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  1. Yep. I just get annoyed with some of the silly Aus vs UK posts along the lines of ‘it rains unicorn poop in the UK vs Oz everyday’. Some of it just gets ridiculous. Both countries have crime and both countries have good and bad areas, if you live in the nice areas you probably have no idea how bad the bad areas are except for whats in the papers. The police helicopter provides a cooling effect for the heat waves in South Yorkshire just as it does in Sydney’s West!
  2. Australian House Price Growth

    We are sat waiting for the same, terrible to be waiting on other people’s misfortune but it just feels like a correction might happen next year.
  3. These kind of comments I find very strange and seem to emphasise a naive bias. Do you live under a rock? I spent a lot of time back in the UK in the last 12 months and saw a lot of police, bars on windows and crime. I really think the UK and Aus are probably on a close par. If you live in middle class suburbia in Oz or the UK, or you live in the dodgy areas of either the experiences are going to be different. I was surprised to see armed police walking around shopping centres in the UK recently, something I thought was overkill and unnecessary. Very disappointing.
  4. Jet lag

    My experience as a frequent flyer shuttling regularly between the UK and Aus in the last few years (often spending only 1-5 days in one place or the other) I also found that very occasionally no matter what I did the jet lag would hit me badly in Oz (never had a problem flying West) and I would feel absolutely messed up for days. Thankfully after 15 years of travelling, that has all come to an end and despite having no regrets, I won’t miss it one bit. Any future trips to the UK will either be in business class or involve multiple stopovers (or both) As for the op, if you haven’t managed to catch it on day one, it’ll probably just take a few more days of adjustment.
  5. It's all very subjective. There are parts of Australia (inner city and outback) where security is a necessity and probably some areas I wouldn't go, exactly the same as in the UK. One of the aspects we loved living in the Middle East was the safety, we could leave our door unlocked, car unlocked, phones and wallets left on the table whilst having a coffee without fear of theft. Muscat was the safest place we ever left, made the West look like an uncivilised shambles.
  6. Garmin Fenix 5 on sale!

    I've got the Garmin D2 Charlie (a brother to the Fenix 5 of sorts) and think its an awesome watch, lots of useful features and great battery life (far better then wifey's apple iwatch). I use it everyday.
  7. Emirates Skywards loyalty scheme- is it worth it?

    There are other ways in the UK you can accumulate Emirates points, so it is worth fully researching it. Not much use to the OP, but for Australian based, the Qantas tie up means you can fly on Emirates metal (QF/Qantas flight number) and earn points, in addition to points earning through woolies, caltex, credit cards, energy bills, telecom bills etc which all can add up quickly. We've had some amazing holidays through frequent flyer points, although I think we may be shifting out loyalty schemes now that I no longer will be travelling regularly and am no longer able to retain points earned through work travel.
  8. Help with “Rego” and CTP

    Yes, you should be given the CTP Green Slip and that is a transferrable document that remains with the vehicle through a change of ownership.
  9. There is no easy answer Anujeet. Work is sparse but there is some, however it would need your feet on the ground here at the very least (the old catch 22). There is CSL in Sydney who may be worth contacting, otherwise if based in Perth you may get some work offshore.
  10. Orthodontist

    I'd say its probably just the real costs of medical treatment laid bare. NHS users often don't know the real cost of the medical treatment they are receiving and I am sure it would be comparable.
  11. First winter back

    Have a look at the dash cam videos online, you'd be surprised how many accidents it does cause. Also a few articles online about it. The road rules are there to provide clarity until a good samaritan changes that by making up their own rules
  12. We are just in the process of moving up to Newcastle and I think you'll find plenty of places within 45 minutes offering that, with Lake Macquarie to the South and Port Stephens to the North. Absolutely amazing beaches.
  13. First winter back

    I had last winter back in the UK, for some reason warm climates are better suited to me. I absolutely loved the climate in the Middle East, waking up every day knowing that the sun would be shining. However, there are some occasion times where I miss winter. I loved the run up to Christmas in Europe drinking mulled wine at the Christmas fairs, everyone wrapped up in black or brown coats.
  14. First winter back

    Sorry, just saw this and it's actually one of my absolute pet hates. I sometimes wonder how many accidents are caused in the UK by people choosing to ignore road rules and 'be polite', it seems to cause confusion at times and I think its something that on busy roads just doesn't have a place. Let me drive in Germany any day of the week vs the UK.