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Found 38 results

  1. I applied for RRV from Thailand on July 12th, 2014. I read on the immi website that it normally takes 2 weeks. It is now over 2 weeks and i have only had a response when i emailed the help email address which stated that my application hasn't been assigned to a case officer yet. My question is - how long does it take usually for the case officer to be assigned? Also my eligibility is gonna be based on personal and financial ties as my PR expired in 2011 and i had only been in Oz a total of 15mnths in the previous 5 yrs. My defacto wife and 2 sons are Australian citizens but they are with me in Thailand and won't head back to Oz until i have got a decent job and are set up there. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are in Oz and are citizens. We have 3 investment properties in Oz but sold our residential home a few yrs back so will have to buy another one once decide where we settle. I don't have a confirmed job - just some interest from some agencies. Does this sound like enough of a "tie" to Oz to make me eligible for RRV? (MORE Background INFO: I moved to Oz at the end of 2003 and lived there until the end of 2006 - then took a job in Thailand. In 2008 I moved back to Oz working for a FIFO job until 2010 (family stayed in Thailand). Since 2010 I have been working for Singapore company from Thailand.) Thanks, Aidan
  2. Alan Collett

    eVisa Outage - You have been warned!

    http://www.immi.gov.au/e_visa/outage.htm We are making changes to our online lodgement services from 22 November 2013. The changes will affect all current un-submitted saved online visa applications. After this date, you will not be able to retrieve any un-submitted saved online visa applications and you will need to commence a new application. If you do not want to lose your saved applications you are encouraged to submit your online visa applications before 22 November. Please ensure you meet the relevant criteria for your visa application before submission. Best regards.
  3. I know its stupid but I have attached a file to my online 885 application. The name of the file has a space ( like 'xyz abc.pdf' ) . The DIAC website suggests that we must avoid using space in the name of a file. Is this an issue of concern ? Can I remove the attached file somehow or should I just let it be ?
  4. GilraenH

    Health question on evisa 457 form

    Guys I am filling out my visa application. One of the questions in the health section asks: During your proposed stay do you or anyone included in the application expect to incur medical costs, or require treatment or medical follow up for: other? Is this a loaded question? Surely everyone will incur medical costs in australia as it is not free like NHS. OR are they asking if anyone in the family has any pre-existing condition like asthma or high blood pressure or ??? that will require regular meds and occasional GP visits?
  5. See image. I have lodged a 186 via the eVisa system. I am the primary applicant, and I also have my de facto partner included as well. I need to start attaching files against my application. It only seems to let me attach files to the primary applicant, but on the 186 checklist I need to provide several attachments that relate to her. This looks like a bug. I can't find an email address or contact form for reporting technical difficulties with the eVisa system. Does anyone have an email or link?
  6. mwgster

    E-Visa - Certified Documents

    Hi, I have completed my 175 Visa Application on-line. Most of the documents that I have uploaded are photocopies that have been certified by a solicitor. However, our birth certificates are genuine certified copies (i.e. from the registry office and not photocopies). I have uploaded these, in colour, but they have not been stamped by a solicitor as it states they are genuine certified copies in the header.. Is this OK? Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks Martin :biggrin:
  7. Mizzmp

    evisa - do we need a label?

    Hi guys, So excited to be granted our visa via our online application. It says on there that "not all applicants need a visa label" or something like that. Do we just show up at the airport with our printed email confirming visa or do we need to get more paperwork or a label stuck in? Don't want to fly all the way to perth to be told I cant enter, thanks. :biggrin:
  8. yumimumi

    problems with online e-visa 175

    please help am trying to complete the online e-visa 175 general skilled. have got so far and when i came to the part where you have to input your countries of residence. i put in country - england, put the dates for my fiance that he had been in england since 1999 and then put our address where we live now and have lived for the last 6 years. however when it came to me submitting the same information as we live together it wont accept my details and just flashes an error message. cant override it to carry on with the applicaation. tried to ring diac but they were useless and just said they didnt know what the problem was and that i was obviously inputting the incorrect information and therefore to submit a paper copy. has anyone else had problems with this. really wanted to do it online as it is supposedly quicker and u can track the progress. any advice would be great thanks nicola and danny
  9. Guest

    school on e.visa

    hi all, just wandering if an 8 year old would be allowed to go to a state school on an e,visa, we have been here a month and he has been doing the pile of work his uk school gave him, i have contacted ( via email ) the school in the area where we are moving to and the principle said he could see no major dramas and would look into it, but have heard nothing since,but will chase up enquiry soon, we wont be going back to the uk and i will hopefully be getting my prospective marriage visa this year. thanks chris
  10. Guest

    Attaching Documets To An E-Visa

    Hi All, I'm applying for an on line e-visa. I sent application off in February and I got an e-mail last month telling me that I would have a Case Officer within 3 months, and to carry out medicals, police checks, form 80 etc. I've been asked to send all sorts of documents, more than the website allows. Has anyone else experienced this, where you are told you have reached the limit? I have seen in an e-mail from them that you can send documents as an e-mail attachment along with all reference numbers. Does this work and has anyone done it? I'm trying to get everything complete for when Case Officer is allocated to speed things up. Gotta get on that plane!!!
  11. Hi, we have been working on our online application for the past week and kept saving it each time. However, tonight we are going to submit it and pay and when we tried to log in as usual, there is a error message in red saying something about :from 1 sept 2007 the subclass for which we have completed the online form has been closed blah blah blah. IS it their website or does this mean we have to start all over again??:arghh: I have gone back to the DIAC's website and it is defo the current and correct application we are using. Why have we been able to log on all this time and not tonight. HELP :arghh: Boesman
  12. Hi everyone, I'm sure this questions has been asked before but when attaching documents to an online Visa application do they have to be scanned copies of certified documents or will a colour scanned copy of the document be OK? Also do you need to send certified copies of all documents of as well as completing the online applications? Cheers Lee
  13. Hi all, I'm in the process of applying for my SS 176 e visa and I'm not sure how many relatives to include on the application. I'm in a defacto relationship. Do I need to include all of thier family too ? Do I have to go as far back as Grandparents ? can anyone who's already applied give me some advice. Many thanks in advance Chris :confused:
  14. redrobbersdog

    eVisa 176 Documents

    Hi Guys, can anyone help please? I'm just going through the application for our 176 visa and I think I have managed to get through it slowly. :embarrassed: I'm now at the payment page and it hasn't asked me to attach any documents, is this normal? Do they ask you to attach after the payment? Also reading through the Application Document Checklist it asks for certified copies, I think I have read somewhere that if they are colour then they don't need to be certified, but it doesn't say that on the checklist, again it may say once I have made the payment, but I don't want to make the payment yet if I have missed something. Any help would be appreciated.:notworthy: Thanks Dawn xxx:wubclub:
  15. Hi everyone I have a quick question ,hope someone can clarify! I am about to apply for the 176 state sponsored visa My Daughters passport runs out in May and I only have 10 days left to lodge my visa application Would it be possible to apply using her existing passport and then scan and send the new passport when it arrives?......dont think I'll have enough time otherwise.. I know I've left it late.. its those pesky five year passports for kids!....thought it still had plenty time left on it!.:arghh: Any help please?..... Cheers Paul
  16. Guest

    Help completing e-visa please!

    Hi guys & gals! Do we need to get colour copies certified that we attaching by pdf file. Also can we exit the online application & attach in nect couple of days for example? Would very much appreciate any help! Sorry if this has been covered before...searched a little bit & hubby is getting impatient & grouchy now..!!:err: Trudy
  17. Guest

    e-visa will i get

    ive been in Oz for 11 months on a 12 month multiple entry tourist visa and 11 months on the same visa b4 that all with a 8503 which i tried to have waived (Oz partner about to give birth) unsuccessfuly so now must go off shore but am going to apply for a defacto partner visa 309/47sp (may be malaysia) but need to get back quickly and am worried i may have stuffed my chances for a e-visitor/tourist visa anyone KNOW best way from here thanks
  18. chrisandelaine

    password for Evisa !!!!!!!!!!

    i am trying to to access the electronic visa from the DIAC web site, to upload my docs for the visa, but on the open screen it asks for the TRN number and birth date, and then asks for a password !!!!! but i dont have one, and dont know how to find out what it is. can another shed some lite :wacko:
  19. Guest

    Improvement to eVisa processing

    Firstly apologies if this isn't relevant to anyone, has already been posted or if it's just for agents, but I saw this on the DIAC website, update today: Agents Gateway – eVisa Notices Claire
  20. I'm confused! Have just checked DIAC and the latest news bulletin 11 June says: " Previously announced changes affecting the GSM program will come into effect on 1 July 2010. See: Changes to the General Skilled Migration Program (362KB PDF file) If you are intending to apply online for a GSM visa before 1 July 2010, we recommend that you lodge your online application well before 6 pm AEST (GMT + 10) on Wednesday 30 June 2010 as the implementation of these and other departmental system changes is likely to cause a systems outage. See: Planned System Maintenance and Technical Issues Applicants are advised to note planned system maintenance times before commencing an eVisa application, as planned maintenance will prevent a commenced application from being lodged. The department is not able to accept and back-date applications which have been commenced but not finally submitted through eVisa as a result of planned system maintenance or an outage. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause." Where I have highlighted the text in red - does this mean we can lodge our 176 online evisa with all electronic evidence before the 1 July in readiness for the new GSM application date. We have everything ready! Or will we potentially be lost in the either on and after the departmental changes? Has anyone got any suggestions? Thank you in advance Gordon:huh:
  21. Hi all, I've applied for 176 Family sponsored visa online and as it was an eVisa, my sponsor also submitted the sponsorship form against my TRN online. But he couldn't attach any of the documents(Tenancy contract, Statutory statement etc.) that a paper based sponsor has to provide to DIAC. Is it necessary for a sponsor to provide these and if so how to do it? As there is no option on DIAC's website for a sponsor to attach docs! It may sound funny that after all these months after my application, I have been asking this question but it came out on my mind recently all on a sudden and I think I need to make it sure. If anyone can help me ....:wideeyed:
  22. Guest

    eVisa Application - Attachments

    Can someone explain why Australia asks you to file your immigration application online, but doesn't allow you to attach online forms? An example being the form 80 which allows you to fill in the document, but doesn't allow you to save and attach it; instead, it appears that you have to save the document, then attach it.
  23. libbysmum

    E-visa problems

    Hi all, We submitted an e-visa this morning, however after submitting and having to complete the next stage, i.e, printing off document checklist, attaching documents etc, the system would not allow me to provide a password. My session then timed out and so was unable to attach any documents. I received the confirmation email from diac, and it provides a link to upload documents, but this requires a login with the password I was not able to set aaarrrgghh!!!:arghh: No email address or any other way of providing the documents was offered in the email so am alittle stuck as to what to do next. :huh: Has anyone else had the same problem, is there a technical department at diac who might be able to sort out the issue of no password? Any advice really needed today please??? Sarah
  24. Guest

    Questions for evisa 176

    Sorry to be dumb but sometimes I am never sure what they are after and it's just easier to ask those who have already done it for a simple explanation. Ok have submitted my online 176 application, its paid for, now I am attaching documents.... 1. It says passport photo for all of us - do I just get them done for all of us, scan them in on one page and attach? Why do they need these when they already have them on the passport info page? 2. On the checklist it says overseas penal clearance certificate - I assume this is the police checks, at what stage do we do this, bearing in mind we are over in Oz now, what is the simplest way to do this and should we do it now? 3. Again on the checklist it has the medicals and xray forms for downloading, I am still valid for about 2 weeks on all our medicals/xrays from my 457 visa done last year which the government already has, will they know this because if I can get away without spending that extra bit it would be great considering they have that info sitting somewhere in their offices already? Suggestions on this one? 4. The visa application asks for immediate family (even those who aren't going) so of course I listed my mum, dad (deceased) and my 2 sisters, on the check list it asks for their passport no's (even my dad's :goofy: who is no longer with us but I did state deceased on it). Why do they need this information and is it necessary? That's it in a nutshell, hope some bright spark can point me in the right direction on this so I can get it sorted. Oh and whilst I'm stuck on the attach documents page there is no way of getting off it and god forbid I ain't pressing the cancel form it's taken me ages getting all the relevant documents attached! What do I do? xxx
  25. dudleydog

    457 eVisa

    I need help! I have lodged my eVisa, attached my relevant documents, went for my medicals and chest x-ray and in checking these have all been finalised. Easy! However, my hubby is an additional person on my visa, and I have been unable to access any forms for him to go and get his medical stuff done. On checking he has definately been added to my visa but there is no requirements listed under person 2. Is this normal or have I really messed something up? I have e-mailed my enquiry to immigration but as yet (a week) have heard nothing.