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  1. Stuju

    Goodbye Australia

    At last it's our turn been a long time coming but well worth the wait,we fly out of Sydney late tomorrow night to Taipei then onto Bangkok & then to Amsterdam & then finaly into Heathrow 47hrs thats not counting any delays & getting to the airport this end But before i go i just wanted to upload this video (im having troubles so will use a link if i can to click) of the Central Coast NSW where we have lived, each name is a place here like watanobbi mooney mooney & those that know the area i hope will find it quite funny i sure do. So everytiime i watch this video when im back home i know it will bring a smile to my face & remind me of the good times we had in Oz :wink:
  2. Stuju

    Strange question but i need to know lol

    Thankyou all for your answers
  3. Stuju

    Strange question but i need to know lol

    No as i mentioned in my original post as its only 14hrs we can not leave the airport so no sight seeing trips pf temples etc
  4. Stuju

    Strange question but i need to know lol

    Yes ive been to Shanghai....... much eaiser when i fly via Kulala Lumper.......my ticket says Taiwan Taoyuan Intl airport Taipei so i guess its an island off china but owned by china has anyone been there ?????? lol
  5. Can anyone tell me if you can go onto facebook in Taipei (China) reason i ask is we are there for 14hrs this weekend & as its only a certain length of time we will not be able to go out of the airport area (we are in a hotel on the airport site) now i know they have laws etc about facebook twitter youtube etc & i don not fancy being locked up for violating their laws............... any help appreciated please i have searched the internet & get contradicting replies :arghh:
  6. Thankyou all for your kind comments, i wish you all the very best of everything if your staying here in Oz or waiting for your journey home too :hug:
  7. Stuju

    Looking to move to Sydney

    Hi, rental costs in Sydney are rather expensive have a peek on http://www.realestate.com.au as to foxtel/broadband/landline go for a bundle often the cheapest way we had a bundle 50GB (bigpond elite liberty) for adsl 2 which included fox channels platinum value pack 2 x fox boxes & budget phone calls $200 a month plus any additional calls this was all via Telstra - 2nd hand cars here are alot more expensive than in the uk so shop around & often the best bargain will be someone who is returning to the uk or elsewhere & has a car to sell. I think food/bedding/clothes etc is more pricey than the uk the only thing i think that is cheaper is fuel & smokes. Mobiles are a rip off not many companies roll over the minutes etc i think virgin have provided us with the best deal hubby was on a business pack & used his own phone so he was not tied into a contract. Hope this is of some help
  8. :biggrin:Yaaaaaaaa we are almost on our way only 10 more sleeps to go. Removals went last week of June & we are now in a holiday rental, hubby finishes work next tuesday & then we have a few days to unwind before we fly on Saturday the 28th Never thought this time would come have been waiting for so so long, can't begin to tell you how excited we are
  9. We are using Kent Movers they are in Sydney very happy with their service so far, 20ft container approx 7 to 8weeks to the uk :-)
  10. Stuju

    At last im finally on my way home

    Hi, We are using Kent removers they are in most states in Australia we got a good deal with them & having a 20ft container. I did get 6 companies out to quote us, one company put me off before they had even left my house at the time of coming to do the look round. My hubby is also taking tools but we are also leaving alot of items its not worth shipping back whell barrow ladders, lawn mowers & bits like that as they are cheap enough to buy again. Good luck & yell if you want to ask anything else :-)
  11. Stuju

    At last im finally on my way home

    It's where we are the central coast in NSW a friend of ours was advertising for a secretary a while back & had over 300 apps a 100 of those where from Sydney & thats an hours drive plus depending in Syd where you live. Ive even had reply emails from when i have applied for a job saying we had over 300 apps its just mad !!!!
  12. Stuju

    At last im finally on my way home

    Yes me too its a bit worrying about having to find jobs etc etc & start all over again, but ant be any worse than here my daughter left year 12 in november & still hasnt managed to get work here in oz & ive been out of work here for 2 years now its so hard here on the coast where we are 300 apps for every job too much competition
  13. Stuju

    At last im finally on my way home

    No way NEVER will i regret moving home, im an english rose at heart & far to pommie to be a aussie thou they call me a pozzie as i have dual citizenship, i have 5 other sets of friends that have moved back home some have ping ponged a couple of times & none of them regret it at all, with my situation 2 children in the uk & only one here with me its a big divide & a heartbreaking way to live........ ive wnated to go home ever since i landed on aussie shores 6 years ago, so thanks for your tip & statistics but for me your so wrong !!!!!!!
  14. Stuju

    At last im finally on my way home

    If i was you i would get motivated selling it now, i put my mazda 6 on ebay had 11 watchers but not one bite, we have friends all over oz in different states & they all seem to say the same thing no one has any money to buy at the mo. We also advertised in the local paper & that brought in 2 phone calls & that was all. I did also put my car on the main rd into our suburb during the week with big signs in it also saying going overseas & a lady contacted me & brought it, to be honest we took a big drop from what we wanted as we didnt want to take a gamble & get stuck with it............ we currently have hubbys Hyundai iload on ebay as he travels to sydney each day so we cant just leave that on the side of the road. Hubby has sold quite a few motors here over the years (he been here alot longer than me) & they have all been sold by just sitting them on the side of the road.....good luck :-)
  15. Stuju

    At last im finally on my way home

    Thank you, we had several companies round to quote us, i have learnt a few things from friends experiences of moving home as 5 sets of our friends have gone home in the last 4 years, i must admit i was not going to be pushed into anything by anyone as far as removals go & 3 out of the six companies we had to quote us put me off just being here at our house with either their bolshy attitude or be prepared to leave some items behind in case we dont get it all on the container what the hell you quote me you take it all !!! this was before they had even gotten a quote to us. we decided in the end to sue Kent movers (they are in sydney) and so far have been more than helpful & on the ball & great customer service too so i hope they continue all the way to our new door.