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  1. familyinoz

    Moving back to the UK in February

    Sorry to hear about your mum Quoll. ?
  2. familyinoz

    Our new baby

    She is gorgeous. Congratulations. Xx
  3. familyinoz

    My travel thread

    Myself and my husband are hoping to go to Australia and especially The Great Barrier Reef when we retire in five years. Only for a holiday though. I have so much family all over Australia and would love to have visited them before now. I love following your adventures and really wished I had done something like that when I was younger and not committed to being a wife and mother. Lol looking forward to the rest of your travels. Sue x
  4. familyinoz

    Happy Birthday To The Pom Queen.

    Happy birthday. Xx
  5. familyinoz

    Which is best - National Trust or English Heritage?

    I live in Cornwall which is a really beautiful county. We have lovely beaches and quaint villages.
  6. familyinoz

    What's a liveable wage in Southeast UK?

    Lots of people have to live on a lot less than that.
  7. familyinoz


    I hope you have a nice time.
  8. familyinoz


    I live in Truro and can definitely say that Cornwall is a beautiful county to live, rain and wind and all.
  9. familyinoz

    No snow

    A beautiful day too down in Cornwall.
  10. familyinoz

    At last. A good Indian restaurant!!!!

    Well said M2M.