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  1. CaptainR

    The Drone

    I fail to believe that there is not anti-drone warfare technology in the UK that can be deployed at short notice to resolve a drone disturbance at a major airfield. We’ve had drones for years and they operate on fairly straightforward technology, they have RF signals for remote control, they utilise GPS signals for positioning/return to base/geofencing and advanced units may have an inertial navigation system in it if all else fails. RF disruption, GPS blocking and EM pulse equipment is all readily available. A drone incursion is something that all major airfields should have a system in place to deal with effectively. It’s not like it’s a surprise that it would happen eventually... So yes I am quite cynical unfortunately. Also having worked for government departments and seen false propaganda and diversion tactics used already i wouldn’t be surprised if it our governments would follow China’s example in a major scale like this.
  2. CaptainR

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    So despite my wife getting her approval in October, her name hasn't been submitted to the local council for the Australia Day citizenship ceremony. Lake Macquarie Council said they might hold another one in April if they have enough people. It's a little frustrating as we are due to travel in May and it would be a lot easier to travel on Aussie passports then to renew her other ones, get return resident visas and visas for the countries we are visiting (not necessary on an Aussie passport). I've e-mailed the citizenship e-mail address and also our local MP to try and see if there is a way to get her on the list for Australia Day.
  3. CaptainR

    The Drone

    I wondered at the time whether there was some kind of terrorist threat and the govnerment have started to use diversion tactics to deal with things. Not all in this world is quite what it seems.
  4. CaptainR

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    I asked our local council about my wife’s ceremony for Australia Day and she said they hadn’t received the list from immigration yet. Not sure if they just send a list once it’s full?
  5. CaptainR

    Cost of fuel reached $1.70 +

    I'm no expert, I just valet park the ships that bring in the fuel, but from conversations with those involved in the supply chain the following is how I understand it works. Around 50% of all fuel in Australia is imported from Korea, Singapore and China, the rest is produced in the 4 remaining refineries. Most of the product coming in meets a certain specification and is sold to multiple distributers here. Additives and ethanol (when its E10) are added before distribution. So yes a Shell, BP, Caltex, Mobil garage could all be selling fuel from the same supplier. I am told that occasionally fuel arrives that has been tested as below specification for BP/Shell and in that case it may still meet Australian standards and be sold through independent suppliers. The premium high ethanol products for BP and Shell are exclusive though.
  6. CaptainR

    Sponsor going bust

    Perhaps a stupid question, but how would immigration know that the employer has gone bankrupt? I know when I applied for PR I supplied all the letters but nobody actually followed up whether those were genuine. Appreciate is not quite within the spirit of the law..... but....
  7. CaptainR

    Terror attack in Melbourne CBD

    Certain nationalities seem to be involved in terrorism time and time again, yet bizarrely these are not the countries that the US has invaded and antagonised directly. Somalia and Pakistan seem to be countries where a significant number of people don’t appreciate our western ways...
  8. CaptainR

    Terror attack in Melbourne CBD

    Actually, that’s kind of a myth. All police officers in Northern Island carry firearms, a significant and growing number of police in London Met now carry them. Over 7000 police officers in the UK are licensed to carry a firearm.
  9. CaptainR

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Location: Lake Macquarie/Newcastle, NSW Applied: 19 Jul 2018 Test: ? Approval? So today, 8 Nov 2018, I was contacted by a citizenship agent for more information as I am applying for exemptions under the 'Special Residence Requirement'. Not sure whether this will stretch things out even longer or not.
  10. CaptainR

    A shameful bonfire night

    Whilst I can appreciate that this would upset some people and it would be considered inappropriate in line with society norms, I also think the outrage and anger by the general population (I.e those not directly affected) is excessive. Perhaps it is because I don’t have any real emotion around death as I see it as a logical and necessary conclusion to life that inevitably occurs to us all, albeit disappointing for those unfortunate people don’t have the opportunity to live a full life.
  11. If what are you saying is true then there should be no reason for rules to be in place, surely if a women is good enough then they can play alongside male footballers? It just seems totally backwards having these rules in place.
  12. CaptainR

    Poms waking up?

    There is no denying that in the UK the class divide is significant and I’m providing my own observations on that based on truths. Perhaps a better term would be the ‘have’ and the ‘have nots’. The people were far more likely to vote Brexit. Incidentally, I also prefer the Australia way much more.
  13. CaptainR

    Poms waking up?

    Do you mean EU laws? Well it seems that way and immigration was almost certainly one of the primary drivers for people voting Brexit. Perhaps people will settle down afterwards, although time will tell whether it is the right decision. The EU leaders stance of all or nothing and not allowing individual countries to negotiate what they accepted (I.e immigration laws) was the catalyst. It would be nice to think that was down to people with utopia ideals but it’s probably just politicians with big egos again.
  14. CaptainR

    Poms waking up?

    Okay, so this is the way I see it in the UK. Through a period of poorly managed and unparalleled immigration whilst concurrently going through a period of serious austerity in the budget has driven the far right movements amongst the working classes. Firstly the immigration from Eastern Europe that occurred during the early 2000's, ideologically a great idea and it certainly appeased the middle classes. However I am from the South Yorkshire/Lincolnshire border an area where the mining industry had been replaced by food factories, warehouses and distribution centres, all fairly low paying and low skilled jobs, but nethertheless jobs for local people. Many of these people were replaced by Eastern Europeans working for the minimum wage, and sometimes below the minimum wage with employment conditions rapidly deteriorating. Corporations claimed that the locals didn't want the jobs, but they'd been doing the jobs for many many years before on higher conditions. At the same time zero hour contracts became more prevalent. Two adults on the minimum wage would struggle to survive, whereas they had been doing okay previously, mass unskilled immigration lead to supply and demand figuring out the market rate for unskilled labour. Now don't get me wrong, I don't blame Eastern Europeans for choosing to migrate, anyone would do in that the same situation, but the politics behind it was ridiculous. At the same time the austerity measures mean't that schools and hospitals were closing down, funding reduced and the hardest hit areas were the poorer ones. So for the people, they see their jobs being taken and then being unable to get hospital appointments, GP appointments and overcrowded unfunded schools with all the associated problems that creates. There was also an increase in crime, Romani gangs (which i'm sure the Romanians were happy to see the back of) causing their fair share. The middle classes didn't mind, the polish waitresses at the local coffee shops gave them excellent service on their minimum wages and thus the price of their latte remained low, as did all the supermarket products now made in almost entirely Eastern European workforce factories in the UK... The next issue was the increase in refugee migration from North Africa and Asia in recent years, again absolutely no real plan from Europe or the UK. This has been a nightmare and the extreme left attitude isn't help, but neither is the extreme right. Countries over there are going through violent wars, overpopulation, famine but the solution isn't to just displace the entire population into Europe. The unmanaged migration has resulted in increases in crime, particularly violent crime and absolutely no real effort has been put in to integrate and support those migrants that truly need help. The working class communities in the UK seem to only feel the negative effects of migration and their concerns have been completely ignored. So these people are driven to the far right, which only has the equal and opposite reaction of further driving a stronger far left... Immigration can be a very good thing for society when its managed, but unfortunately the immigration in the last 15 years has had a negative effect on Brits in certain areas of the UK. And to introduce austerity measures on public services at the same time as mass immigration, now thats just ludicrous.
  15. CaptainR

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Life is an adventure! It would be boring to have it any other way.