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Cautionary Word - Shippers

Guest Martin R

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Guest Martin R

Hi All,

My wife and I arrived in Sydney Dec 2010. Now living on Central Coast and Loving the Aussie way of life.


We used the same company to move our car and furniture

The 20ft Container with our furniture went thru from beginning to end, quite smoothly, although I don't think the company are the best organised or cheapest removers out there. They used Australian firm to handle the final stages of importation. AV are a small company but I was very impressed with their level of service.


The Car was a different matter. :arghh:

the shippers gave us duff info, and I ended up paying more than expected on Duty. Also, they use a NSW based agent to handle the importation of the vehicle. they were in my opinion are useless!

Their staff were discourteous and very poor at keeping me up to date with the proceedings. One of the senior managers called me to apologise and blamed the fact that their staff numbers were depleated by maternity leave.

Their mis management of the final stages of the process meant that we incurred costs for extra time hiring cars etc. Our own car actually spent more time on the docks at Sydney than it did at Sea!!!:realmad:

My advice?


Please PM me for full details of companies involved.


PS. Luckily, this is the only real issue we've had, and I would recommend 100% moving to Aus to anyone:biggrin:


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