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  1. It really depends on what area of the industry you are looking at? The offshore oil and gas industry off WA and NT is picking up again after several years of lay offs, I know in the in construction and rigs some companies are suddenly short of skills again (a very predictable outcome when they let go so many skills).
  2. CaptainR

    Resident Return Visa and Citizenship

    We are in a similar situation, wife passed her test last month. No news on approval and ceremony, visa expires soon and she needs to travel overseas for her dental treatment ($8k overseas vs $35k in Oz). So looks like we need to drop $350 too.
  3. CaptainR

    God is NOT a man!

    Religion on an immigration forum, someone’s bored.
  4. CaptainR

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    I'd certainly rate Singapore Airlines as one of the better airlines and would choose it with it a stopover in Singapore above the middle eastern airlines. Qantas is fairly good, but often seems pricey. British Airways has rapidly gone downhill and I'd classify it as not much better than the chinese airlines.
  5. CaptainR

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Does anyone know how long we can expect to wait between the test and the approval e-mail? My wife might need to travel overseas for medical treatment and I understand that between the test and approval you aren't supposed to travel.
  6. CaptainR

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    My wife applied on the 22nd December 2017 and received her test notification yesterday 27th July 2018. So 7 months so far. My citizenship application was submitted last week. Date applied : 22nd Dec 2017 City/Council area : Lake Macquarie / Newcastle Online / Paper : Online Date received the acknowledgement email : 22nd Dec 2017 Date of the Citizenship Test : 22nd August 2018 Date of ceremony Type of ceremony (Urgent/Normal) 
  7. CaptainR

    Mining Job Vacancies Urgent

    Exactly, there is no shortage of people. The conditions are just so poor and the companies want to employ 3rd world staff tied to them on temporary visas. Out of sight, out of mind!
  8. Have you considered looking at business class flights back? It might actually be cheaper to book a business flight, some of which will allow you to take 3 x 30kg bags, instead of shipping it. Otherwise quite a lot of companies allow you to ship a few boxes.
  9. CaptainR

    Fraser Island Camping

    We are driving up to Noosa from Lake Macquarie and looking for some ideas. It would be a long day driving up and catching the ferry and coming back, but looks possible. We have he right car for the job, just not sure whether I have the driving skills. Some of the online material seems to go from it being easy and straightforward to hell no.
  10. CaptainR

    Help with Auction process

    So you are provided with a copy of the contract for transparency so that you know exactly under what terms you you would be buying the house under if you bid for it, they usually have other documents available such as a property inspection etc. As for the actual auction process, here it is in detail: http://sellingguide.realestate.com.au/presentation/on-auction-day/ In New South Wales the first time buyer stamp duty exemption is on properties under $650,000 and discounted between $650,000 and $800,000. Essentially, you need the cash and be in position to put down 10% deposit of whatever you bid for immediately. I don't fully understand the market, but sometimes properties seem to go to auction to gain interest, but don't sell at auction and instead are negotiated afterwards...
  11. CaptainR

    Fraser Island Camping

    Just restarting an old thread, wondering if anyone thinks it’s worth going across on the ferry to Fraser Island for a day? We have a 4x4 that should easily handle the conditions, just depends on whether the driver can handle it (me...)
  12. CaptainR

    Probably a stupid question...

    You could also use the e-gates together. Your visa status is all electronic and everything is automatically updated. You can check online using vevo afterwards to make sure.
  13. Thanks Andrew.
  14. I am building a healthy superannuation whilst my wife doesn't work so has no superannuation. My company contributes circa $36,000 per annum to my super, a significant amount over the $25000 cap. If I was to split that $11,000 over the cap to my wife's superannuation fund would we able to have that taxed at the lower 15% rate? Or am I understanding the benefits of superannuation splitting incorrectly?
  15. Has anyone utilised the special residence requirement when applying for citizenship? I was in one of the relevant occupations listed and should be eligible to apply for citizenship next month (however without the special residence variation I would have to wait until 2020...) Was there any additional processes to go through at the citizenship interview etc?