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  1. Near P Kennedy ....49,36, one 10 yr old boy
  2. mindblower

    to build a house or not

    Your paying rent whilst its built Positive is its new Try and get 15 % off , should do in these times, buyers market.
  3. mindblower

    Moving to Perth in November

    If I could afford it ,Mount Lawley
  4. Shame, another one in the city soon ?
  5. Can get to Moon at 5 , let me know if this is no good as got a kids birthday to attend
  6. Would meet in Perth Moon & Sixpence next week for sure ? From SOR
  7. mindblower

    Who's going home this year?

    Empathy and sounds good clark....lovely Keswick
  8. mindblower


    Know how you feel, sympathies.
  9. mindblower

    Another Pom going home after 40 year

    Best of luck mate, theres no shame in returning, you did one of the hardest things there is to do.
  10. mindblower

    Those that are moving back to the Uk after 2+ years in Aus

    Again, true comments. I laughed at people who wanted to go home and die, but I understand now. Yes,UK was grim under NU Labour....but I apprciate GB more now. Once you migrate your head is always in both camps... Reality with more sun and better leisure opportunities, thats it i'd say. Need a million dollars to be comfortable too
  11. mindblower

    My lasting impressions of Aus

    A very accurate summary of life in OZ. We were all seduced by Wanted Down Under.... Perth 4 yrs
  12. mindblower

    Rockingham, Halls Head or Secret Harbour

    H Head or S Harbour the top two
  13. mindblower

    Rockingham - Whats It Like

    Crime over hyped, Rockingham foreshore lovely, rentals may be hit and miss tho
  14. Can't make that day, but could meet you at the same place sometime in the week ? Wife working shifts, so Liam 8 and myself. Also S Harbour Dave
  15. Hi 47 yrs male seeks drink buddy for "last hour" or so on fridays at local pub (Whistling Kite -Secret Harbour) Likes all sports, UK sports, music, humour, good conversation, live music -the usual stuff. Dave S Harbour