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  1. emmaroo

    To go or not to go??

    Thanks so much all. Some of what was said really helped me. I am staying where I am in Scotland and so are my parents, not to say a move back in the future won't happen. Thanks again and all the best. Might be back in another 4 years asking the same questions!! Emma
  2. emmaroo

    To go or not to go??

    Thanks for your comments. I am not sure what causes the feeling of fear if I'm honest, maybe just the thought of going through it all again? I don't see how my post is odd however, I am contemplating a move to the other side of the world and I am just feeling a bit unsure nothing odd in that! I am after all only human!!
  3. emmaroo

    To go or not to go??

    Hello It's been a while since I have been on here. Some of you might remember that between 2009-2012 I moved back and forth between Scotland and Australia. This was due mainly to my parents ( my only family) being in Perth. I however in 2012 due to personal reasons moved back to Scotland permanently! I can't believe it's almost 4 years that I have been back. I was very lucky as within 6 weeks of being back I had a job and a house and all has been well. Then in summer of 2013 my parents made the decision to move back to Scotland after being in Perth for 22 years! I was over the moon. Over the past few months though have been reassessing my life and thinking about going back to Perth. I haven't said anything about it to my parents as I am still not 100%. I know they would be extremely pleased if I did move back as they have not really settled back into life here and would move back to Perth in a heartbeat. I know the life I could have in Perth and I know it would be so much nicer than what I have here. I just always get this pang of fear when I think about it. I'm not looking for people to tell me what I should do I'm just really using this as an outlet for all my thoughts of confusion! I'm sure some of you can relate to my post! A very confused Emma! :arghh:
  4. emmaroo


    They can be annoying, they just sound like grumpy old men having a good old moan and there are plenty of them wherever you go! :wink:
  5. emmaroo

    Just don't know what to do!

    Thank you all for your replies and advice. I did what many of you suggested and had a very honest conversation with my parents who are just amazing. We all discussed our worries and concerns and after talking it out with them I think the fact I am not 100% settled here is due to the fact that I have no family connection here. I live in a beautiful flat in a beautiful area of Edinburgh and I have a job that I enjoy. I am very lucky. So, they are going to come over and if 6 months down the line we are all thinking that Perth is where we all want to be then we will go back as a family and if not we will live in Edinburgh as a family. It has made me feel so much better having had this chat and I should have done it a while ago I guess I was just afraid of what might be said but its been the best thing for us all! Thanks PIO for giving me the kick up the backside I needed. Oh and btw the ex is now living in Oz with a new love interest so the fact I want to stay in Edinburgh has nothing what at all to do with him. He is HISTORY!! Emma xx
  6. emmaroo

    Just don't know what to do!

    Your right they are returning for me which is why I am questioning what to do. I don't want them to return and regret it just as as I don't want them to return and for me to turn round to say I want to go back to Oz, its a horrible situation to be in and I really hate it! They would be giving up so much.
  7. emmaroo

    Just don't know what to do!

    Thanks guys...I know its a decision only I can make I just can't make it! Lol :err:
  8. emmaroo

    Just don't know what to do!

    So some of you will remember my story and me but if you that don’t then here’s my story... My parents left Scotland when I was 18 and I decided that I was not going anywhere so stayed in Edinburgh. 20 something years later I was in a relationship that was coming to the point of marriage and children so for 4 years we saved and jumped thru some many different hoops to do all we could to eventually get PR visas. It was emotionally as well as financially tough but we stuck it out and got thru it. In 2010 I was granted PR and so the decision was taken that I would head over to Oz first get work get us set up and that my partner would follow 6 weeks later. My flight was booked and I was excited but sad as my partner would not be coming at the same time but it what we needed to do. He surprised me right at the last minute with a weekend away and it was just lovely just to have that time with him before I left. It was made even better by a surprise proposal…. after 12 years I of course said yes!! I was so happy, engaged to the man I adored about to start a life in Australia with my parents near by after 22 years it was just brilliant. I flew out to Perth, moved in my parents and within 2 weeks had a job. I was getting out and meeting people and I was so excited about OH arriving. Before I knew it his arrival date had arrived and I was so excited this was it this was really the beginning of our new life! WRONG!.....we went and picked him up from the airport and instead of greeting me like a fiancé he had not seen in 6 weeks he pecked me on the cheek like a long lost cousin! I just put it down to jet lag. My parents had arranged to go away for a few days so we could time on our own so they dropped us off at the house then they set off. I slowly started to sense that there was more to it than just jet lag and so a questioned him asking what was wrong, he initially said he was fine just tired but I knew this guy there was something wrong. I should mention too that his sister lived in Perth with husband and niece whom I adored so he had family there too it wasn’t just my family there. We or (I) tried to talk to him but he just seemed so distant but then I looked at him and he said it…. I don’t love you, I don’t want to be in Australia and I am going back to Scotland. With those 18 words my world was torn apart, I let out a noise that I never even knew I was capable of…my heart had just been smashed into a million pieces. He left and went to his sisters. He returned to Scotland 10 days later. So with all my plans in tatters I decided to stay on in Perth for just short of 2 years but it was not the same, it was a sad place for me and so I made the decision to return to Edinburgh. I have been back now for 18 months and on the whole I am happy here but there is still a bit of me that misses Perth. I miss my parents like mad and as they are the only family I have its very difficult being so far away. Its very hard for them too so they have decided that they are going to return to Scotland after being in Oz for 22 years. I am of course so excited at the thought of having them here but I am starting to question should they and have I done the right thing in returning?? I enjoy living in Edinburgh but my standard of living was better in Perth, my social circle was better and of course the weather is a bonus. My visa runs out next year so time is ticking so do I say farewell to Oz for good or give another bash? I know to some I will sound like a broken record but I just don't know what to do!
  9. I too returned to scotland and concur that we never get 7 months of summer here. It's miserable
  10. emmaroo

    What accent melts your knees?

    French! :smile:
  11. emmaroo

    Student Visa Help!

    Seems that she's been a bit impulsive with booking the flight but that's her problem! My friend though is not too pleased given it may mean a change in flights and more money!
  12. emmaroo

    Student Visa Help!

    Thanks Sephie!
  13. emmaroo

    Student Visa Help!

    I agree but she said it was a condition of the visa that she had a return flight booked?? Anyway I'm just the messenger so I will pass all your info on with thanks Emma :cute:
  14. emmaroo

    Student Visa Help!

    She has looked into this but there are hefty charges but it might just have to happen!
  15. emmaroo

    Student Visa Help!

    Thanks for that. I will pass info on