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  1. Bank Account

    3 and a half years ago.
  2. Hey Capt. R 

    I have query regarding sea time calculation as i am working as 2nd Mate/DPO on different offshore vessels .

    I have read the below mentioned content for the documents required by me for filing up the case ,but did not understand how 12 months will be calculated in the last 10 years as i worked on different locations with different flag registered.


    If you have spent a cumulative total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years working on a merchant ship, cruise ship, private yacht or oil rig, and the country whose flag the ship sails under or country of ownership of the rig is the same, then police certificates should be requested from the relevant authority, regardless of whether that was for a single employer or multiple employers.


    1. CaptainR


      So if you have worked a 'cumulative' period on a Panama flagged ship for instance of 12 months or more onboard, you will need a police clearance from Panama. 

       You do know that the migration route for seafarers has now closed? 

    2. dario


      Thanks for your Information. YES, i know that migration route for seafarers is closed .

      Actually my wife has applied as a primary applicant for skilled migration(in her profession) .

      and as her spouse  we are confused with the documents required to be submit from my side to the immigration department especially Police Clearance certificate.

      Please guide me on the details mentioned below whether i have to provide Police clearance from my home country or it has to be accompanied by the Flagged ship country .

      I have worked on 3 different Ships ( ALL are HONG KONG Flagged Ships)  for cumulative period as follows:

      First        Ship  - 9 months -  As Training Cadet 

      Second  ship - 10 months - As Training Cadet

      Third      Ship-  6 months -    As Third Officer 


      AND please do specify whether this CLAUSE of ' cumulative' period is only applicable on a panama flagged ships or all flagged ships.

      Please find the below  attached checklist of documents for your reference.



    3. CaptainR


      This is based on 'ALL' flagged ships. So yes you will need either a police clearance from Hong Kong, or if that isn't a possible a letter from the Hong Kong authorities explaining why they won't issue you one. As you have only worked on a single flag, this will make it a lot easier for you. 
       You will also need a police clearance from your home country. 

  3. 9 years on - REAL life in Aussie.

    Also 100% polar opposite experience to our suburb, absolutely quiet by 9pm (I fear we are the only ones who have the occasional late night BBQ), however it's the Kookaburra in the mornings that wakes us up nice and early (if I've had a few extra glasses of wine, those are the times that I miss double glazing). I have taken the odd wrong turn in Sydney before and thought it looked dodgy, but seems to be exception rather than the rule.
  4. I'm back in the UK at the moment and clearing out some items from my childhood and found some of the train sets and models that I would love to give to my son, is there any customs and duty issues shipping stuff from myself in the UK to Oz several years after becoming permanent residents? Would it make a difference after we got citizenship? Any suggestions for a way to ship 2 or 3 boxes, costs and recommended companies? I'm heading back to Oz within the next two weeks so would like to get these sorted out.
  5. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    So presumably on the 18th of October a decision should be made about the bill and we should know what the actual changes to citizenship should be? My wife and kids are due to apply in December but I imagine there will also be a backlog. It would be an absolute pain having my wife resit the IELTS after having done it already for the PR a few years ago (she is non native English speaker).
  6. Bank Account

    Whilst as PR and not 457, when we arrived we were offered credit cards and preauthorised for a significant mortgage within a few days of opening our accounts (the actual amount offered by the bank for the mortgage was insane actually and reminded me of when the UK banks were lending significantly more than people could repay prior to the crash).
  7. Stay or Go - Confused in Melbourne

    Sounds to me like you should ignore the 'moral obligation' and move to NSW where your friends are. Do whats right for you, whether that staying in VIC, going to NSW or going back to the UK. The world is small, life has many options, don't stress.
  8. Sydney vs London? (Mid 20s)

    Remember life is an adventure, nothing has to be permanent, just go and enjoy it! So many amazing places in the world to live in, explore and enjoy. Sydney is certainly iconic and has a lot to offer but of does not replicate London, it provides something different.
  9. Australia

    I'd honestly say 'selfish', intended in both a positive and negative way, this really goes for all expats. My wife and I made decisions which work well for us and our children, but of course have consequences with our family and friends back home in the United Kingdom. Australia wasn't our first stop, we lived in the Middle East before this and a lot of the gripes that caused people to go back to the UK quickly from there are surprisingly similar to those in Australia. The expatriate life isn't for everyone and for those it doesn't work for they will find as many excuses as possible to justify why, but ultimately I think it often comes down to missing family/friends and familiar surroundings (change can be hard). For Australia in particular I think you being fond of the outdoors is a serious bonus and in my experience the people who love it here are those who spend their days in the garden, parks, beaches, mountains, outback, golf course etc as much as they can.
  10. What Was Good About Your Day Today?

    I was provided with a surprisingly delicious Russian breakfast on the ship I piloted this morning, a pleasant surprise at 6am which slightly made up for working nights. Also managed a trip the gym in the afternoon, was absolutely knackered dragging myself to the gym but came out feeling wide awake (which isn't ideal when I need to sleep before another night shift).
  11. The real truth about spiders please!

    We get the house professionally sprayed as well, and have the automatic sprays in the house and never seem to see anything in the house. We have come across red backs in the garden and garage, but the kids even when they were toddlers, very quickly adapted and learned to play sensibly.
  12. How to make my my abusive husband to leave me?

    Do not feel guilty about the possible repercussions on his career, the rules are in place for a reason and if he is a danger to you than he could also pose a danger to his patients in one form or another. The Australian Medical Council would make a balanced decision in relation to his career based upon the facts and the perceived risks. Ultimately he would be responsible for his own demise through his actions. You feeling guilty like this is yet another form of domestic violence by your controlling husband. Also, him saying you are not pretty enough is another form of domestic violence by attempting to destroy your confidence. I am sure you are a beautiful and amazing person, having a little weight after having a child is perfectly normal and is merely proof of being a beautiful mother. Some websites here that may help you. Do remember to clear your internet browsing history to prevent your Husband seeing all of this. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence of any kind, call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) for professional counselling and advice 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
  13. No, what I mean is that applications that are already in will be processed accordingly. No further applications will be processed after 1st July and 'in my opinion' within 3-4 years the occupation will be reopened on the SOL.
  14. I suspect you will be on of the last to get in marine8611, good luck with it all. I think the visa route may open up again though in a few years time.
  15. Warning, Warning. Do NOT move to Perth.

    Boring is a very subjective opinion, for many its not. I've had some amazing nights out in Perth, Cottesloe, Scarborough even the Crown Hotel & Casino when I've had a suite there and had a good weekend, so the nightlife is reasonable IMHO. Golf at the Vines, or water sport has always been good to me. That being said, yes I prefer NSW.