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    RSMS timeline

    Hey guys, been following your progress on here for a while. Just thought I'd let you know of movement at our end. We applied 857, non DRC to Parammatta on 25th June. As of yesterday we only had aknowledgment of application the boom! Employers nomination granted yesterday morning, case officer allocated for visa and request for further information regarding medicals. (Medibank neglected to forward my wife & sons medicals). Medicals were located and re-sent yesterday, all being well visa should be granted Monday unless further complications arise. Immi's statement reads processing 6th June at the moment for this visa but they are obviously a lot further on. Hope this makes someones Saturday morning
  2. graeme78

    Issues with job/employer on RSMS 119 visa

    Hey, curious to find out what the end result was ?
  3. Hi, is there anyone on this whose child/children goes to or has gone to Caloundra State Primary School? We are currently in Gympie and looking to move to Caloundra in two months time, we can't decide whether to send our daughter (who will be commencing Grade 1 in January) to Caloundra State Primary or Meridan State College. Can anyone shed any light on either of these schools for us? Thanks.
  4. No sorry ... I am gong to contact Immigration once we are there and my wife is ready to work
  5. graeme78

    457 visa

    Hi there and Merry Christmas to you. We have just had our 457 granted also, we were not askedfor a medical as we are not from a high risk country or working in neither a class room or medical environment. We had to show our medical insurance was in place, we used www.hba.com.au. The will provide a letter for your visa confirming it is all arranged. Good luck
  6. Hi guys, bit of an odd question here. My wife is thinking she would like to do a little work from home to bring in a little extra cash. Most of these positions are on a self employed basis. I wondered if anyone knew if this was ok as we are initially on a 457 Visa until our PR is sorted. Thanks :biggrin:
  7. graeme78

    Previous Charge but no conviction

    I'm no migration expert buddy but I would imagine that if it is showing on your check then you have to address the issue with your case officer. I am sure if you were upfront and explained the details of the incident and indeed the misleading information given to you by te agent you should be ok.
  8. graeme78

    gympie ?

    Did any of you guys actually move to Gympie ? We arrive in the 25th Would be good to hear from anyone from PIO who are there or close by !
  9. graeme78

    457 visa ?? previous convictions

    I received my visa just yesterday ... I had a more serious offence that was two years ago .... I front loaded my police check with my application and was honest about the circumstances, charge and disposal ..... a week later i was asked to fill out a form 80 ...... a week later my visa was granted. I really don't think you will have any problems with this .... just be honest as they don't like it when you hide stuff .... good luck
  10. Got an e-mail in this morning, our 457 was granted this morning . We're heading to Gympie ... would be good to hear from anyone in the area :biggrin:
  11. graeme78

    457 front loading ???

    Hi people, I am in the process of a 457 Visa just now. The sponsorship has been approved :biggrin: and I have just spoken to my employer who thinks that after sending some further info the nomination should be all good for this week. I have heard of people "frontloading" to speed the visa application ... what exactly does this involve and how do I go about it ? Should I get my meds and Police check now ? Thanks in advance, Graeme
  12. graeme78

    Salary packages

    basics are there are 3 stages to the 457 visa application, if ur company has previousley sponsored an overseas worker the first 2 will already be covered and u dont need to worry. The first part is the sponsorship and filled out by the employer ... DIAC will investigate your employer making sure they are legally operating in Australia and not some dodgy firm set up for processing visa's. We had a small hitch in this part as the company must show they spend a certain percentage of their payroll on training. Luckily just made it The second part is the nomination. This is also filled out by your employer and is for showing that they have a need for a mechanic or electrician etc and the position can not be filled by an aussie. They must also show that the terms offered to yourself (or husband) are no less favourable than terms offered to an aussie. This is to prevent employers taking advantage of overseas workers. Therefore ur employer needs to show DIAC ur contract with salary that is in line with any other employee's they have in the same position. Where there are no other employee's in this position eveidence can be provided from job ads or market salary surveys etc. This is the bit we are at just now and just sent a whole load of job ads amongst other stuff to show I am getting a fair wage. Once all thats done satisfied then your visa app is processed I dont know much about the LAFHA to be honest but I beleive that is totally at the employers discretion .... I am sure someone on the forum can clarify this for u, GOOD LUCK
  13. graeme78

    Salary packages

    Hi there .... are you using a migration agent or going it alone ? I am in similar circumstances however have managed to move along a bit further, happy to pass on my experiences should you like to know
  14. graeme78

    where do i get my police background check from ?

    stressful times !! lol ... u goin out with family ? i am wondering if my other half needs a background check too ?
  15. graeme78

    where do i get my police background check from ?

    thanks for the reply , how did u get on mate ? is ur visa through yet ?