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  1. stacyamy

    Migration and Pregnancy

    Thank you for your replies and for putting my mind at rest. Yes im from the UK Looks like the plans can stay the same and all systems are go
  2. stacyamy

    Migration and Pregnancy

    Good Afternoon Just after a bit of advice really, our visas have been granted (457 - OH main applicant) and we are off to Perth in January (well thats the plan). We have not long found out im pregnant, so will be emigrating at 24 weeks. Not ideal but want to carry out our original plans (plus OH's company want him to start January) My question is, will I be entitled to Medicare? I know going private would cost quite a lot, especially as I am a high risk pregnancy (kidney disease), and our employer based insurance will not commence until we are over there, and I think theres a cut off point of 12 weeks so would not be entitled. Anybody been in this situation of has any advice would be greatly appreciated :confused:. Thanks for reading Stacey
  3. stacyamy

    moving to Perth January 2013 - mixed emotions

    Thanks everyone for your posts, they are very encouraging and its nice to know we are certainly not alone. Still feeling nervous, doesnt seem real yet :eek: Happycat we are also flying on the 8th from Manchester, what a coincidence, small world eh. Where in Perth are you heading? You flying to Dubai? Good luck with everyones journey, see y'all on the other side
  4. stacyamy

    moving to Perth January 2013 - mixed emotions

    Hi Sophie and louylouy A meet up defo sounds good, and its so reassuring to know im not alone (I know im not by all accounts but it just sometimes feel that way) Sophie we have been looking at Joondalup or surrounding areas, my OH's mum lives in Perth but we dont really want to be too close to them :wink: We have provisionally booked our flights for the 8th Jan, well we've sent our perferred date to OH's employers just waiting for confirmation they are booked. All the very best with your journeys guys hope to see you on the other side! xx
  5. stacyamy

    457 visa

    I wouldn't think so but not 100% certain. We are going on a 457 and the issue of points didnt crop up from what I remember.
  6. stacyamy

    moving to Perth January 2013 - mixed emotions

    Thanks for the re-assurance, im sure it will be, just cant shake off this feeling. Just want to get there now sooner rather than later. Don't know if having christmas here with family and friends is a good thing or will just make the goodbyes harder :cry:
  7. Hi all, after a touch and go 8 months we finally have our VISA :biggrin: Now reality is hitting home and the excitement is slowly slipping away and being replaced with nerves and sadness. Is this the norm? Would love to hear from anybody else in the same boat planning to emigrate round about the same time so we can go through the emotions together :eek:
  8. stacyamy

    Health question on evisa 457 form

    Hiya Gilraen I know it does seem like a silly question, but I think on the whole its asking if your expecting it so I took that as do you have any exsisting conditions that mean you having to go to Gps regularly and ticked yes. I think if your fairly healthy and very rarely visit your doctors in the UK then I would have ticked no. Just to be on the safe side I would ring up your employers insurance company just to clarify, cant be accused of fraud then! Good luck
  9. stacyamy

    A Sad Post...Squem

    RIP Emma such a gorgeous girl. My thoughts are with the family and friends. Its posts like this that puts everything into perspective. Lifes to short. It makes us even more determined to chase our dream and not give up.
  10. stacyamy

    Dont meet health requirements

    Would love NZ but my OH doesnt fancy it, hes got family in Perth and so wanted to be near them :frown:. Do you reckon they would let me in though needing pre transplant??
  11. stacyamy

    Dont meet health requirements

    " QUOTE" I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to you but I am also not surprised. My husband has Stage 3 kidney disease too but he was able to return to Australia in 2008 because he is Australian. I have to say that the standard of care here that he has received has been excellent but the cost has been nowhere near what they are estimating in your case and he pays for his own medication! However, we have suffered here as a result of his condition. We are unable to get any form of life insurance for him other than accidental death insurance, inspite of the fact that his consultant and GP have both written to prospective insurers saying that he is unlikely to pop his clogs as a result of the disease as his kidney function has been stabilised for some time through appropriate medication.... They won't even cover him for other illnesses that are completely unrelated to kidney disease such as cancers. If we had known this before we arrived we wouldn't have cancelled his UK life policy. He has jokingly said that if he gets anything terminal then he will manufacture an accident so the kids and I get the mortgage paid off! Black humour I know but if you didn't laugh you'd cry! I sincerely hope that either Australia changes its discriminatory immigration policies or your condition improves such that you can pass the medical! " Totally agree hun. Thanks for your post. As frustrating as it is I do kind of agree and respect the reasons why. Just wish this country had some kind of rules in place!
  12. stacyamy

    Dont meet health requirements

    Hi Ruben Its because they beleive I will need dialysis followed by a transplant in the next few years. Costly I know but like Perthbum said we were willing to pay top whack insurance. And Kinmsdu I totally agree. The only saving grace is as we applied on a 457 it wasnt as costly (was originally going to try on a skilled visa 176). Thanks everyone for your kind words. As devastated as we are we are going to revert to plan B ... try again after my treatment.
  13. stacyamy

    Dont meet health requirements

    Well, after 2 months of anxious waiting, finally got the dreaded email yesterday confirming I dont meet health requirements and therefore our visa is likely to be refused. The only shed of light is if my OH's company sign a waiver saying they will be responsible for any future medical bills (which they have estimated at around $103,000), we will be allowed in, which I doubt very much they would do. Looks like the end of our dream is near . Thanks to all who helped with advice ect and good luck to all who's journey is just beginning. Maybe we will try again in a couple of years.
  14. I'd agree with JoandJon best to get a report from someone who knows her, would probably be a more favourable (and cheaper) report. After a week of my status saying 'medicals been referred' it now says 'sent an email to you' must mean to our agent because we have not received one. We are thinking (and hoping) its asking them about our medical cover ect. That was 2 days ago and still not heard anything. Im at the edge of my tether honestly :mad:
  15. stacyamy

    Found this very interesting, thought i'd share

    Know wot u mean tho. I think the UK and AUS should meet somewhere in the middle :yes: