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  1. thepallis

    white & co

    Hi we too used White & Co, they were the best by far from all who I had out to quote. Pam in their Knaresborough office was amazing as were the guys who cane to pack us up. They walked me through the house and if I didn't want it packed it wasn't packed. Our container is due to land on 28/08/12 so cannot comment on this end yet but will keep you posted. PS Loving It Here. xxx
  2. thepallis

    cleaning boots etc what solution to use?

    We have just used Milton baby sterilising solution, no smell but still clean. Will let you know in about 10 weeks.
  3. thepallis

    travel insurance????

    Hi Louise, Interested to see the answer to this one too. We fly 24th June also to Perth. Sharon
  4. thepallis

    HSBC Premier vs. Local Bank (i.e NAB, WestPac etc)

    Hi my son's friend opened up with HSBC and when he got Oz had no end of problems. So he opened up Oz account. My son opened up woth commonwealth and said they have been fine. We have gone with Westpac for when we move over as you can get verified over here (did ours at an expo). Already using it for IN banking and transferring money. Sharon.
  5. thepallis

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    Thanks for such a positive post. I can't wait to get to where you are now. We are coming to Baldivis in June. Staying at Golden Ponds until we find a rental. Keep us updated on your new adventure will await the next update. How have you found the area I have heard that it is very quiet and that I won't settle but for some reason I am drawn to this area. Cannot wait to be there and find out for myself. Sharon x
  6. thepallis

    what visa for my son

    Hi Juliep, We are in same situation our eldest son on whv at moment, we have spoken to our agent who has said LRR visa and that they are taking about 14 months to visa grant. Not sure if this is still the case but he was brilliant with our visa application so will be using him for LRR visa.
  7. Cheers Iron Chef, Do i just send the form via e-mail. Just talking to OH about it now. Sharon
  8. Hi Iron Chef, what paperwork do we need to fill out for this. OH rubbish with paperwork so left to me. ARGHH. I just want to get it right 1st time. Sharon If you're only bringing the Lambretta, you don't need to go through the personal import scheme at all - it can come in via the pre-1989 rule, dead easy, no ownership time limits or reams of documents to provide
  9. thepallis

    Love shoes ..... Life down under my diary

    So glad you got what you wanted in the end..Love the kitchen!!
  10. Hi all, do any of you know how to gain the 100 points for importing a vehicle when not in OZ to apply for TFN and Medicare, we have a 1964 Lambretta owned since 2007. We have the OZ bank account, Visa and obviously owned for more than 12 months, but not adding up to 100 points. ARGHHH we fly in June so I need to get this started, also do we have to send original log book over as proof or will photo copy do. Thanks Sharon
  11. Thanks Srp will have a look. Pwkl OH is self employed, ARGHHH Joandjon, thanks for that, not instructed shipper yet, doing it this week. Cheers for your replies. Sharon
  12. Hi wonder if any of you good people know if you can apply for a TFN and Medicare before we get to Perth. OH is bringing his Lambretta and there is certain info they want before they will issue import permit, ie:- proof of applying for TFN, Medicare, we have opened bank account so that is 25 points only 75 more to go. I was under the impression that you could only apply for these when in Australia, but correct me if I am mistaken. I am sure that some of you will have gone through this. Many thanks Sharon
  13. thepallis

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Well over the last 3 days, sorted OH's shed out (not too traumatic) lol. House cleaned and photographed for rental and today power washed patio. Really exciting stuff but needs to be done. Oh and ordered vaccum storage bags so I can take more clothes with me. All the rubbish jobs that have to be done, I'm sure there will be more to come. Sharon
  14. Directline do not want to see a consent to let for them to issue landlords insurance I checked. We are just in the process of sorting our house out and mortgage co won't give us consent to let for 6 months. I have spoken to accountant who said we need form NR1 (i think) with regards tax issues. Agent we are using didn't ask for consent to let either, I think it depends on which agent you use, as long as they know you own the property some are not too bothered they are not the ones who will suffer financially it will be the landlord who is renting the property out.
  15. thepallis

    What do we need to do once we get there!!!!

    Hi Louise, We fly on the 24th June and hoping to get OH a job (brickie) as soon as. We opened bank account, but need to do everything else, my son is on a WHV at moment and said medicare, white card and drivers licence are really easy to do. We are going to do white card before we go here is the link if you want it http://www.learn.bluedogtraining.com.au/course/western-australia-white-card. not done it yet but registered. What area are you heading to we are hoping to be SOR but will depend on where OH work is as he will be main earner so will have to see. Sharon