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  1. lizzy27

    Please help!

    I remember reading a post a while back about an insurance you can take out & if a family member is dying or dies they pay airfare etc.. Anyone know what it's called?
  2. lizzy27

    ENS 856 Processing Times

    You in Sydney?
  3. lizzy27

    ENS 856 Processing Times

    Ours took 9 months for a co. You probably haven't even got a co yet in parramatta. Once the nomination is approved and your app goes in, it's probably another 6 months to be allocated someone. This is why most ppl submit together instead of one after the other cuz it doubles the waiting time. What job you in? Not trying to dishearten you. It Is a long wait, but it always does happen.
  4. lizzy27

    ENS 856 Processing Times

    When did you app go in? And at what office? Ours were submitted together in July 10, allocated a co in march 11, then there were a few delays on our sponsors part, & it was approved in may 11.
  5. lizzy27

    ENS 856 Processing Times

    Mine was also submitted in paramatta but transfered 2 Perth cuz of thebacklog. Check that it's not been transferred, cuz they won't tell you if you don't ask. In Perth they'll give you to the weeks when it will b assigned a co. Hope this helps.
  6. lizzy27

    ENS 856 Processing Times

    Mine took 9 months!! Hang in there, it will happen:)
  7. lizzy27

    how can i stay?

    hope you can sort it :-)
  8. I'd meet up with you. I live in narara. I'm 30 with 3 kids. 2 in school and a 5 week old. Liz
  9. lizzy27

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Just got 856 approved today after 9 months!!!! Sooooo happy
  10. lizzy27

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    We are now at the final stages. Were just waiting for my husbands work to submit 2 bits of pprwork. We applied at parammata on the 19th of August last year and were allocated a co 7 months later after our app. was transferred from paramatta to Perth. Its been a looong haul, but we are nearly there now!!!
  11. lizzy27

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Ours was sent to Paramatta but was sent to Perth. We had no idea it was sent there if I hadn't of rung them. BTW our application was receipted in Paramatta on the 19th August 2010. We've now been allocated a CO & shud have PR within a week or so ( just waiting for sponsoring company to send them 2 documents.
  12. Were about 15 mins from terrigal. Terrigal is beautiful but if your hubby needs to commute to Sydney, he'd have to get to gosford (about 15 min drive) which is the nearest train station for terrigal.
  13. We live on the central coast & love it!
  14. lizzy27

    Will we get Tax back? 457 visa

    Also ppl on a 457 are classed as residents for tax purposes, so you shouldn't be paying 26% tax!
  15. lizzy27

    Will we get Tax back? 457 visa

    If your wife is not working then you are able to claim the spousal offset as you aren't entitled to centrekink payments. We've been here 3 years on a 457 & each year we have gotten about $2600 back with our tax return. It also depends on how much you earn, but being able to claim the spousal offset does help. We arrived in April 08 & hubby got all his tax bck that same year in July. Hope this helps