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    Information about renting in Australia

    Thank you all it really helped alot!! x
  2. Hi everybody! In the next 3 months i am moving with my spouse to Australia and I was just wondering what is the best way to go about renting houses etc. Should my partner go over first?? should i bring furniture over?? Is it possible to get a fully- furnished household?? Since it is my first time moving abroad I am very confused on which way to go about moving!! Its quite dear to rent please if anyone has any information let me know asap. Thanks Kirsty
  3. kirstykelly

    Looking for sponsorship

    what about a foreman? sorry if a chippie and foreman are the samelol
  4. kirstykelly

    Looking for sponsorship

    Hi, My husband and I( with our daughter) have been trying to move to Oz for the last year or so but unfortunately it is so difficult since he is 45 years old and cannot get a visa he has to be sponsored, He is a fantastic Carpenter he is always on the ball, we had a company also and he has 25 years experience but he hasn't been in work for over 2 years here. We would like to know if anyone has an idea if it would be too hard to get a 457 visa over his age or because he is a carpenter? also if anyone has a near estimate of how much would be need to get over please let me know. Greatly appreciated Kirsty.
  5. My husband has 25 years experience and had his own company, great worker always on the ball! and we would love to move, it would be great if there was any jobs
  6. Hi i was just wondering was there any construction building jobs available please let me know thanks