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We're Here!

Guest AlandLucy

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Guest AlandLucy

Hello again everyone!


Well we have been here for a few days now, slowly adjusting to a different way of life. We got into Perth at 6.30am last Friday, the plane from Singapore was 90% empty so you could go and lie down anywhere (though we didn't as we were watching the films whilst everyone else was sleeping).


We had bought some teabags with us (I do like my twinings everyday tea!) and marked the landing card as carrying food, so when we got to customs in Perth they asked us what we were carrying, and once we told him we were just allowed straight through with no hold ups whatsoever!


Our apartment wasn't ready so we left our luggage there and went on a foray into the city and to pick up our bankcards from the NAB bank - they unfortunately have apparently lost them so are now making new ones for us to pick up on Friday.


We are staying at the Mountway Holiday Apartments and we must admit our first thoughts when the taxi from the airport pulled up was one of shock, what had we done! Turns out not that bad though, nothing special mind you, but still clean and comfortable and only cost us $95 a night.


After much searching on realestate.come au, domain.com.au, and reiwa.com.au we have found a few apartments we are interested in, and have already looked at one and applied for it, just waiting to hear back now.


TFN's we applied for online, and we found the Centrelink office by accident when we were wandering down St Georges Terrace so we ahve also applied for our Medicare cards as well!


We have had a look around Woolworths and we really cant see why you all complain of the prices in there, most prices are comparable to the UK these days, obviously not counting banana's though!


Lucy has been in to see her new employers and it all looks good on that front, I have a meeting set up with a recruitment consultant too look into getting a job for me (), just need to start sleeping properly and things will all be good!


Right, enough typing for now, more updates to follow!

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Nice post, glad you are settling ok.

Good luck with your job search & with finding a rental.

I agree with Lyn22, its nice to see a positive post ref food shopping. I always found the prices very reasonable (apart from bananas as you say). I actually think we were better off food shopping wise, than here in the Uk.

Well enough of my wittering, best of luck in your new life :yes:

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Guest edwardsfamily

Great post!


many people here haven't realised how much the cost of living went up in the uk recently. Weve been here 6 months and am a bit fed up with people saying how expensive it is here....We are so much better off in perth! Bills, shopping, Petrol etc is ALL cheaper here! :)


hope you settle well and enjoy. best of luck!

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Hi there,


We live in Ireland, so cost of food is 30% more expensive that the uk (so some expert said on the radio the other day), so Im thinking we wont find it too much of a shock. Hope to get working straightaway, and then its relative to your wages!!!


My major concern is housing, house value dropping here, and big increases over there, just stretches the gap.


I have lived in Perth before, and absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!


From Oct onwards, its going to get HOT!! but not unbearable, Perth has a lovely breeze in the afternoon called the Fremantle Doctor.


Enjoyed reading your post, and good luck.

kind regards


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