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Found 9 results

  1. roberthughes1987

    Moving my UK based Business to Australia

    Hey everyone! In September 2015 I'm moving from the UK over to Sydney for 1 year to experience the country, but also to expand our UK based Digital Marketing Agency in Australia. Currently we run everything in the UK, with several online stores and many UK based clients whom we work for. My question is whether there's any restrictions to setup a Business in Australia, seeing as I'm on a 1 year working Visa. Also whether there are any extra difficulties when compared with setting up a Ltd company in the UK, or if you have any helpful advice. Primarily our business is B2B, but we also have several consumer based products we wish to launch in Australia. Appreciate any advice or guidance!
  2. Madec - the labour organisation used by the Federal Government to connect job seekers with work on the national harvest trail is reporting that hundreds of backpackers are unable to find work due to the short supply of fruit-picking jobs in the South Australian Riverland. A gap between the citrus harvest and the stone fruit season often means fewer casual jobs in the region, additionally, forecasts of poor seasons for cherries and apricots will likely hamper hamper employment prospects. A spokesman for Madec said there were around 300 backpackers seeking work locally and many more in other parts of Australia. "We still have a number of people who turn up just in the hope that there's some work and our phones continue to ring with people who are around the country and in other harvest regions who are just finding the same thing," he said. "They just don't have the work available up in these regions so they're phoning, they're trying to come down here but unfortunately we just can't help them at the moment." The Riverland is a popular destination for backpackers who are keen to extend their working holiday visas by doing 3 months' work on farms. Philip Sims - who grows crops including peaches, nectarines, sultanas and pistachios in the Riverland area said he is expecting a poor return from apricots this year, after a warmer winter failed to set the fruit. "Normally where I might have 12 people working for me, I might have one other person beyond myself, it's just such a light crop," he said. "There's certainly no chance, regrettably, of employing anyone else." Mr Sims said stone fruit producers across the Riverland were experiencing a bad year and would be hiring fewer labourers than usual. Scott Cameron from Madec said he remained optimistic most of those hoping for work in the Riverland would get something eventually. He said it was easier for locals wanting seasonal work to bide their time than for backpackers on limited visas. "As far as our backpackers go, yeah there's probably a little bit of a reason for some concern," he said.
  3. In two years the number of backpackers in Queensland has jumped a third and are becoming more and more important in their roles as harvest workers. Growcome, the center of the fruit and vegetables sector now depends on backpackers and overseas workers more than ever. Employers say that Australians have turned their backs on these jobs even if they earn hundreds of dollars a day, only the overseas workers can cope with it. The Australian reported, Growcom chairman John Bishop mentions that“Australians are lazy” and Lowood farmer Andrew Jackwitz says that locals don’t like to do hard work especially in the heat of summer. In contrary to that, Chamber of Commerce and Industry spokesman Nick Behrens explains that overseas workers had become “hot goods” and that backpackers and travellers enjoy the hard work and the new experiences they gather. The visa numbers increased from 185,480 in 2010/2011 to 249,231 in 2012/2013. Given the importance of backpackers, there is a growing concern amongst rural communities and sectors that rely on backpacker labour that poor pay and living conditions may force many internationals to reconsider coming to Australia to work. According to a report by ABC Rural (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-11-04/backpackers-put-off-working-aus-farming/5068054) hundreds of complaints made by foreign workers about low wages and poor living conditions have been received by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Of the 230 confirmed complaints received by the Ombudsman in the last two years, a third of that number have reportedly been made by workers in Queensland’s fruit picking regions. ABC Rural interviewed Cathy Witherspoon, a hostel owner in Bowen, who said the ongoing problems with pay and living conditions is putting pressure on local businesses. “I hear it from the pickers that come here to my hostel and a lot of them come here to me looking for work because they’re being underpaid,” she said. Ms Witherspoon also said that, in some cases anyway, contractors are taking advantage of their international workforce. “In most cases they’re not receiving superannuation and more than likely not having their tax remitted to the tax department,” she said. The ABC said that while there hasn’t yet ‘been a drop in people wanting to do the season work’ this will likely change, particularly if these problems continue. “If it continues and gets worse I’m sure it will drop off, particularly with the way kids communicate these days on Facebook, bad words spread quickly.” Source: Backpacker Trade News
  4. Guest

    Whv 417 with convictions

    Ok , so last night i applied for a a 417 working holiday visa on the DIAC website, i paid for this and received my transaction reference number (TRN) and reciept, however i cant access the progress of my application which asks for my transaction reference number, however i hold an e676 visa and it wasnt until initial processing of my application had commenced that i had even attempted to access this service, and when DIAC contacts me to let me know that application processing has commenced i wil be likely able to use this service. initial processing hasnt commenced as of yet as they have not notified me via email. However this is not my major issue, i declared all convictions on my record as i have previously and always been completely honest with diac, on my curren e676 visa application i was asked for police certificates etc for which i provided to diac, therefore when i had the option to attach documents for my 417 visa i decided to front load the application with the certificates and summary of events etc, as the certificates are still valid for another four months ( uk police certificates valid for 12months for Diac from date of creation) or so, thats what the guy at australia house had told me, anyway with the about offences (Common assault) - occurred in 2009 when i was just 14, (18 now though) and i received an 18month conditional discharge for (this is not a prison sentence,), however i wasn't actually actually convicted until 2011, as i had lived in france with my dad for 9 months. i entered australia in june 2012 on an e676 visa and declared everything at application stage and landing card i was found to be of good character and thus passed the character test. so much relies heavily on this visa, my boyfriend lives out on a WHV, and i didnt see him for 7months whilst he was there, i dont want to be excluded from australia due to the fact that i have a record and im extremlely embarassed about it, we both have been through so much together and he is only there because we had planned to go together but didnt and broke up, i then surprised him out there in june, as ive frontloaded my application provided everything they may possibly ask more to save them the trouble, including police checks and summary of events, the guy at australia house, london told me that if my whv is denied then i will still hold my e676 visa and can travel to australia. im just worried sick about it all, he means so much to me, and i want to travel back, anybody been in similar circumstance? im just a little at ease due to the fact i had previously passed the character test and diac already know of my convictions and granted me my e676, but worried if attach police certs without being asked for them was a bad idea for my whv 417, all already paid for etc, i just wanted it all to already be prepared for them so it can be asessed quicker
  5. First year WHV visa has run out but I have still haven't heard about 2nd WHV. I applied online for 2nd whv a week before my 1st whv ran out. Haven't heard about second working holiday visa yet. AM I automatically put on a bridging visa? Ryan
  6. Guest

    417 visa advice

    Hi i will be coming over on my 417 whv and i want to stay longer than 2 years is there anything i can do to stay ie, different visa options
  7. jamiearnold

    Transferring Carpentry Skills??

    Hi all! I will be coming to Australia on a working holiday visa in 6 months time but intend to stay longer if it is everything it is made out to be! I am trying to get my skills transferred so they are recognised but so far all i can find is vetassess trade ocupations.. this suits me well other than i do not meet the migration criteria as i am on a working holiday visa.. If anyone has had a similar problem and has found a solution, or has any advice on the matter please get back to me. Any advice will be very much apretiated Many thanks Jamie
  8. The Australian Tourism Export Council is calling on the Federal Government to allow backpackers on working holiday visas to extend their stay by a year if they spend 3 months working in tourism in regional Australia. ATEC says there are thousands of job vacancies in the tourism sector and that changes to the visa system could help to fill them. ATEC Director, Felicia Mariani said ATEC has been strongly advocating for the extension of the ‘regional’ classification to the tourism industry – allowing Working Holiday Visa holders to extend their visa by 12 months after completing 88 days of work in a regional industry. Under the existing rules, Working Holidays Makers must complete 88 days in a defined regional industry; either agriculture, horticulture, forestry, mining, construction or fishing, in order to qualify for a second year extension. Of those who complete this required period of work, 95% actually extend their stay. Felicia Mariani said, “The current situation only sees around 22,000 people heading to regional areas to find work in defined industries to qualify for the possible second year extension. There are 162,000 Working Holiday Visas issued each year in Australia; this means there are another 140,000 potential Working Holiday Visa visitors who could contribute to the Australian economy. “Within the 162,000 Working Holiday Visas issued each year, there is a clear desire from these people to work in the tourism sector and it is very likely the uptake on the 2nd year extension would be significantly higher." Full Story @ http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-02-13/calls-to-give-backpackers-longer-visas-for-tourism-work/3827296