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Found 50 results

  1. Hi, Thought this may be of help to someone, some technology is involved but I've tried to keep it as simple as possible so non IT folk could maybe get a nerdy friend to help set it up. Required: 1) A proxy account 2) A games console (I use a PS3 but a Wii, xbox360 or media client should work too) 3) That the games console to be connected to the internet 4) A PC or Mac on the same network as the console Iplayer (and others) figure out where you are by looking at your IP address, which is given to you by your internet provider and is country specific. Its possible to present a different IP address to them (like one in the UK) by using a 'proxy'. Free proxies are available but none I tried worked very well and I ended up paying US$6 per month for a commercial one, I chose hideIPvpn and its working well but others are available and may be cheaper, as we watch as much on iplayer as we do Foxtel it seems well worth it, I'll pare my foxtel account to the minimum as soon as I can. So, you have a proxy account, next step is to test iPlayer works through it via your PC (or Mac in my case), install firefox and then add the Foxyproxy extension, configure your UK based proxy account into it and try iPlayer. Once this is working the next step is to get this working through your TV. First you need to install a transparent proxy on your PC, I started out using 'SquidMan' which is a graphical frontend to the Squid proxy. Its job is to set up a passthrough to your proxy account, I needed it because although the PS3 can be directly pointed at a proxy it cant supply login/password details to the proxy (I'm now just running Squid on my NAS but thats another story). Once the transparent proxy is working, (test with foxyproxy from firefox), point your consoles internet connection at the proxy server running on the PC/Mac (or NAS) i.e. the IP address of the PC and the port the proxy is running on. The console should then be able to play iplayer direct to your TV over the internet, via your local proxy server and your proxy account. I've been using this for a few weeks now and it works perfectly. I've also started streaming Spotify to my surround sound system but that needs a few more steps too, which I'll go through if anyone is interested (paid software involved). Hope this hels, feel free to ask questions (and yes, I already know I'm a sad git or worse). OzP
  2. Guest

    Gas Fitters Watch Out!!!!

    Having planned with my family to start a new life in Australia our plans came to a crunching hault. Even though as a gas fitter you earn the points to qualify for a Visa, dont begin to get excited. The Australian Visa Bureau contacted me yesterday and explained the following...... Even though i have a City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 in Gas Installation & Maintenance and i am Gas Safe Registered with experience. Because i didnt do an apprentership with a company i do not qualify. What is that all about? When i did my NVQ i had to work with a company to train and gather evidence for a portfolio. Surely that is the same thing ??? Unbelievable!!! As you can imagine i am annoyed at the whole process and i think it is plain silly to prevent Gas Fitters moving to Oz because they had no apprentership. I am not even aware you can even get a gas apprentership these days? Maybe with British Gas but These days people who want to better themselves get off their backside and pay for and go to college themselves. If Anyone has faced the same troubles as i just have please let me no because apparently the Visa bureau have this problem with Gas Fitters all the time. So they tell me. :mad:
  3. I have searched the forum for where to watch Premier League matches and could not find anything so I thought I would start one with a couple of places I know of. - Add more that you know of. Pig & Whistle Brisbane (Eagle Street Pier one as there are a few) The Imperial Hotel Melbourne CBD Cheers Bar Sydney. Herbie
  4. Been lurking on here for about a year now so reckon it's about time I started posting lol Been missing TV from home so igned up to Brit TV the past 4 months & find them really good. Free 25 minute preview from here: UK TV Abroad 50+ Sky channels on iPad, iPhone & PC & you can access all these services at the one time for the flat fee of a tenner so reckon it's a really good deal. Curious to check out any alternatives so I can change to another provider of a similar (even cheaper, if poss - i'm a scabby sort lol) service if anyone has any better suggestions worth mentioning? Any replies greatly appreciated. & hi to all! :smile:
  5. Hi Im moving to Oz in 8 weeks or so. I am a MASSIVE Man Utd fan & need to follow my team once im in Oz. Does Foxtel show regular games? If so, how many a week? How much is Foxtel Sports package per month? Thanks Scott:cute:
  6. I'm just wondering if anyone is currently using a good VPN provider, can anyone recommend a good one to me? I recently tried out a proxy provider which was good but i was unable to get 4od through this. I believe a VPN is needed to access this channel. Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. WATCH: This Volvo Amazon Eats A Ferrari 458 For Breakfast http://www.businessinsider.com/volvo-amazon-ferrari-drag-race-video-2011-11
  8. Hi All We would really like to watch the Melbourne cup on Tuesday, but have 1 child and a baby in tow-so does anybody know of anywhere which will be showing it which is child friendly and without the big sit down meal? I used to rely on 'our brisbane' for events like this, but now it's gone, I feel a bit lost:huh:... Thanks guys Rach x
  9. Our first things to do were the usual - register with Medicare, find somewhere to rent, rent a car, etc. We;ve moved to beautiful Port Macquarie in NSW. Things to note on arrival are as follows - and we wished we'd known before we set off: RENT You will definitely need rental references, proof of bills payments, proof of income (these papers are all with the shippers, except we'd never rented before. Good job my son-in-law's brother had been a real estate agent and could put a good word in for us!) You only get one chance to look round the property; this will probably be with several other families also hoping to rent the property. If you’re only there 15 minutes, this is ALL you get to look around – no second visits! We were asked to pay one week’s rent as deposit ( it was then taken off the market). On signing the contract, we paid one month’s rent as bond (bank cheque into a Rental Board Bond) and one week’s rent. Two week’s rent was asked for in advance (we’d already paid one week as the deposit so only needed to pay one further week). At the contract signing, you are given an ‘’outward report’’ of the condition of the property, listing ALL defects. Once you move in, you are given 7 days in which to complete your ‘’incoming report’’ where you list any defects you may find that they have missed. You need to check everything carefully as you cannot add to the report once you have handed it back to the agent. (Even dirty marks on the wall, dirty/damaged fly screens etc., etc.) Best way to do this is to start cleaning - you won't feel like it but you'll see any faults!) SETTING UP We only brought our clothing and hygiene stuff as we were only allowed 23 kgs each plus hand baggage. Here’s what we needed to buy to get started: laundry basket, clothes airer, scrubbing brush, insecticide, cobweb brush, tin opener, pans, non-stick frying pans, mats for doorways & bathroom/toilet, towels, tea-towels, crockery, cutlery, baking tins, dishes (oh, why did we have to send it all with the shippers?) We also purchased a bed & bed linen (mattresses much more expensive than UK but bed linen OK for price), dining table & chairs, TV & cabinet and several small rugs for doorways. We had to borrow a 3-piece suite until we could purchase one and also borrowed a set of drawers. Oh, and we bought a fridge-freezer and a car. We’re not buying anything else till our stuff comes …… SHIPPERS Talking of which, we estimated our goods at 300 cu ft and paid up front. However, whilst in Hong Kong on our second day out of the UK, we got a message from my sister saying that the shippers maintained that our goods in fact measured 400 cu ft and we had to pay them an extra 580 quid before they would ship our goods! I’ll let you know what happens when they arrive and we find the boxes are only half-filled! We'll certainly be trying to claim some of the extra costs back! OTHER STUFF Insects: Ants crawl everywhere – they can smell a rice-sized bit of sweet stuff from metres away and tell all their mates – who then form a long line from their entry point to the sweetie! You’ll need ant-killer (or a wet cloth). Cockroaches – our place has been fumigated so none yet but the last place had a few – and they’re not all small, either! Stamp on ‘em, sweep ‘em up or spray them – it’s not very nice to tread on one during the night (or hear one trying to claw its way out of a paper carrier bag in the middle of the night - as happened to me – I laid awake for 3 whole hours till the alarm went off and my husband awoke as I daren’t get out of bed or even peep over the blankets! Could have been a snake, though? And one other thing - paper wasps! They start building small nests in the eaves but apparently they can sting several times and often do without provocation! If you see any nests (they look almost like small wall hooks) - remove them with a cobweb brush immediately! Storms: Many, beautiful, colourful sheet & fork lightning, long-lasting and buckets and buckets of heavy rain! People: Very friendly and speak to you on the street to say Hello (most of ‘em anyway)
  10. The way it depicts the Sydney 'burbs out Bankstown way is superb - RSL, fibro homes, young blokes and sheilas getting hammered. Only sad thing is the 'olds' are where I am at now!
  11. I felt sick and angry that things have got so bad in a supposedly 'rich' country. I felt sick that 5% of the people own over 90% of the wealth. Glad I don't live there and hope it never gets that bad here. Why would anyone want or need the amount of money these very rich have? They should pay 90% tax on it not 20% as they do now. Shame Great Britain . Shame.
  12. Hi all, Edit ***In Sydney*** Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions about where to watch the Irish / Italy rugby match on Sunday? We are currently staying out in the Hills district, so don't really know many of the pubs out here bar the Mean Fiddler and that's ****e for watching matches. We have a three year old and would like to take her with us but we don't really want to go to somewhere packed & messy. We're not going out on the lash, obviously as we're bringing our daughter but would like to go somewhere with a bit of atmosphere. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Cheers, Harry. Cheers, Harry.
  13. 15 minute walk but some of the guys have been there since 10pm - KO at midnight. Thought about taking my car so I won't have a beer - not wanting to repeat last night - but it's lazy to get it out of the garage to drive 2km. Oh well, I guess all around OZ other guys (and a few girls) are going out (or staying in) to watch their games - Man U on at 2.30am the only uncivilized time. Seem to recall a lady going to Perth worrying about her hubbie having to go 'cold turkey' and give up his footie? Well, no probs as far as EPL & SPL go and sports bars are everywhere. Recommend he gets into Aussie sports too plus the A League.
  14. I'm from the school of thought that Australian television is mostly a pile of absolute crap. Tbh the tv only really tends to be on during the daytime, on abc4kids which is pretty much like cbeebies. Once the kids have gone to bed there's usually nothing worth watching so I've stopped bothering to look. Recently however, me and mrs harpo have been enjoying Silent Witness and Misfits. The latter is channel 4 at it's best: innovative, hilarious and very well written. Also we like Miranda. In terms of aus shows, I used to like the 7:30 report before Kerry obrien got shipped off elsewhere. Foreign correspondant is also very good. What shows do you watch and enjoy on oz tv? Do you watch live tv or do you use catch up versions like abc iview?
  15. I've always prided myself on knowing which programme was on which day of the week but am I right? Monday - Muffin The Mule Tuesday - Andy Pandy Wednesday - The Flower Potmen (NOT the ones who wanted to go to San Francisco!) Thursday - Rag, Tag & Bobtail Friday - The Woodentops I'm worried now, just when I should be thinking about football and getting a job I am going to obsess about this. 'Sarah Brown has a toy, as naughty can be, he goes twiddelly dum & he goes twiddely dee?' PS NO Googling though it's permissible to ask your mother.
  16. Hi... Anybody know if the England v Wales rugby game is being shown on TV in Oz. I've found the Ireland v Scotland game but who wants to watch that....!!??!! :wink: Thanks in advance.... S
  17. Hey, I wondered if there was anybody out there that was watching UK tv (as if sitting at home in the uk) using a slingbox? It can work on a normal tv but you can also watch all the uk channels on a mobile device (ipod, ipad or a mac or pc) oh y'know whatever you like. If you dont know what a slingbox is, here's a link ( I am noting to do with slingbox or anything, but it looks so goooooood!) http://adviceaustralia.com/watch-uk-tv-in-australia-for-free/ and http://www.slingmedia.com.au/home Anyway, if anybody is using one of these, would love to here how easy it is to deal with. Regards, P.
  18. Hi, Just been getting quotes for shipping insurance and have managed to get 1.6% from Letton Percival new for old cover which seems pretty good. Have come across a couple of things to watch out for. Got a 1.7% quote from Clegg Gifford which is like for like replacement NOT to be confused with new for old and will only replace your goods with second hand replacements....not such a good deal! Also removal firm suggsted it would be possible to insure CD's, for example, on a total loss only basis as they are unlikely to be damaged beyond use. Letton Percival pointed out that if we have ten cases of CD's and five didn't turn up then we would not have a clain as all ten are not lost....ten cases of CD's = one item..... (anyone remember Robbie Coultrane in Cracker????). Anyway, just thought it was worth a mention. Louise
  19. Guest

    TV show on now,worth a watch

    There is a show on ABC2 here in Australia tonight,on air now,which seems well worth a look. 'The day the immigrants left' is a social experiment showing what happens if foreign workers are not available in the UK.Will the locals want to do the work?
  20. The Ozcans

    To Watch Or Not To Watch

    That is the question........ Or shall I just watch the never-ending highlights at night?????:GEEK:
  21. HRH and Miss Middleton are getting married as you know, i am dying to know if people in OZ will watch the wedding or dont even care...:SLEEP: My mate Travis from Benleigh,QLZ(GoldCoast) says that most aussies dont care, i am just wondering if thats true or do the Aussies love the royal family... Will you or wont you watch.... Ps It costs me a day wages but my daughters get a street party... im not bothered about it as i lose money... but many people love it... its like marmite( Love it or hate it)..:biglaugh: I think do that HRH Wills should have had a hair implant though for the big day..:biglaugh: Cheers Nick..:jimlad:
  22. Guest

    Watch the exchage rate

    I have like many others become more and more depressed with the plumit in the exchange rate. When we first started the migration process it was more than $2 to the £1. A couple of weeks ago it hit 1.49 and the properties we were originaly looking at were now probably going to be out of reach. You wait so long and jump through so many hoops trying to get a visa and this just seemed like another almighty kick. Over the last two weeks the tables have turned and although theres still a long way to go,we have today reached 1.6. This rise may be slow but it is a rise. Fingers crossed it continues.
  23. Guest

    soap watch

    i wuz talking on the scype to me mate in brisbane the other day,and wuz chatting to his mum (shes visiting from the uk) and all she talked about was what wuz happining in coranation street back in the uk--apparantly they show it in aus but its 6 months behind--i dont do coranation street or eastenders--i sometimes watch emmerdale--so i couldnt tell her anything--so for any guys on here who want to be updated on emmerdale here goes--chris tate wuz allready to marry chas dingle on xmas day--but he wuz having his wicked way with eve at work--chas found out,and arranged the wedding on xmas day (to fleece him of money),and dumped him at the church--also eric pollard may have done away with his former wifes son who died when the plane crashed on the village 17 years ago---thats all i know about emmerdale at present--i thought id start this thread for people in australia to be kept updated about there favourie soap in the uk--also iff theres any goss about home&away or neighbours please feel free to join in:wubclub:
  24. Irish Lass

    Can you watch ITV channel online?

    Hi guys, Ive just returned from Ireland and got hooked on the x factor, ive tried to watch it on the itv site but it says you have to be in the UK to view it, also tried youtube but no full episodes are uploaded. So im hoping someone can let me know if there is a way to watch itv online while here in oz? I really need my xfactor hit! BTW had a great time at home, was there for 6 weeks, weather was fab and it was great to be with my family. God i wish Australia wasnt so far away
  25. Hi there, I've been in Melbourne around 5 years now, and I really wanna meet up with some British people to watch the world cup games with. I've got Aussie mates, but none of them are really into Football, and I miss the British humour...dying for a good laugh with a few British people. So if anyone wants someone to watch the World Cup games with...please lets arrange a time and a place. I know Bridie O'Reillys on Chapel Street will be showing the matches as well as Copacabana on Smith Street...I'm sure there's heaps of other options as well. Happy to go anywhere in Melbourne to watch them. So let me know if you fancy it. Cheers, Shaz xo