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need to buy a lawn mower


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Hi there


We arrived in Darwin not long ago and now need to buy some household items we haven't shipped over from the UK.

One thing we need v soon is a lawn mower. We have an averaged size suburbon lawn so don't need anything special - can anyone suggest a good place to buy one and a reasonable price?

We've made some initial enquiries and looked in Bunnings and Big W but the mowers seem pretty expensive and many of them just seem to big for our needs.


any advice much appriciated.





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Guest Guest31881

Check out your local paper for "garage sales" you may be able to pick something up at a decent price. Mitre 10 and home hardware may be worth a look, don't forget to haggle the price down.

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Guest The Pom Queen

Hi Jo

You can usually hire lawnmowers from the local servos (well I know you could in Vic, not sure about other states) they usually charge $25 per hour and a $50 deposit, also we use to get Jims mowing to come out, we had quite a large plot in Melbourne and the price was $35 so it may be an idea until you find something else.

Like Colin says keep an eye out for garage sales or even in the shed on here, we sometimes get members moving back to the UK who have items for sale.

We always go to the Good Guys for white goods and you can always knock them down quite a bit, just keep working on them.

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