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  1. Thanks Andrew.
  2. I am building a healthy superannuation whilst my wife doesn't work so has no superannuation. My company contributes circa $36,000 per annum to my super, a significant amount over the $25000 cap. If I was to split that $11,000 over the cap to my wife's superannuation fund would we able to have that taxed at the lower 15% rate? Or am I understanding the benefits of superannuation splitting incorrectly?
  3. Has anyone utilised the special residence requirement when applying for citizenship? I was in one of the relevant occupations listed and should be eligible to apply for citizenship next month (however without the special residence variation I would have to wait until 2020...) Was there any additional processes to go through at the citizenship interview etc?
  4. A normal antenna should have you receiving numerous digital TV channels. Cable options are Optus Fetch and Foxtel (similar to Sky in the UK). Honestly though, in the 5+ years we've been in Oz I haven't managed to watch more than an hour of domestic TV as its crap (it probably is in the UK too), so if we want some mind numbing entertainment we immediately turn to Netflix.
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5730225/Australias-population-set-hit-25-million-mark-Wednesday-new-addition-minute.html Apparently...
  6. CaptainR

    Australia’s Highest Paying Jobs

    I’m sure many self employed people will be earning similar figures judging by the number of tradies I know who own $1m+ house, investment house plus boat and nice cars...
  7. CaptainR

    Far South NSW

    Nowra is pretty much the main Southern NSW town. Nowra is fine, and if you want to live coastal there are plenty of options. Obviously work is the main objective and your husband will need to focus on finding work in Nowra or South of Nowra (Seek.com.au) and live where the work is. Once you've lived in Australia long enough to obtain PR you will be able to move wherever you like (major cities obviously will have more work and better salaries for an IT manager, but equally far higher property prices).
  8. CaptainR

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    So it seems like its taking about 5-6 months from initial application until receiving a test date and then another ludicrously long wait after that... Wifes application went in on the 22nd December 2017 so hopefully will hear something this month or next.
  9. CaptainR

    SYD to LON - Premium Economy worth the price?

    Worth considering that for the same price you may find business class with lie flat seats on Vietnam, Malaysian/OmanAir it similar. I’ve flown with all of these in business and have flown Cathay in Premium and would choose the bed any day.
  10. CaptainR

    If oil is phased out- what then?

    I think the correct term is crown estate relating to the seabed up to 12nm offshore england.
  11. I wonder if there would have been the same issues if someone cheated in football? Oh, actually that happens all the time so I guess it’s okay.
  12. CaptainR

    Yet another rant about house guests....

    Have to say though, perhaps the relationship and communication between your husband and his parents is the weak link in this one. It’s always going to be more difficult with family and expectations can be different to reality. We have different dynamics with our parents, in laws etc when they come, with more wealth on one side than the other so that changes how we manage the holiday. But, we don’t bugrudge having a full fridge and spending the money when it’s so infrequent to see each other. Life is short and better to enjoy than regret.
  13. CaptainR

    Must see places between Sydney & the Gold Coast...?

    Yamba is also a good one
  14. CaptainR

    Must see places between Sydney & the Gold Coast...?

    Port Macquarie is pretty.
  15. I was going back regularly with work within months of arriving and then ended up spending an extended period of time back in the UK last year. It is incredibly easy to travel back and forth. That said it may be a few years now as I’ve stopped travelling for work and would be quite happy to never set foot on a plane again at the moment.