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  1. CaptainR


    Yes, I think that's probably the go. I had an e-mail last year asking for more information and it was very clear that they didn't really understand their own special residency exemption and ships crew.
  2. CaptainR


    Yup, I've spoken to them and they've rejected my application. I applied last July and was claiming the special residency exemption for ships crew, which bizarrely they haven't accepted... Either $920 to appeal or reapply...
  3. CaptainR


    I've just logged into my immi account and it shows my citizenship as finalised today (This application for Australian citizenship by conferral has been finalised. The department may contact the applicant about next steps in this application for Australian citizenship.) A little concerned as I haven't received an invite for a test yet... Wondering if it might be a glitch in the system.
  4. CaptainR


    No rhyme or reason for the difference in processing times, I applied in July 18 and haven't been given a test date, yet a friend who applied in September 18 has received his. It's a long waiting game.
  5. CaptainR

    Newcastle, NSW

  6. CaptainR

    Brisbane Oil & Gas Industry

    Just to comment that reputations and recommendations seem to advantage in the O&G industry out here, at least more so than in the UK/North Sea in my limited experience.
  7. CaptainR

    Dubai to Adelaide - Migrated or Migrating!!

    For us and my occupation it worked out well, although we are now living 2 hours North of Sydney. I think getting work over here is so subjective.
  8. CaptainR

    Dubai to Adelaide - Migrated or Migrating!!

    Not quite the same, but we moved from Oman to Sydney for similar reasons (career stagnating). We do miss champagne brunches, embassy parties and having house staff. But, you have to do what’s right for whatever stage of life and nothing has to be forever.
  9. CaptainR

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    Yes that's the way to do it, although if you plan to be living in Australia it might be worthwhile focusing all of your efforts on building points with Qantas. There are entire forums dedicated to earnings points. There are a few renowned 'mummy' bloggers who have cleverly levered first class flights with BA on the back of tesco club card offers.
  10. CaptainR

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    However, you can also earn anything from 60,000 to 80,000 points as an introductory offer with a credit card (i.e. by spending $3000 within the first few months). We change credit card every 11 months to take advantage of the points offers and also to ensure we don't get stung with an annual fee on renewal. We are planning a round the world trip in around 3-4 years time and will be using miles for that.
  11. CaptainR

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    From a UK POV: It generally involves sticking to one ‘alliance’. Consider British Airways Executive Club and Tesco Clubcard points, you can also get bonus points through specialist credit cards. Qatar & Qantas (+ other oneworld airline) points can then be credited to your account. From an Aus PoV Qantas + Woolworths would be a good option. You can also purchase ‘Qantas Club’ membership to get lounge access on your regular trips.
  12. CaptainR

    Julian Assange arrested

    Depends on whether it's a smear campaign against him or the actual truth... Hard to know...
  13. CaptainR


    Wow that's really quick compared to most. I wonder why it's so different in some places.
  14. CaptainR

    How often did you see family once immigrated?

    We are going back every 2-3 years and family come over here occasionally. Once my parents have gone I think we won't be going back very often at all.
  15. CaptainR

    Australia after 8 years - the good, bad & the ugly!

    Awesome post from the OP, many points are so accurate. Following the thread drift, I also am concerned about the obsession with ready meals in the UK whenever I visit. Even somewhere like M&S you only have to look at the ingredients list to realise the numerous additions for preservation and flavour, that these things can’t be that great for you. I occasionally buy Heinz tinned beans which is sufficient for my wife to lose her #### with me about buying low quality processed foods. Meat, Fish and Bread always seems better bought from the independents rather than Coles/Woolworths. Harris Farm is our go to place for fruit and veg.