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  1. Is it normal that I keep changing my mind?!

    Our kids were a similar age when we moved, they were absolutely fine. I think moving schools isn't such a problem at that age, as long say you consider the schools when choosing where to live so that you move straight into the catchment area of a good one. Nothing has to be permanent in life and if things aren't quite how you planned than you can see it all is a big adventure/long working holiday over here and then head back before they reach high school age. Life is but an adventure and I'm sure the kids will love it. As for sports, yes thats a bit part of life here, but so are many other activities. We've come from UK private schooling to Australian state schooling and have been happy with the two schools our children have attended here.
  2. Emirates/ dubai airport

    It certainly can be a challenge. One time my son at 3 years old had a meltdown in Dubai airport after a 20-30 min walk between gates at 3am as we were departing from C gates (very seldom used for the UK/Australia flights), I think that was with a 60 minute connection that time.
  3. Emirates/ dubai airport

    1h40m connection time is absolutely normal and fine. Emirates and Dubai Airport have a 'MCT - Minimum Connection Time' of 60 minutes and this realistic and reasonable considering that misconnecting passengers is an undesirable and costly situation for the airline. It is in their interest that passengers make a connection. In a worst case scenario where you do miss a connection (i.e. due to a late inbound flight) you will be rebooked on of the other 3 Sydney flights for the day and provided meal vouchers and/or hotel accomodation and possibly be entitled to compensation. As for mixed class bookings, you can call the Emirates call centre to see if they can do it over the phone although its probably unlikely to be much cheaper than a sale Business Special or Saver fare you might find online.
  4. How long before you feel settled/Happy ?

    We also felt very settled in Australia straight away, probably more so than anywhere we've lived and we have lived in quite a few different countries. But then as we moved around when I was younger and my parents had lived overseas before moving back to the UK we never had the 'best friend from school and bestie for life' kind of thing that many people have. We also I guess aren't quite as reliant on family as many people are and probably quite selfishly focus on the 4 of us and make the best for our kids.
  5. Help! Stuck in Dubai visa denied to re-enter Aus

    At least it's the perfect time of year to be in Dubai whilst you wait, beautiful temperatures now. A few drinks in the Irish Village or some skiing at Mall of the Emirates will keep you occupied I'm sure.
  6. In my previous jobs I did a lot of flying and have flown from the UK to Oz for as little as 24 hours in Oz and regularly 5-6 days, also have done the same going the other way once I moved here. Often jumped straight into work on arrival at both ends. It’s certainly do-able with the right mindset, but expensive! The worst was flying from Dubai to Melbourne arriving at 0800 for a meeting and being on the afternoon flight back to Dubai.
  7. Of course an AMSA Master 1 CoR is acceptable in lieu of lower tickets such as Master IV or V. However, many of the ferries also ask for the MED ticket and do appreciate that the jobs again are highly competitive
  8. Awesome post, great migration story Fatima
  9. Inbuilt sat nav UK car in Oz

    It all depends on your sat nav model, but it will probably involve purchasing a map and may be a little pricy. https://www.lexus-mapupdates.eu/Shop/Index http://www.navigationau.com/toyota-lexus-navigation-disks.html
  10. Torn on Tassie

    Not quite sure what its like to live in Tasmania, but love visiting Tassie. I've been to Launceston twice in the last few years for courses at the Maritime College and will be going again later in the year with the family (I took my wife on a previous visit) and will go exploring for a few days afterwards. In the winter it feels very much like rural England.
  11. We never really "belong" down there

    The pub culture in the major Australian cities does seem quite subdued compared to the UK. Certainly 'getting lashed' every Friday and Saturday at the Queen Vic night doesn't seem to be the norm in my limited experience. Boating, fishing, surfing, rugby, cricket, walking and outdoor activities seem to feature highly on the other hand. For us the lifestyle suits us, we like being outdoors walking, sailing etc Drinking on the balcony with friends and eating locally farmed food, kids outside playing and the sun shining. I go to work where people are positive and come home to a bright airy house. We can head to Sydney for a night out with theatre, musicals, entertainment when we feel like it so that option is always there. Vibrant Asian cities can be visited for $400 return if booked at the right time, and whilst it's not quite the Ryanair $10 fares to the Cote D'Azur, its still pretty reasonable. Australian isn't perfect, but for us, it sure beats dark winters in the UK in front of the TV, going to the pub on Friday/Saturday nights and going for a weeks package holiday twice a year which seems to be a life many people in the UK live.
  12. Sydney the hottest place on Earth!!!

    Even with us a few hours North of Sydney we had 44 degrees and that was hot enough. Felt like being back in the Middle East in Summer or Port Hedland (which incidentally was considerably cooler that day). Thankfully we had air con.
  13. Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Submitted via Immi Online Account: 22 December 2017 Location: Lake Macquarie, NSW Presumably have a long wait ahead now...
  14. Double demerits season has begun in NSW

    Just becomes necessary to use cruise control. Had a guy tailgating me last night whilst I was following the speed limit.
  15. We never really "belong" down there

    Within the first year I felt like we belonged more here than anywhere else we've lived. I've worked with some fantastic guys and don't seem to have any issues making friends. I do feel that life in Australia suits us much more than I our life in the UK, but there are a multitude of reasons for that.