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Found 222 results

  1. Hi, would love to pick anybodies brains regarding the best place to live in australia.Myself,my partner and three children are off to queensland and sydney for a reccie in february.I have psoriatic arthritis and know i have to be in a warm climate!! Every winter gets worse here in freezing england! However would be interested to hear how people with joint problems who have moved get on? We are lucky that we can go virtually anywhere but it does make it hard to decide. I know i am better in the warmth but am unsure how humidity will affect me? Any experiences greatly appreciated ! Judy:wink:
  2. Hi everyone, i have a chance of a job in Wooroloo which is about 45km in land from Perth. i have been looking at house prices in Ellenbrook and the close surrounding areas, but i know very little about the place. Does anyone know what it is like, for crime, are there any good high schools, is there plenty of things to do, good shopping centres etc. i would appreciate it if anyone could give me any help and just how far is Wooroloo from Ellenbrook and how long would the journey take by car. cheers for any information, jim & helen. 175 visa lodged 10/3/09
  3. We're not surprised: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/541603/20140304/act-canberra-australia-livable-city-adelaide.htm
  4. Hi Friends, We currently live in Sydney. My husband has secured a job in Carrum Downs. We have a year old son. How is Carrum Downs as a place for bringing up children? Unfortunately or not, Carrum downs does not have a train station. We would prefer to live nearby train station,because we are yet to buy a car and I have to look out for jobs, so I might have to make frequent trips to the city. I read the nearest railway stations to Carrum Downs as Seaford, Kananook on Frankston line and Cranbourne,Merinda Park on Cranbourne line. We have no idea how these places are!We would want to rent in any of these areas, or preferably somewhere close to Carrum Downs. What we are looking for most primarily are: Community minded suburb close to train station and commutable distance to Carrum Downs,a nice Childcare,close to shops,safe suburb. Suggestions/help appreciated. Thanks, Shilpa :biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Best place to live in Canberra

    OK so I plan to move to Canberra in the next 12 months or so under a 176 Visa along with my wife and two daughters (11 and 8) and we are scanning the map of canberra and school websites to find the bext areas to live in. So we need good schools for the girls, plus residential districts with a bit of space and good sized house plots. So all those of you already in ACT - can you recommend where we should be looking for rented houses? Thanks The Cook's
  6. Cant decide if qld or w.a.,a pipefitter by trade and worked in the oil and gas industry for many years since i was 19yrs old,now 36yrs old and with many of them years offshore too,whats the best place to be. I fancy qld cause there is more to see and do,but perth might be best for my trade,anyone had the same problem and not know where to head.
  7. We are moving to Perth April 12. Anyone returning to the UK and fancy a swap? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32235169.html
  8. Hi there I'm feeling pretty hurt and upset by the parents at my son's school. About ten days ago I gave out party invitations asking them to a birthday party for his birthday next week. The closing date for rsvping was today. So far I've only heard from a few parents saying their kids are coming. As it stands it will not be able to go ahead as we don't have enough people. I know how busy it is when you have young kids but I think at least they could've let me know. Maybe I'm just being too sensitive but he will be gutted if I need to cancel it and how do I explain it to him. I don't give a s*** about presents but I just wanted him to enjoy himself. As I work most days, I've not been at the school to remind them so I've just done it by email (addresses from a contact list one of the parents gave me) but it really pained me to do so. I feel embarassed having to do this and I hope they don't think I'm hassling them. Maybe I'm just being over emotional but I feel like crying over this. He really loves school and is happy there and likes his class so this is disappointing. Maybe yet another reason to go home. Susie :sad:
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a new member here, nice to know all you guys!!! I applied for 176 Visa exactly 1 year ago, and just got the Grant Notification for 3 days (high risk country). I applied for SA Sponsorship, yet still don't know where in Adelaide is the best place for me to settle down (I'm a Civil Engineer). I intend to fly there in 3 months. Anyone has experience in this matter, please give me some recommendation. Any advice would be truly appreciated :laugh:. David Nguyen
  10. Can anyone please recommend the best place to buy car insurance online? :wideeyed:
  11. Hey Having migrated two years ago to SA, I am considering a job offer in Brisbane. We need good access to the University, CBD, airport and Springwood!! We are considering areas such as Bulimba / Balmoral / Seven Hills and would really appreciate some advice on great primary schools in this area. Alternatively - any other options for areas. Look forward to hearing from you (and yes, I know Brisbane is hot!!) Weasie
  12. I am currently living in Oz and plan to return to the U.K. in June 2012 I have put my Oz dollars in to Sterling and have it in an off shore account with Commonwealth Bank. Given the global banking problems, I asked the bank how safe was the money and basically ITS NOT !!!! APPEARS ITS ALL CARE NO RESPONSIBILITY Where can I put this money and know it wont dissapear/be frozen etc. Is my only option to but it back to Oz dollars with a government guarantee????:unsure::unsure::unsure:
  13. Hi, We are hopefully moving interstate from the Central Coast to Melbourne looking at the East and Bayside areas. I have already emailed a whole heap of private schools and so far two have got back to me saying there are no places for my 4.5 year old and no chance of getting my 3 year old into ELC next year. Does anyone have any tips or experienced this and what did you do? Cheers CC
  14. For the second year running, Australia has ranked second in the United Nation's 'Human Development Index'. The index measures social and economic development based on several factors: Life expectancy at birth / Health Mean & expected years of schooling / Education Gross national income per capita / Living Standards Australia ranked narrowly behind the 'winner' - Norway, the same 2 countries ranking first and second last year as well. The United Kingdom ranked 28th on the 2011 Human Development Index. http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/
  15. Hi all im a carpenter by trade and been looking at buying new powertools when i get over in oz. Been looking on the websites of a few but would be nice to get some feed back on wheres the best place. Been looking at milwaukee, makita and dewalt combo packages. Seems to me that its no dearer than english prices and you havent got to ship them over so you save on that.
  16. Guest

    Mount Isa...nice place??

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this Forum, infact new to all this "moving to oz" lark...Currently live in the uk, have done all my life... My husband has recently appiled for a job via an agent, we can go under a 457 sponsorship visa. The vacancy is in Mount Isa, Queensland... Can someone please tell me what its like??? I have 2 young children and another on the way, I dont want a life of luxury, just somewhere nice to live, comftable for my children, but I know nothing about this place and we would be moving from our comfort zone... Any information would be great Thanks Gem x
  17. Just about to get our visa, so we really need to get our act together and choose a place to live. Have 2 kids 9 and 11 so good schools are a must. Don't fancy Gold Coast, and don't think Brisbane is for us. A real must is some great sailing on our doorstop, but also need somewhere with enough people to provide work for a PV, renewable and heating/plumbing business. So I guess I'm looking for idea's for good sized towns, with plenty of sailing destinations nearby. Oh it also must also be pretty, and not likely to flood. I know I'm fussy, but it's a big move and I want to get it right. :jimlad:
  18. At first, Geelong scared me. For a town (city) with a population of 200,000 it's incredible how small it feels. I just thought I'd share some peculiar experiences of Geelong life, and wonder if anyone else has experienced similar. The Geelong Cats are arguably the greatest ever team of footballers, playing the most prominent 'code' in Aus. But these guys are locals alright. In 3 years, I've had 3 personal run ins with local footy legends. Cameron Ling 2 years ago, in my role as fill in bowler for the North Geelong VI's (!?), I bowled an over of what could best be described as 'buffet bowling' at him. Nice fella, but he couldn't help smiling as he biffed me all over the park. I took it in the nature it was intended: middle aged fat English bloke providing a (not really needed) confidence boost to a local legend during the off season! He certainly didnt get any exercise as he stood there, Viv Richards style. In the bar at half time he was just one of the lads playing for his old school, St Joey's. Joel Selwood About a year ago, I was driving into the car park near Officeworks when this fella in flash new car reversed into the side of my car. He got out, apologised, we swapped details. I had no idea who he was, I just thought he looked like yet another cashed up tradie TBH (he towered over me, looked as fit as a butcher's dog, very much an alpha male). I rang my insurance company next day, and was informed by the call operator that Joel Selwood was in fact a very well known 'Catter'. Darren (Dasher) Millburn Another Cat's legend. My lad is in the same kindy class as this bloke's lad. Again, huge bloke, he did a session with the kindy kids teaching them about footy.
  19. Hi, We are planning to migrate to South Australia with my family. Kids are small, age group 4 years and 5 years. Considering the job opportunities, schooling, housing and cost of living what are the best area to live in South Australia. Please reply then I can make necessary arrangement base on your reply. Thanks. Donald :biggrin:
  20. Hi, I have been looking at Madurah as place to move with my Wife and 5 year old Daughter. Is it more of a holiday destnation or is it a good place to live with lots for my Daughter to do. Jem
  21. Hi guys, Im new to the forum, and heading over to Sydney as soon as my Working holiday visa comes through, hopefully in the next 3-4 weeks, for a 12 month escape and to see how life over there differs from the UK! Ill be staying in a hotel initially, whilst looking for an apartment to rent.. my question is, how long can I expect to be staying in the hotel for, (working out estimates of cost prior to actually paying rent!) and does anybody have any tips on finding a place to rent? My wife will be staying in the uk, sorting out the rental of our house, while I sort out things oz end.. and coming out to meet me as soon as its sorted out. Appreciate any help guys Dan
  22. Hi all, Edit ***In Sydney*** Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions about where to watch the Irish / Italy rugby match on Sunday? We are currently staying out in the Hills district, so don't really know many of the pubs out here bar the Mean Fiddler and that's ****e for watching matches. We have a three year old and would like to take her with us but we don't really want to go to somewhere packed & messy. We're not going out on the lash, obviously as we're bringing our daughter but would like to go somewhere with a bit of atmosphere. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Cheers, Harry. Cheers, Harry.
  23. Guest

    Nice place this pio

    Just thought i would put in a big thanks to all the people who run this site, all the moderators and big cheeses who make things tick, you all do a wicked job :hug:, also all the wonderful members on here who are constantly helping each other out, i have put loads of threads on this year about our trip and have had loads of responses and some fantastic tips, also have had some great offers of help when we get to oz off certain members and have already lined up contact and a few beers with these guys, so a big pat on the back from me to everyone :wubclub:
  24. hi all could any one recomend parts of nz which would suit a young family, where looking for a nice place with good schools close to all amenities, and good safe beaches.(and good weather) we did start looking into nz a few years ago but have been looking at oz the last year or so. just started looking into nz again as oz seem to keep changing there minds on who they want in. my other half is an electrician so we do need to look into work for him.(not sure if they need electricians at the moment) I have looked at christchurch, can anyone say anything good or bad would love to hear both sides. Thanks very much:smile: