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Found 47 results

  1. Does anyone have or know children attending this school? I have searched and searched but cannot find out any info about other peoples experiences at the school...anything good or bad would help in deciding if its a possible school i would like to send my children to. Thank you in advance x
  2. Guest

    New to Caloundra area

    Hi all First time on a forum site , so bare with me. We have just moved to the caloundra area four weeks ago and are desperate to meet up with other people who can point is in the right direction for things and any body who fancies a beer. We have two kids aged 12 & 10 who are looking to make friends and get amongst whats happening. We also need to find a soccer { FootBall** club for my little boy and a good kick boxing club for my daughter if anyone can help that it would be great , especially the kick boxing as my daughter is really missing training , and she is becoming fed up that she isnt doing any thing and with not having any friends yet , you all know how the story goes. Also if there are any builders out there , as Im in the same position as many others , i have been passed by the TRA , but now Im here i carnt work because I dont have the correct papers ...........Brilliant ...........nobody tells you this before you get here that you need Austrailain papers , Im looking at a $ 4200 to have all my skills assed to get a builders license . Is there any ways around it and can I get a license just for kitchen fitting. Hope hear from somebody soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi to all, would like to pick your brains as hours on the internet is not getting me far !! We have a five and an eight year old and will be moving to the Caloundra area next year. Not too stuck to an area so just wondering about the primary schools. I have seen Currimundi and Caloundra, both looked lovely. Are there any other I have missed? Would really like to know how the catchment area's work and if there is something that could tell me that? Also did you register your children before you arrived or wait till you got there? Thanks for any info Judy
  4. Hi to all. Been trawling the net and thought i may get the truth on Poms in oz. Continue with our lovely but stressful dilemma about where to go and are very drawn to the sunshine coast. Have been looking at all the usual areas but wondered if anyone lives around there? What is it like? What area's should we avoid. Is the job situation as dire as it has been said? We are myself, my partner ann-marie and our three kids under eight.We would also be interested in schools and anything people may be able to advise! Thanks. Judy
  5. Hi, is there anyone on this whose child/children goes to or has gone to Caloundra State Primary School? We are currently in Gympie and looking to move to Caloundra in two months time, we can't decide whether to send our daughter (who will be commencing Grade 1 in January) to Caloundra State Primary or Meridan State College. Can anyone shed any light on either of these schools for us? Thanks.
  6. Hi, does anyone know of any good hairdressers in Caloundra. My neice used to do my hair but she has gone back to UK for a while so i am desperately trying to find a good one. Any ideas would be great x
  7. The Pom Queen

    Caloundra Airport Suburb

    I'm sorry but this really winds me up, the developers get planning permission to build houses next to the airport then the residents who have purchased there are complaining and going for legal action about the noise, for goodness sake why the hell did they buy there in the first place:mad::mad:
  8. Guest


    Hi, Has anyone recently moved to Caloundra, Wurtulla, Kawana? How are you finding it? Mainly.. Work Schools People Surf Property rentals We are in the early stages of our application but have decided on this area to head for.. Cheers Carl :biggrin:
  9. I am need of some help - well, not me really, more my daughter. We moved up to Little Mountain in the middle of last year. For myself, my wife and my youngest daughter, everything is fine. However, my eldest daughter (19) is struggling. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to get into any kind of social scene and make friends. The main problem is that she owns horses, so is up early and feeds and cares for her horses, then works at a stables then goes back to her horses in the afternoon and feeds and rides them then gets home for her dinner at 6:30 or so and that's it. She doesn't get to interact with many (if any) people in her age group. She had friends (and misses them heaps) where we used to live but that's a couple of hours drive away. So any tips on where we can get her to go to meet up with some others in her age group. She is a bit shy, so unlikely to go on her own. It is killing me as the rest of us are really enjoying our move but she is suffering in her isolation. I am getting her to do a TAFE course later in the year to help her mix in a bit but some help in the meantime would be hugely appreciated. We haven't really established a circle of friends here yet either as we have been working on renovating our property and getting used to the beaches and environment. I know we can't choose their friends for them or make them like someone but without any real exposure to others she is never going to make friends. Cheers good people.
  10. Hiya! After looking round various schools for my daughter to start prep in jan and hearing contradicting reports about every school I thought I'd open it up on here... So, sell your kids school - pros and cons! We are in the catchment for Talara Primary and Meridan State School, and know other schools in caloundra area don't have catchments (e.g. Currimundi primary) So... What are you waiting for - share your experiences with me please! :cute: Jo x
  11. Hi everyone My wife has a visa application in and the skills assessment is currently being reviewed by the Australian government. It is all going to realistically take another 12 months or so, assuming the visa application is finally approved by the State of Queensland. I'll be coming in on a spouse visa, of course. Although I may be jumping the gun here, I thought I had better start investigating the job prospects now rather than later. Due to current changes in the state sponsored visa conditions, we are not allowed to work within the Brisbane metropolitan area for the first two years which could be a bit of a stumbling block. To that end, we are looking at Caloundra as a possible destination to begin with. My background is in the IT sector (my cv/resume can be found here if anyone is interested), but I am however prepared to turn my hand at anything (I am still a qualified carpenter, though a little rusty - my wife isn't too keen though). Does anyone have any experience with IT contracting on the Sunshine Coast, outside of the Brisbane met area? Is there much IT work around at all? What are the current requirements that HR would be looking for in terms of certifications? Would it be possible to set myself up as a Limited company, with the company address in Caloundra, and contract in Brisbane via the company name? Are there any other large towns/cities that might be worthwhile checking out? Are there any contracting agencies that anyone could recommend via personal experience? Lots of questions..... Any help would be greatly appreciated Mike
  12. Hi Could someone let me know what the Schools are like in Caloundra please? My Son will be 6 when we move. We will also be bringing our Dog with us, does anyone know how hard it is to get a rental secured when they have a pet? Lisa OH Carpenter
  13. Guest

    moving to caloundra

    Hi all, my friends r moving in 8 weeks time to caloundra. They hav a 1, 3 and 13 year old and am trying to find any info on what they can take or not take for infant in hand baggage.H ave checked out BA and Quantus, but very little info, any help wud be of great use thanku. also on the understanding that container will take 6 weeks but lots of u hav sed up to 12 !!!! wud appreciate any help or advice, thanks hils x
  14. Hi all, i am getting no jobs done at home because i can't stop reading all the info on this brilliant site!!!! Anyway, just wanted to pick someone's brain again.....we (me,hubby & 2 girls aged 12 & 9 + 1 dog) are heading out to live there in October & looking at the sunshine coast. I've read that Caloundra & North Lakes are both nice family areas to settle in. I just wondered if anyone had any more info on these places, or if someone can recommend anywhere else for us to look at? Good schools is important, we'd love to be near a beach & parks for the kids etc....Basically, just a good all round family area. I am so terrified of ending up in a not so good area & it making me regret my decision to emmigrate straight away. Please can someone help before my brain explodes!!! I seriously need to make some decisions & get some sleep at night! Sarah x
  15. Hi there, A couple of us are planning on meeting with our kids at Kings beach Pool this Thursday (17th) at 2-3pm. We are new to the area, haven't met and don't really know anyone else! If anyone fancies it then please come along. Cheers Saff :biggrin:
  16. :laugh:Hi- anyone in Caloundra area, Sunshine Coast??! We have been here 5 weeks and wish to meet anyone from UK who fancies a chat/get together. We are a family of 4, myself,hubbie and 2 children 9 and 6.We come from Dorset and finding life in Oz good but now we want to meet anyone who wants to get together for chat/socialising! :chatterbox:
  17. Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone is free this christmas to get together for a meet-up on kings beach or somewhere else near Caloundra, we moved here 10 wks ago and have made a few friends all of which have arrangements for the day, so we would like to get together with anyone else who's at a loose end, we are a family of 5 and have an 8yr old daughter & 20mth twin boys, so if ure interested let us no, normally have christmas back home with all the family, grandparents, sister, nieces & nephews so will be weird this year, so anyone in same boat or anyone who just likes to socialise get in touch x
  18. Hi there, A couple of us are planning on meeting with our kids at Kings beach Pool this Thursday (17th) at 2-3pm. We are new to the area, haven't met and don't really know anyone else! If anyone fancies it then please come along. Cheers Saff :biggrin:
  19. Hey everyone!! Just an update to say that me & my family finally made it to Caloundra 4wks ago and so far are loving it!! been up & down trying to get a rental & get furinture till are stuff arrives but we've managed it, my daughter has gone to Currimundi state school and so far loves it....fingers crossed it stays like that!! Just need to get twin baby boys into nursery...names are down on waiting list so just hoping that 2 places come up soon....god they need it and so do I :arghh:!!! Just be good 2 hear from any-one else in area :wubclub:
  20. aharcall

    Caloundra state high school

    We are due to move to Caloundra in September. Our eldest is 16 in June and our youngest will be 14 in October. We have been on a rekkie visit and have decided we will probably send them to Caloundra State high school. Does anyone have any views on this school before we make a final commitment to sending them there, please?
  21. Guest

    Holiday & reccie in Caloundra

    Hi guys. First time i have used this site and wondering if anyone could help. My husband was born in Narrabri NSW and moved to the UK when he was 6. We are coming over for the first time on the 14th October with our 2 children of 10 & 6 for a holiday/reccie to Caloundra. Can anyone give us any suggestions of the best places to go and see, also any good places to go in the evening. Many thanks Louisa :smile:
  22. Does have any experience of Caloundra City School? Would love to here how it has been for your kids. Are there any other non-faith independent schools on Sunshine Coast? Or good , small public schools you'd recommend looking at. I'm starting to panic a bit, things are moving much quicker than we planned so will be over there to live in DEC!! We were planning a reccie next Jan.
  23. Hey all :smile: After a long process we are finally moving out to Caloundra on the 6th Oct...Me - Angie, hubby Dave & 3 kids, 8yr old daughter & twin 17mth old sons....very excited & very,very nervous!! Would be fab to meet up with other families and make some new friends asap....stop the homesickness, my daughter especially needs to make friends to help her settle in...quite shy at times.....would be great to hear from any-one who's been or is going through the same xxxxx
  24. CALLING ALL POMS!!!!!!!!!! My Husband & I would like to meet other Pommy Familes around these areas, we live in Caboolure & OH works in Caloundra. We are both 39..we have 3 children 17, 8 (girls) 15 (boy) so it would be good 4 them too if they could meet new friends. If anyone is interested in meeting up please reply..........:v_SPIN:
  25. Koala Chloe

    Caloundra foam ?!?

    Hi everyone Been looking into Caloundra, and came across some info on you tube about the foam on the beaches - see link Has anyone seen this foam? Is it a health issue? Does this just affect Caloundra, or is it widespread in the Sunshine Coast? Thanks! KC