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  1. Pumpkin


    To the moderator edit. I did not make any personal comments about another person's opinion. I merely suggested that what is right for that individual is not necessarily right for everyone else.
  2. Pumpkin

    Immiaccount status question

    Shouldn't your employer submit the nomination? Is there any reason they / you have not provided the recommended document? What is it anyway?
  3. Pumpkin

    Not many moving back?

    Oh dear. I like visiting these remote places like Geraldton, but this is going to be a massive culture shock for anyone and going there when you don't particularly want to sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Am I mixing you up with somebody else or are you pregnant? And your husband is dragging you out to Australia against your will?
  4. Pumpkin


    Erm well it is broke ... there is an unhappy husband in the mix.
  5. Pumpkin

    189 visa and being a new mom

    I believe there is a quota per year for parents visas, but this does not exclude people who do not fall into the quote one year, it just impacts timing. If your mother qualifies for the contributory parent visa, I believe it takes about 18 months. But you have to be settled in Australia before she even applies. No I don't like Australia better than UK or vice versa. They both have their merits and I am happy in either.
  6. Pumpkin

    Can you name them all?

    Don't know any of them.
  7. Pumpkin

    To live by the sea?

    We have about a ten minute walk to the beach and as we are on an incline we also have sweeping ocean views. I have enjoyed them every day for 4.5 years and still not tired of the view. It is something I really love about where we live now, although I don't actually go to the beach that often to be honest. I will miss these views when we leave this (rented) house.
  8. Pumpkin

    UK passport

    Yes the visa is stored electronically, but Australia does not know when other countries issue new passports and accordingly the new passport certainly will not be automatically linked to the visa. Your visa is electronic, but it is still linked to a foreign (to Australia) passport. Australia does not track passport applications of foreign nationals, so it does not know when you change your passport and accordingly the visa is not transferred across all by itself when you get a new passport. You need to tell Australia immigration when you get a new passport so that they can electronically link the visa to the new passport. Getting it on paper is not what this is about (although personally, I prefer to get the visa label as well).
  9. Pumpkin

    UK passport

    Well yes that is exactly why he did not have an issue, his visa is now the RRV and it is connected to the right passport..
  10. Pumpkin

    Moving my UK based Business to Australia

    You haven't clarified what visa you intend to move to Sydney on, it does make a difference and there is no such thing as a "working visa" as mentioned above. Again, if you mean working holiday visa, then I would say no, it is not a suitable visa to attempt this on. What you are trying to do is in fact quite complex and probably needs professional help rather than the joint input of lay people on a forum.
  11. Pumpkin

    189 visa and being a new mom

    You can do what you want once you have a permanent visa. If you have applied for a 189 visa, why is your husband bothering with skills assessment, there is no need for you both to do this, just an unnecessary expense. His age is irrelevant to applying for citizenship, once he has been there for four years, including one year as a permanent resident, he would become eligible.
  12. Pumpkin

    Not many moving back?

    We are probably returning to UK early next year. We are actually perfectly happy here and quite sad about moving back, although we are coming round to the idea and getting more and more excited about the next chapter. Our return is out of necessity, don't really want to go into it. But being logical, the UK just makes a lot more sense for us at the moment. I know that I will be happy in either location.
  13. Pumpkin


    I don't think anyone has said things are unbearable in Australia and quite a few posters that have commented are very happy in Australia. It is just that It is very common for people starting out to have rose tinted specs on about "better life" and so on and it can be helpful to make them think more clearly about the options and try to help them make fact based decisions.
  14. Pumpkin

    Confused, stressed and feeling sick!

    What a tough one. It was something I didn't have to face as my parents were already deceased and in any case not particularly close to them. I always think that these factors made me a good migrant, being very independent and not having particular ties that is. As someone who would love to have a close family but doesn't, I sometimes think that people who do have one do not know how lucky they are and it is seriously under rated. Or perhaps I am being romantic there. Interested in what your parents think of you moving? Are they supportive, planning trips out etc? I really like what Melza said about dwelling on "what ifs". It is a cliché that is trotted out quite a lot, but I think Melza is right, make your decision and move forward. Don't let yourself waste time on what ifs. It is pointless, you could not move and think "what if" equally you could move and think "what if". Neither very constructive.