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  1. windswept

    It's magpie season!

    When you say 'relocated', what exactly do you mean? :eek: I can imagine the Council guy talking to the magpie: 'I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse'! Also worth noting, willy wagtails swoop as well. Had one bang into the back of my head a few years ago. For some reason he thought I was on his territory.... couldn't explain why he wasn't paying the mortgage and I was though!!
  2. Same in WA. In WA the govt scheme is called the Bond Administrator.
  3. windswept

    Tinted Eyebrows?

    Have you done threading before? I ask because I had a similar reaction, and that was what caused it. Not as bad as you, but my face always looks like I've used an orbital sander on it when I've had my eyebrows threaded!
  4. I saw that and was like, :eek: that is a huge cost! Maybe something else 457 applicants can negotiate with their employer to pay? (along with international moving costs, flights over etc)
  5. I'd have a cankle reduction.
  6. windswept

    Short term let in Perth

    $513 is an excellent price - as a comparison, our two bedroom apartments currently go for $600/week (includes internet as well as utilities).
  7. I love Perth (born and bred here) and I also love Melbourne. Sydney, I personally wouldn't care if I never saw it again. Just my 2 cents' worth!
  8. windswept

    DisillusionedScot has news

    Fantastic news! Now you and Max just kick back and get mentally and physically ready for your job.
  9. windswept

    Has anyone tried writing a letter to the Minister?

    The Minister will simply write you a fob off letter which won't achieve anything for you. Trust me.... I used to be the person who wrote them!! (admittedly not for the Immigration Minister, but still...) You're best off concentrating your efforts into other viable options. Don't pin any false hope on the Minister intervening.
  10. windswept

    Information about renting in Australia

    Hi Kirsty, Where will you be moving to? I ask because each State and Territory has its own legislation around renting, so the specifics tend to be different between areas. Generally you are easily able to rent fully furnished properties from overseas Just do a google search for fully furnished apartments in the area you're moving to and check out the results. If you do bring furniture over, keep in mind that it can take up to three months for it to actually arrive - longer if there are delays in unloading or due to bad weather. Just something to keep in mind if you are planning on bringing over furniture etc. Renting is expensive unfortunately, for example in Perth an unfurnished three bedroom property which is a half hour drive to the city can easily rent for $400-$450 a week. Feel free to search this site for info as well, you will find that lots of others have asked the same questions you're asking Regards Jen
  11. windswept

    The best regional area in western australia

    I like either the Peel region or the South West region. Both are not too far from Perth (SW region is about three hours' drive) and have good amenities in terms of schools/hospitals/shops etc.
  12. windswept

    Bathrooms and electricity

    The issue isn't so much the plug itself but what can happen to the appliances plugged into them. There have been deaths in Australia from things like hairdryers etc falling into baths. Also, depending on the state you're in (each state has different legislation) a lot of places built pre-1980s don't have RCDs. Of course in a bathroom without a bath it's a lot safer and accidents are much less likely to happen.
  13. windswept

    Perth or Fremantle, where to stay?

    Freo is lovely - you'll enjoy it there. I'd be staying in Freo and using the bus/train networks to get around if you want to venture into Perth or elsewhere.
  14. windswept

    Rental agent - not seen ours in 7 months!

    We have provision in our leases for inspections every 3 months (we have short term rentals, so they are more regular than your normal longer term rentals). However unless we think there may be a problem of some kind which needs to be addressed (eg. damage, cleanliness, unpaid rent, noise problems, excess people staying at the property etc) we tend to leave our tenants in peace and not interrupt their peace and quiet.
  15. windswept

    Wifi Hotspots in Brisbane

    From memory I think any of the McDonalds' have free wifi.