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    Not importing pet via usual method

    If it's into Oz (i.e. for the return journey) there is info available here: http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/avm/vessels/yachts/pets Your best bet is probably to contact DAFF directly for more specific advice
  2. JoandJon

    Webber BBQs

    We're big Weber fans - as for the BBQs we've got 2 charcoal ones for proper BBQing and smoking, and also a Gas 6 burner for quick BBQing / cooking snags for crowds. (We also like Webber, but I imagine he'd be difficult to use as a BBQ)
  3. JoandJon


    Angle grinders are one of the definite 'NO' items on TFBs (Total Fire Ban Days), (as is pretty much anything that can create a spark. A gas/electric BBQ is ok IF you're within a certain distance from the house, and have ready access to a certain volume of water to immediately put out any problems. But if you're not within a certain distance of a permanent dwelling .... There are also restrictions on the lighting and use of fires (less strict than TFB restrictions) during the entire 'fire season' in many places. More info on the CFA website too - http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/warnings-restrictions/restrictions-during-the-fire-danger-period/
  4. JoandJon

    Driving to Sydney and back in a weekend!

    Cheers The baby girl is almost 8 months now ! (and I'm rarely on PIO anymore) speaking of which... must dash, off to the wilds of Gippsland for work
  5. JoandJon

    Driving to Sydney and back in a weekend!

    The drive up to Sydney is easy - motorways pretty much the whole way. But as others have said - definitely take breaks more often than every 4 hours!!! (Remember you'll need to account for the moron factor - i.e. keep alert so you can avoid morons on the road) Depending on what side of Melbourne you're coming on, I'd probably break the journey at Wangaratta or Benalla, then the other side of Albury etc etc. And remember that once you cross the border the quality of the coffee can be unreliable .....
  6. Hi all, I came across this at work and thought some people might be interested - please note it's just a draft review, but just in case anyone's interested..... http://www.daff.gov.au/ba/ira/current-animal/dogs_and_cats Cheers
  7. Jon brought a decent chunk of his woodworking hand-tools and power tools with him and is very glad he did. He just wishes he'd brought more with him now!! But this isn't because the quality here is rubbish (because it's not - it depends on what you buy, as with anywhere) but because it all adds up, all the little bits and pieces you don't think about .... Just make sure the electrical systems are compatible .... (I have no idea about Germany, I think it would be ok ...)
  8. JoandJon

    vistors GGGRRRRRRR

    The next request you get, simply reply and say something along the lines of: ' That would be a FABULOUS time to come, OH desperately needs a few extra hands to (crutch the sheep/drench the lambs/fix the fences/mow the lawn/tip the cows) and I've got a STACK of (composting/manuring/seeding/weeding/painting) to do. Bad news is that we're running really short of wine/beer, meat and money, so if you don't want a dry, vegetarian diet then please make sure to bring along a decent selection to share ' If they're true friends they won't mind helping and bringing stuff along
  9. JoandJon

    Funeral Clothes

    Awww great big hugs Tony. And what a beautiful message.
  10. JoandJon

    flighing cats and a parrot

    pretty sure you cant bring the bird at all ... check out aqis website to be sure. feeding baby sorry bout typing!!
  11. That should give you a good chance to figure out if it's for you or not The cinema at Belgrave is fabulous too - much nicer than the big soul-less megaplexes - good luck with it all!
  12. JoandJon


    We've got two golden labs at the moment - Satch of course (who we brought over from the UK) and we're also fostering an elderly golden girl called Blondie (who's also blind). Satch is around 32kg - she's quite tall for a female, and Blondie is around 36kg - but a shorter girl (she really needs to lose at least 6kg, probably more). We're working on getting Blondie's weight down for when her owner gets her situation sorted out. It's simply a matter of less food - as you say hard when kids help ... Just keep cutting the main feed down until you're seeing the difference And well done so far!
  13. JoandJon

    Changing tyres on imported cars.

    We didn't have to put new tyres on - but they were in pretty good nick
  14. Telstra have a pre-paid option that lasts up to 12 months (depending on how much you top up) Do a search for 'Telstra pre-paid long life' or browse from their website http://www.telstra.com.au And pretty sure they still have the best coverage in most places
  15. JoandJon

    Diving Certification

    Look for somewhere that's a proper PADI centre and go for it. I learnt in Merimbula NSW, and they were great
  16. Upper Ferntree Gully, Upwey, Tecoma and Belgrave are LOVELY!!!!! Not a lot of rentals around, but it is a fabulous area at the foothills of the 'hills' Ferntree Gully is pretty damned good too The train line (Belgrave) is great - from Upper Gully to the city it's about 55 minutes on the train. Anywhere around the hills seems to have a bit more of a 'villagey' feel - it is a particular type of person who's attracted to the area (yep me included). BUT - you need to remember that you're on the edge (or in) a high-fire risk area, so you need to be prepared for that. However that's also a good thing - the area has a lot of active CFA (volunteer fire brigade) stations, which can be a great way to meet people if you join up. (Plus volunteering is always a good thing) Shopping-wise, Knox City is a short drive away, Berwick is a quick drive too. And there are loads of quirky shops, cafes etc
  17. Hallam is near us - the commute across from 'Bayside' (Brighton etc) would be nasty, so I'd seriously avoid it if you can There are loads of rentals around Narre Warren and Berwick, I'm sure you won't have too much trouble.
  18. The commute from Berwick to Burwood wouldn't be too bad for your hubby - either up the Monash freeway and up Warrigal road, or across the back way, through Lysterfield and along Burwood Highway On the childcare front - the city of Casey (where Berwick is) has the highest birthrate in the country - so lots of childcare centres around
  19. JoandJon

    taking pets

    We brought over Satch and she loves it Stacey's right - it was bloody awful for us, but she coped fine
  20. JoandJon

    Smoke is here

    It was a bloke in his early 30s and a late-teenage girl. So sad
  21. But obviously if the cost of leaving Aus for it to be validated is more than the cost difference for the two visas then it's not actually worth the saving ** from a financial point of view only - I have nfi if there are other considerations **
  22. JoandJon

    Renting with a dog

    We haven't had a problem at all - but the key seems to be NOT to even look at places that say no pets, and possibly check with the agents before visiting to get an idea. Look for houses that would be dog friendly (good outside areas to suit your 'outside dog') and if necessary offer an additional pet bond etc. References from previous landlords, neighbours etc would be good. Possibly write up a story about your dog so they get an idea of their behaviour etc.
  23. JoandJon

    Your bed?

    Our bed was 2nd-hand, dark timber and full of character The mattress was brand new when we arrived in Melbourne, we got in on sale (at least 50% off I recall) for ~$1800. Plus we got some super-duper expensive OMFG pillows 2 for $70 (RRP = $~120 each) I love my mattress, it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. And the pillows are amazing This afternoon our nephews (emergency baby-sitting duties today) are having a nap on our bed, Jon's having a snooze on the couch, Satch is on her bed and there is washing all over the futon/spare bed Guess I'm not getting a siesta!!!!
  24. - the time for the car starts from when you (or your OH) own it, doesn't matter if you've got the visa then or not - baby bonus, have a look here - I think you've got to be in Oz within 6 months of the baby's birth, but not sure! http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/baby-bonus