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  1. I'm posting this on behalf of my employer. We are a Perth based engineering company (http://www.ces-au.com.au) who are enjoying fantastic growth. We are currently in the process of setting up a new Melbourne based office and we are recruiting for a Sales & Operations Manager. http://www.seek.com.au/Job/31994482?_ga=1.167450302.1899288347.1475815245 Ideally looking for someone already in Australia however for the right candidate we are able to offer 457 sponsorship however in order to be considered for sponsorship you must meet all of the criteria in the seek ad above. I don't really get on poms in oz a great deal these days, so probably won't check back on this post so please don't reply or ask questions here thanks... just apply if interested.. thanks :-)
  2. Hi, I work for a Rockingham (WA) based recruitment agency and we are looking for an Auto Electrician for our client who is based near Mandurah. As they have had some difficulty finding a good auto electrician with strong diagnostic skills, they are now considering sponsoring someone on a 457 visa which is why I have extended our job ad to come post on here. I'm copying and pasting our add which is also on numerous facebook groups as well as our own page and gumtree. If you are an auto electrician who is ideally already over here we would love to hear from you. Please note we CANNOT (due to the urgency of filling this position) offer sponsorship to candidates not already here. We also do not normally offer 457 sponsorship... this is strictly a one off deal due to the rarity of Auto Electricians!!! For more job postings like us on Facebook or if you are an employer looking for good candidates give us a call on 08 9529 1700 Seek Support are looking for an Auto Electrician for a fast paced workshop based near Mandurah, The job requires a good knowledge on a variety of small and large vehicles including some plant equipment. You will need to be a strong team player and have the ability to use your initiative. The hours are Monday to Friday 8am until 5.30pm, and along with great rates of pay, an excellent workingenvironment it also comes with a vehicle and mobile phone for the right candidate. Our client may consider taking over the sponsorship of 457 visa holders ALREADY in WA and looking for a new sponsor. Candidates who are not already in Australia will not be considered for this role unfortunately. Apply to Tracy jobs@seeksupport.com.au
  3. CharmedP3

    would 15k be enough!

    We came over last January with just $13000 (after flights, shipping etc)..we bought a car and had bond/rent expenses as to be expect and sure it's not always been easy but it's been manageable!! And yes DO able!!!
  4. CharmedP3

    Less than a month here & had a shocker invoice ~ $822!!!

    Thank God she is OK Kelly... what was the allergic reaction to btw? Definitely get private cover...but I would suggest not just for ambulance cover...we have family cover with MBF that covers all variety of things including ambulance...but one good thing (with kids) is the NO GAP Dental until they're 25, which means I won't have to fork a penny out on any dental work they may need in the future.....which could save me a fortune if they ever need braces!!! I've also had my monies worth out of my cover already as I needed new glasses, have had chiropractic treatment and podiatry treatment and it's kept those costs down alot too! Costs us $47 PW for a decent family cover.
  5. CharmedP3

    Toyota Tarago or Kia Carnival?

    When do you arrive or are you already here now? Can you test drive both and see which feels right for you?
  6. CharmedP3

    Toyota Tarago or Kia Carnival?

    Hi Kelly I have no personal experience...but a group of us on facebook were just having this convo today so I've copied and pasted some of the responses for you below:
  7. CharmedP3

    unusual situation (with house)

    There probably is a way to find her..she will have some sort of history somewhere that would give away her whereabouts..I used to do something like that for a living....however we were doing this for large financial institutions...not individuals. Point is there ARE ways and means of finding her... maybe a Private Investigator? Might cost you a few £££ but... if you could demonstrate you'd exhausted ALL avenues trying to find her then IF you don't find her,maybe this may be grounds to allow you to sell up without her. Obviously she hasn't paid a penny towards the mortgage in the past few years so there must be some sort of "leeway" there.... Have you tried speaking to an estate agent about it...they must have come across this sort of thing before and some smaller agents may even have their own solicitor in the office... I reckon the solicitors you've spoken to aren't interested as you're not technically "employing" them to DO anything at this stage.... Good Luck
  8. CharmedP3

    BBC iplayer advice??

    Does it actually work for you then ? 'Cos I can't get it to work at all....just buffers all the time....
  9. CharmedP3

    I need to 'Aussie up'.....do you?

    had to laugh..... 'cos I agree they sure do train them young..... A few weeks back my kindy aged daughters' class were making fathers day presents and the EA asked her what daddy's interests are (like he has time...he's always working)... anyway her reply???? "He likes the Dockers......" yeah sure...my hubby hasn't watched a single game since we arrived in Aus and hasn't expressed any interest in the game ..... WHERE DO they get it from hey ROFL!!!! Good on ya for taking a keen interest in getting to understand the things your kids will soon be taking an interest in
  10. Agreed it's definitely easier for all the reasons stated below. Additionally some recent migrants to WA have had problems getting their drivers licences because they didn't get the stickers in their passports and the licensing agency wouldn't accept the letter... apparently this was the WRONG type of letter for them to issue a driving license!!! If you send your passports off today you may well have them back by the weekend!
  11. CharmedP3

    Honestly..How did you feel in the last weeks?

    Kind of surreal.... as we had waited so long for our visa, once it was granted we didn't really waste much time and flew out 6 weeks later. We flew out mid January, so not only were we preparing to pack up our entire lives, we were also trying to give the kids a "normal" christmas!!! Things were pretty hectic so most of the time we were too busy to think about it too much, but occasionally you'd think "jeez.... it's real...we're actually doing this" and "jeez what are we doing...are we mad"..... and sometimes I still had to pinch myself and part of my still couldn't believe we were finally doing this, until we stepped on the plane.
  12. CharmedP3

    Leaving because of racism experience

    I'm so sorry you've experienced such awful treatment in your time here. Do you think it's a localised problem with the specific area you are living in? Have you looked elsewhere in WA? I can't speak personally on the subject of racism or mixed race families, but our neighbours (from the UK) are mixed race and have 3 wonderful children and as far as I know have not experienced any of the type of attitude towards them that you have in the time since they arrived in WA earlier this year. ( I say as far as I know, as they only moved in across the road from us last month). The boys who attend the same school as my children are very settled and happy and have alot of friends. I have seen a few other mixed raced families here, (who have mutual friends in common) along with indian, sudanese and many other races of families living here in our suburb and they are all happily settled and experiencing non of the problems you have. I think some aussies can be likened to the "OAPS of the UK" in their terminology... my own mother refers to black or asian people as coloured and I HATE it and always tell her off... she says it's her age (80) and that's how she grew up and that she isn't being offensive... doesn't mean she is racist, just means she is a bit blummin ignorant and maybe that's some of what you're experiencing?? Some say that Australia is about 20 years behind the rest of world with some things..... and in others they're still about 40 years behind.. I hope your experiences don't have a lasting effect on your family and that the kids, wherever they are find some lovely friends who deserve their friendship.
  13. CharmedP3

    Great news from the kempe family !!!

    Oh the feeling last a long time.... I still sit here some days, nearly 9 months of living in Oz and think "****...we got our visas and bloody LIVE here...awesome! So bloody pleased for ya.... congratulations!!!!!!! :jiggy:
  14. How much extra work would he have to do that might ordinarily have attracted o/t payments? Can he negotiate that he will do "x" amount of hours on top of basic hours as part of his promotion but anything over "x" amount of hours in addition to this attracts payment? Also you'll need to think about the car allowance as this will be deemed a fringeable benefit by the tax office, so you need to check how this will effect his pay packet also!! The $6ph extra may sound nice, but he may be paying for it elsewhere as well as all the extra hours he will be expected to do... One more thing to note is his relationship "with the lads".... they may no longer see him as one of them... is he prepared for that? I guess it depends how important those relationships are to him!!!
  15. Lissa one of our PIO members has just made the move from Port Kennedy to Melbourne about two weeks ago (his user name John Gillifan). Maybe you could send him a PM? Or if by any chance Lissa you are who I think you are, then you are on my facebook friends and you'll find John on my friends list and you can msg him via FB. Good luck with whatever you decide