'm sure you have travel insurance, can you let us know who you used and comments please? thanks, Harry