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  1. CaptainR

    UK to end its reliance on coal.

    Despite countries like the UK reducing their reliance on coal, the demand for coal has continued to increase, doubling in fact since 2000. Coal powered power stations are still being built in Asia and that desire for coal doesn't seem to be stopping just yet. Emissions from coal fired power stations has reached peak, probably because of technologies such as scrubbers, flue gas desulphurisation and carbon capture to significantly reduce the byproducts. Eventually the world must wake up and realise that fossil fuels aren't the answer.
  2. CaptainR

    Cargo ship loses containers at sea

    It is very unusual for containers to fall overboard from a ship and generally the securings are designed to handle the expected conditions that a container ship may encounter. That said, there is a limit to the excessive rolling that they can handle. The ship I believe lost power which mean't that it may have spent some time parallel to the swell (broadside on/beam on) which is not ideal in those conditions. Only last year we had another ship lose some containers and only a few weeks ago a special ship with remote operated vehicles (unmanned submarines) and various other equipment recovered them. Some of the containers are floating just below the surface in the very busy shipping lanes off the Central Coast, not ideal.
  3. CaptainR


    Times are tough like anywhere, but I think Newcastle is fairing better than most. The micro economy here is driven by the insatiable demand for our coal in various Asian countries who are continuing to build coal fired power stations whilst the rest of the world is looking at renewable energy. Almost every job by a large company is advertised on seek.com.au , this will give you a really good idea what's available.
  4. CaptainR


    We live by the Lake and work in Newcastle, absolutely loving it. We've only been here a few years (we lived in Sydney previously), but would be happy to answer any questions.
  5. Also interested to know a bit more about this for a family member who is looking to come out here. I see the occupation is on the South Australia state list. The family member is an estate manager/gardener and has over 10 years experience but no formal qualifications.
  6. CaptainR

    Moved back and confused!

    I guess ultimately for the OP, either you or your wife is going to have to compromise. Life is about balance and you have to find a wait to tip the balance slightly. If that means moving back to Australia, then you have to look at how you can improve your lifestyle (even if that mean changing jobs, moving suburbs or cities etc and travelling back to the UK on your own regularly), or if it's about staying in the UK its about making sure you support your wife, live somewhere that works for you both (this might not be near your family) and gives you a quality of life that makes you happy, also you would have to make sure you support her travelling back to Oz to be with her family regularly. It's clear that you want to find a resolution, so you need to sit down and find a way to make life work for both of you, but there isn't going to be an easy solution, you will both need to compromise.
  7. CaptainR

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I suspect they are merely jumping before they are pushed. When Charlie takes the throne he will probably cut back the Royal Family. Quite honestly, once the queen has popped her clogs I think it's time to reassess the need for a Royal Family.
  8. CaptainR

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    So I guess the question is, what hang ups does your husband have about moving to Australia. What are his concerns? What sort of quality of life do you have now and could you both gain employment and live a similar or better quality of life in Australia? Would your husbands career have any big set backs by moving here? I guess the thing is, nothing has to be permanent, it's only 24 hours between Australia and the UK.
  9. CaptainR

    Good Riddance.

    I've been to Iran a few times. I felt perfectly safe there and met some wonderful people. I suspect the average citizen in Iran doesn't want a war, just like the average citizen in the West. It's frustrating that egotistical politicians and ultra wealthy make decisions that upset the balance of a peaceful life that the average person works so hard for..
  10. CaptainR

    Student Visa

    Are there any known routes or particular occupations which provide a fairly solid pathway from student through to residency? My 20 year old niece is studying a business degree at the moment and really is very interested in moving to australia and is keen to study here with a view to eventually obtaining PR.
  11. Yes, they will issue a letter that you can use. It has an invite to attend orals exams in Australia.
  12. Quite honestly, specifics on an individual surveyor or particular office are almost irrelevant. If you look through any past orals papers the questions are generally along similar lines and if you know your job well and can read through (and assimilate) the various Marine Orders and Marine Notices you will be absolutely fine. The orals in Australia do tend to include bulk cargoes (certainly more so than the UK orals I undertook) and will also cover topical issues such as low sulphur fuels. I don't know what the exams are like in other countries, but in Australia and the UK the Masters exam tends to have expectation for a confident discussion around topics such as decision making and emergency responses. This means you can't learn a rote answer, but you can expand around the topic on the basis of your experience and a logical thought process (i.e. immediate actions, secondary actions, who will you call and in what order, what are the legal implications, what are the practical implication, what are the technical implications, who can you rely on to assist you with what and how will you delegate). You for instance could be asked to talk about the use of Co2 in an Engine Room fire, what are pros and cons, consequences and situations where it might not be the best option etc.
  13. CaptainR

    Elon Musk wins case against "pedo guy"

    No, I think your initial comment was quite clear. It's a bit like blaming the rape victim for being raped.
  14. CaptainR

    Elon Musk wins case against "pedo guy"

    It's quite twisted though, Elon went to great lengths to find dirt on the guy. What was wrong with an apology and a small out of court settlement, nope I think he just wanted to reinforce that money = power. You can get anything with almost anything if you have enough money.
  15. I would disagree that connections are everything for work here. However competition is strong for the vacancies that do come up, you are up against Australians (hence closing the visa route) and non-Australians with significant qualifications are experience. Certainly for the ports and pilotage jobs the companies expect you to have made prior contact and have a comprehensive and professional CV and cover letter. 'just throwing in' an application isn't going to be enough. People who I've seen move into Harbour Master roles have had significant management experience and a relevant degree. For pilots I've seen people who have self sponsored themselves through manned model and simulator courses to boost their CV (spending $20,000 to bolster their application isn't insignificant). https://www.thedcn.com.au/classifieds/