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Found 86 results

  1. Hello Guys! First of all I'd just like to say this forum is great! Super helpful and an amazing resource for someone like me who is really only getting started with this 189 visa malarky. So, I'm looking for some advice and guidance with my 189 Visa Application. I have carried out plenty of research and feel I've put in the time but still there is that impending doom that all of this will be futile if I just don't meet the criteria once I've lodged my application. Hence, this is why I'd like to know what my chances are with the skills/qualifications/experience that I have. This is me: Visa Type - 189 Occupation - Construction Project Manager - ANZSCO 133111 Age - 28 Nationality - Irish Country of Residence - UK Education - Honours Degree Mechanical Engineering Level 8 (Irish Uni) & a PRINCE2 in Project Management (Foundation) Post Grad Experience - 7 Years (Project Management Engineering/Construction) English Level - Mother Tongue (Due to take the TOEFL test in the coming weeks) Marital Status - Single Australian Experience - I've been to Oz twice, first time on a Work/Holiday and second I backpacked along the East Coast. No professional experience however. At present, my estimated points are: With Competent English - 65 With Proficient English - 75 With Superior English - 85 Needless to say allot is riding on my english test! So, this is where I currently am with my application: Skills Assessment - Gathered 95% of the required info for the Skills Assessment with VETASSESS Character - I have my UK Police Certificate (waiting for my Irish Police Certificate) English Proficiency - TOEFL (scheduled - will revise and hoping I can get the required results for Superior English) Health Assessment - Unsure when I need to do this - any guidance would be amazing, I have no concerns here I would just like some idea on my chance of obtaining an invitation in the first instance and the chances of actually obtaining a 189 Visa as I've heard a lot on here saying that without 90 points I have little or no chance at this stage. It would also be helpful to know what the timeframes are with regard invitations and processing. I realise that what I'm asking is probably more in line with a paid consultation so please feel free to get in touch as I would be interested in speaking with an immigration advisor! Many Thanks in advance!! Toby
  2. CliveReilly

    Irish families in Australia

    Hello all, I currently live in Ireland and have a small family, house, mortgage. You get the picture. I would like to move to Australia but need to do lots of homework firstly. I am VERY interested in hearing peoples experiences moving their families from Ireland to Australia. Why you went, why you did not stay here, employment, lifestyle, cost of living, fitting in etc ... etc ... Looking forward to speaking to you all. Cheers, Clive
  3. ok! hi all. this is how it goes. I'm Irish and living north of Brisbane with my wife and 4 kids for the last 6 weeks. We would love to meet up with families going through the whole emigration thing and swap stories maybe even have a pint or two. so if your like us and feeling a bit isolated and looking for a connection with home, drop me a line. we can reassure ourselves about how good things are in aust and how bad they are at home. :wink: (only messin). so if you feel like talking, drop me a line. cheers
  4. Hi All, Jus trying to establish are there many Irish people here heading for Perth. Thought is would be a good idea to get a thread going for us all. We are a family of 3 hoping to hit Perth late 2011 or Jan 2012. (Age 30/Age 29/Daughter Age 4) Was wondering if there are many others from Ireland in the same boat and was wondering if there is enough of us to arrange a big group meet up somewhere over the next while. Anyway include your details and chat soon. Cheers:biggrin:
  5. Hi everyone im from ireland and im 18, im moving to goulburn in july and i only know my one friend there but he is alot older than me does anyone have any tips for making friend around my age? I race motocross and i could easily keep a conversation going with a brick wall anyone any tips? i know how to find people here but but the other side of the world i guess everythings different.
  6. Hi, Myself and my partner are living at the Northside of Brisbane. We have a beautiful 8 month son and would be keen to meet other Irish/British families in Brisbane for BBQs, play dates etc. It would be good to connect with more people from our part of the world. Cheers x
  7. John Griffin

    In search Of Work

    Hey all , Im a 21 Irish male and thinking of heading out to tasmania in march and will be looking for work any will do really but i would be looking for something that'll help me get a second year visa any help will be much appreciated....thanks
  8. hi all, just wondering if there are any people on here who have made the move from ireland/ uk to cardiff, or surrounding suburbs? Im moving on 15th Nov, with a 10 month old, and while im excited by the adventure, am nervous too! my partner is an Aussie, and grew up in Newcastle, he's been out in Cardiff for the past 10 weeks, getting work/ house/ cars sorted. so, if there are any Irish or British living in the area Id love to know you!!!
  9. paddygunner

    Underage Gaelic football

    Hi all We are starting underage gaelic football training on sat 8th at 3pm - 4.15 and if we can recruit as many as possible it would be great. You don't have to have played it before to give it a go! Location Osborne primary school, craige road, mount Martha - just off the nepean Please contact me if you have any queries Regards Peadar Walsh
  10. Hi everyone, I'm 29 and live in the Hills district in Sydney. I moved over from England a year ago (I'm half English/half Irish) to be with my Australian boyfriend and am still struggling to meet friends. It's so much harder when you're older and not going out every night! Does anyone fancy a Saturday lunch get together?
  11. Guest

    tax for whv on an ABN

    What implications are there for not paying tax in Australia when working on an ABN? The number of irish lads I have spoke to who are ‘doing a runner’ is ridiculous. Obviously it will mean they cant return to oz, but would it carry onto any other countries?
  12. Just reading some of posts about people moving to Hobart and I just want to say I wish it was me! I'm from Armagh and have been to Tasmania numerous times over the years, still trying to convince the wife to move over...Making slow progress! Anyway, my dad founded the Irish Association of Tasmania over 20 years ago and it's still going strong today. It is based in the New Sydney Hotel on Bathurst Street in Hobart and is an extremely welcoming place. Some of the founders are still actively involved, while others have passed away. They hold a seisún every Saturday in the New Sydney so you go down and check it out. They also hold a Fleadh every year and I went to my first one last year. It is 3 days of brilliant craic, music and drinking! They get bands from all over Australia to play and is really a great time. This year is their 20th Fleadh and so will be a big celebration. It is held in the first couple of weeks in March so if you are over for then make sure you go down. Either way you should call in to the New Sydney and chat to the bar manager, Alan, about the Irish Association and he'll give you more info. The guys you should seek out in the IAOT would be Mick Lynch, Joan Crossin and Peter Grubb. They have been there from the start and are really great people. If you do catch up with them say Peadar McMahon sent you! I know it's hard settling in a new place but it helps if you have people you can relate to and the IAOT can help with that. Hope it can be of some help to you.
  13. Just wondering how long did it take for your garda clearance to come through. We have our VETASSESS back and IELTS done and sent off yday for state sponsorship. So wondering now what should we be doing to get ready to apply for visa. Will be year unemployed by April so need to have visa lodged by then to ensure points for experience
  14. Guest

    Is there any irish thread???

    Hi all, only new to this forum, was wondering if there was any specific threads for people moving to OZ from Ireland?? ive searched and searched but cant seem to find anything?? Not that i only want to speak to Irish or that, just to see what companies the Irish used and our processing times and Doctor and Garda checks?? sorry in advance if ive posted this in the wrong section.....
  15. BrisDubBris

    Irish in Brisbane

    Hi everyone, I am Australian & my wife is Irish but also an Australian citizen. We met in Brisbane & lived there for about 7 years. We have been living in Dublin for the past 9 years but we are moving back to Brisbane in about 6 months time. There was always the Irish club in Brisbane but I am wondering if there are many Irish POI members living in Brisbane? I generally really like the Irish & English so I would love to build up a group of new friends on our return to compliment my old Australian friends. I am sure my wife would love to be able to socialize with her fellow Irish as well. Thanks
  16. Just wondering if there is anyone planning to or living in or around Springfield Lakes? We have just returned from doing our reccie in Brisbane and had a great time. Researched loads of areas etc and have decided on or around Springfield Lakes. Our little girl has got her place to start Year 1 at St Augustines in Jan 2010. Just need to sell the house now (ahhhhhhhh). Also hubbie is a Tipperay man, so would be great to know if there were any other irish about to do the move. Mary, Eddie & Ciara :jiggy:
  17. I am looking for info on good schools around Ipswich and surrounding state and private as I am not sure. I have a 12 soon to be 13 year old son in final year of primary but from what I understand he would be jumping straight into secondary so I am looking for a school that is not too intimidating but good and friendly as he is currently in school in a small irish village. He is outgoing and loves sports by the way. On the other hand I have a daughter who will be 11 in her second last year in primary. She is quiet and doesnt like huge crowds so a big school might be difficult. I would appreciate any information as I am getting more confused on locations to settle. I just want to make sure we settle in a place where they can get a good school. If there are any Irish who have moved to this area with kids I would love to hear your views on the schools and education system and if it is a big transition from what we are used to. Thanks in advance D
  18. Hi I am irish and have been living in Australia for over 3 years with my boyfriend. I have only met about 4 or 5 irish people that actually live here and would love to meet new friends from home who have also emigrated over here to the gold coast. I love going out and playing sports! :yes:
  19. hello, Where do Irish citizens working on 457 visa buy health insurance? Or do they not need one as they are already eligible for Medicare?
  20. Hi All, From one Mum to another I would like to try and set up a network of Irish friends so that we can be e-mailing etc before I and others like me get there mainly for support,advice and also to give hope to Irish Mums already there who may be feeling a little homesick. We hope to be in OZ within the next three months all going well. I'm 38, hubby 40 and three kids 18,16 and 12. Not sure that the 18 year old will come with us yet. Looking forward to hearing from you all.:smile:
  21. These are just some observations of difference,some are obvious and expected others just subtle little differences noticed during my time here.These are not in any particular order and are neither meant as praise or criticism.They are just differences.[Mostly relating to my local area in NSW]. *The smell-Aus has a smell all of it's own,very different to the smell of Ireland.I come from an island and even the ocean has a different smell to it.When it rains the smell of wet earth is instant and heady,when the sun shines the trees and flowers have a sweet smell that fills the air. *The sounds-needless to say they are very different to home.I live in a small coastal village here and you never get absolute quietness.Be it crickets,ciccadas,frogs,birds or the ocean,there are always sounds.I miss the quiet. *Little kids seem to go about town barefoot 90% of the time. *Even though BBQs are often and plentyfull they seem to consist mainly of steak and snags[sausages]. *A lot of people my age with kids[under 40]only go out socially on rare occasions. *People get up so flamin' early and therefore go to bed early. *Junk food is very cheap. *Mozzies hate the smell of garlic so get some into you daily[even capsules do the trick]and they will stay clear. *St.Patrick must be sitting on my shoulder because I have yet to see a snake even though the rest of the gang have on numerous occasions. *Walk down any town street and you will notice it is littered with signs.Signs telling you every imaginable thing you cannot do in that particular spot. *A lot of kids only have a birthday party every few years and many not at all. *Even though they are a haven for spiders many people leave shoes etc outside for the creepy crawlies to hide out in and give you a nasty surprise. *The teacher-pupil ratio can be high at times.Our daughter is in a class of 29 and they do not even have a teachers aide. *Gardening is like a religion,so much time and effort is put into clearing leaves and fronds and cutting the grass to within an inch of extinction but many gardens have no plants or flowers. *Many park and beach BBQ facilities are no longer free but only cost a couple of dollars to use. *The pedestrian traffic light button makes a very different sound,strange the things you notice. *Eating ice-cream outside in the sunshine is an act of folly,unless you like the feel of it melting onto your big toe. *Mothers swaddle their young babies up real snug and tight in a sheet and often lie them on a sheepskin in their buggies,in the heat.Must be a reason but when my youngest was born here 8yrs ago the poor little mite lived in a vest to keep her cool. As I said these are just some of the dfferences I have noticed in my time in Oz.Feel free to add your own,some may be the same and some will obviously be very different.It may be interesting for those yet to make the journey.
  22. Hi All, I'm a recently qualified primary school teacher moving to Perth within the next 6-8 months. I'm wondering if there are any other overseas teachers who have got jobs in Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia and did you find it difficult to obtain jobs in Australian schools? What kind of process is involved? I'm a bit worried about the job prospects because of my lack of experience, I'll have a year of relief teaching by the time I go. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  23. Hi all, Thought people would find this interesting, its a new feature on the irish times website about peoples experience of emigration /http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/generationemigration/
  24. A Northern Territory government delegation is in Ireland at the moment week trying to woo skilled workers to fill a job vacancies in the Top End. The Northern Territory has had the lowest jobless rate in the nation this year, hovering at about three per cent. At the Working Abroad Expo at the RDS in Dublin yesterday, queues stretched around the block with around 5000 people attending the weekend expo. The NT's employment minister Rob Knight was at the expo. He said the NT is expected to need at least 20,000 new workers over the next five years because the jobs cannot be filled locally or elsewhere from Australia. There are vacancies in 130 professions, Mr Knight said, from construction to the booming mining and medical sectors. Despite its vast size and low population, the Territory is undergoing a housing boom. Greg Bicknell from the chamber of commerce acknowledged that the Northern Territory was not as sought-after a location as cities such as Melbourne or Sydney, but it had one critical selling point. “We have more employment opportunities. Other cities in Australia are undergoing a recession because the strength of the Australian dollar is making the manufacturing sector uncompetitive.”
  25. Hi all...love this forum, INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!! Crikey...where to start! My husband and I have decided to take the plunge and head to Australia. This recession in Ireland doesn't seem to be litfing any time soon and we feel it is sink or swim at this stage. We have a 14 week old baby girl and would be hoping to make the move in the next 12 - 18 months. Husband is a qualified electrician so we would be applying for a 175 visa...but where to start... I understand that he needs to complete VETASSESS...money money money before/during or after we lodge visa application????...more money money money but we do believe it will be worth every cent as we spent some time in Oz in 2006, returned there for our honeymoon and are very aware of what kind of life we would have over there. Should we hire migraton agent??? any recommendations??? (we are based in Ireland!) or is it a straight forward process that we could apply for ourselves?? ANY HELP/ADVICE/REASSURANCE/SIMILAR STORIES would be very well appreciated... Kindest regards, Mary-Rose