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  1. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Racist Website

    Is this a wind up? I used to get called a Jock all the time while I lived in England, always took it as bit of good natured ribbing and I gave as good as I got. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
  2. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Song that sums your life up to now...

    This is one my favourites at the minute [video=youtube_share;71KdkbT7FKA]
  3. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Sleep issues anyone?

    I got Restavit over the counter from chemist, I don't use it often but when I do I find a quarter or a half tablet is enough to get me a whole nights sleep. The other thing you can try some relaxation excercises, lie on your back close your eyes, count 1-10, then 1-9 and so on until just 1, then 10 a1 and so on. The other thing is working your way up your body starting at your toes, tell each part of your body to relax, sounds daft but it does work!
  4. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    anyone else in Oz missing the NHS?

    Well had my last chemo session yesterday 28 weeks done and dusted, my oncologist has booked me in for a load of tests,, ct scans, bone scans, bloods, heart scans, mammogram, to check How the chemo has affected my body before I go for my op at end of May. I cannot praise the staff at Royal Perth enough they have been fantastic. I never had any bad experiences witH the NHS either, but then again never had any major problems. My hubby's uncle lives I. Perth and has private healthcare, he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and although he's happy with his treatment he's had about $16000 to pay for stuff that wasn't covered. I do wonder if private healthcare is worth it unless it's for the extras like dental etc.
  5. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    anyone else in Oz missing the NHS?

    Ok, well I'm sorry your experience of the system has been so bad, certainly seems like I've been lucky,good luck with your treatment.
  6. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    anyone else in Oz missing the NHS?

    If I was you I'd be contacting my MP or phoning around other specialist, can your GP not put you in contact with a different specialist?
  7. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    anyone else in Oz missing the NHS?

    Well having had a bit of a bad time healthcare wise ( have been diagnosed with, auto immune disease arthritis, damaged nerve in back plus damaged disc a few years ago, then the icing on the cake I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September last year). I do not have health insurance couldn't really afford it, then really couldn't afford any after various diagnosis. I have a great GP who bulk bills, I've had free physio sessions ( I believe your entitled to 5 a year, which along with care plan my gp put together was enough to give me the help I needed for arthritis, auto immune and back problems). The care I have received since the BC diagnosis has been fantastic, cannot fault it. I don't know what the level of care would have been in Uk or what wait I would have had for treatment as I've been in Australia for nearly 7 years now, but I do know, I can book online for my gp appointments, the wait for the rheumatologist was about 6 weeks ( though I think they look at it on case by case depending on severity) and the wait from being diagnosed with BC to seeing a surgeon was a week, I was then poked prodded, injected, xrayed to within an inch of my life for a couple of weeks before starting chemo. As for dental treatment, well I try to avoid if possible, but the times I have had to go were a bit expensive, and my daughters braces were $6000, though we did get some money back for that at tax time.
  8. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    The Great British Chippy

    Which restaurant in Freo do you go to Fifi?
  9. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Any Aussie forces Wives or Partners?

    Hubby is in the RAN, pay is good when on ship. Lots of times when he is away, so etimes for 6 months at ago but you just put your head down and get on with it. The absences certainly make or break you as a couple. Was there anything specific you wanted to know?
  10. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Herb Garden Corner ......

    I'd stay the leaves with white oil, citrus can be a bit funny when they are just establishing. Personally I've had real problems with the snails this year, I planted out some cucumber plants only to find nothing but 1 stalk left the next morning out of 6 plants!
  11. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Firemen go on strike over pensions.

    My dad was a firefighter for 30 odd years, he retired at 50 I think, the problem is the job is very physically demanding, it's ok to say let the youngster do the physically demanding stuff but with numbers in a crew being what they are that isn't always possible and certainly when my dad was in ( which I admit was a long time ago now) there weren't really any desk jobs.
  12. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Family visiting. What to do

    Another thing to do would be to hire a wee boat down in Mandurah and go up the river, stopping off for a pub lunch on the way, we did this a couple of years ago and it was a nice day out.
  13. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Please can anybody help me?

    Sorry that should be didn't do
  14. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Please can anybody help me?

    It's a huge thread start at the end of it and work back, lots of useful info on there, my hubby is the RAN but we did do the lateral transfer route.
  15. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Family visiting. What to do

    I'd do the night time Fremantle prison tour, plus you have the dolphin watching tours from Rockingham, we did both theses with visitors and both were really good. As previously said I. Another post penguin island is good day out, take a picnic and some fishing rods do a check to see if there are any outdoor cinemas on in February as well. Or you have the Captain Cook winery and chocolate cruises, as well as perth mint, take a trip up the swan valley for a wine tour, I think they have some in horse drawn carts?