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  1. CaptainR

    Post a random picture of your day

    That is a cool fact, I didn't know that.
  2. CaptainR

    Post a random picture of your day

    Yep, that's the one. The largest coastal moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere.
  3. CaptainR

    Things you wish you knew before building

    Only the newer ones. Basix requirement I think?
  4. CaptainR

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    As a Yorkshireman I’d be quite distraught if someone suggested I came from Lancashire! Well maybe not .
  5. CaptainR

    Sydney property

    If the housing market crashed I would imagine that the stock market would also be drop like in the 2008 financial crisis? Or am I adding 1+1 and making 3?
  6. CaptainR

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Warners Bay, NSW
  7. CaptainR

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Lake Macquarie, NSW
  8. CaptainR


    I don't think you can expedite it, your friends quick response is an exception rather than the rule as so many people are waiting unto a year for a test date. I applied in October and only sat my exam yesterday. Very few people seem to have quick turnarounds.
  9. CaptainR

    Anti-social driving & road rage

    I'm definitely all for just letting things go and not letting someone else actions increase my blood pressure. It all comes down to ego and it's important to recognise that and let go, accepting that in a few minutes it will all be forgotten about. I find the driving varies significantly between the big cities and the regional areas here, but the interesting point about people speeding up to not let you in at filter lane is frustrating, you have to learn quickly to be in the right lane at the right time.