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Found 24 results

  1. Hi We are shipping out our car and contents soon we have quotes from Anglo pacific UTS/ Persons Bollinger UK Crown Relocation. Pls share your experiences. thanks
  2. Hi All, Has anyone had experience with these two companies? *** is a smaller firm, very competitive(low price) however, trying to see if they are an accredited international removals company. Anglo Pacific, out right said they are unlikely to be as cheap as the smaller firms, (that makes sense due to overhead costs being higher for a larger firm) However, as I am going groupage this makes me feel a bit more secure with regards to waiting times. Any views?
  3. Hi All. Being packed up ready for our move to WA. Flying out this Wednesday. Had eight quotes and decided on Anglo Pacific. We have Rob, Jim and Ross here packing as I write this. They are doing a great job. Polite, efficient and very careful and thorough. Highly recommended. Who ever you chose make sure there is plenty of tea/coffee/biscuits - (it seems the kettle goes in last!) Cheers and off we go. Spindrifter and family
  4. Am currently deciding between these two as they were the two companies I found at the recent Expo in London. I am a bit concerned about all the comments on this forum about companies with hugely delayed shipments, lost containers, broken possessions.... but (understandably) no names!! Makes it very hard to separate the good guys from the bad. I'd be really grateful if people could send me feedback on both PSS or Anglo Pacific, if they have any experiences with them, if you've heard whether they are good or bad... if you have negative feedback please feel free to PM me with the info ! Thanks so much and good luck to everyone going through the same choices x
  5. got all of these companies coming to give me a quote in the next few weeks from UK to Melbourne. Who have used and what was the service like this end (UK)
  6. Hi All, My wife and I arrived in Sydney Dec 2010. Now living on Central Coast and Loving the Aussie way of life. We used the same company to move our car and furniture The 20ft Container with our furniture went thru from beginning to end, quite smoothly, although I don't think the company are the best organised or cheapest removers out there. They used Australian firm to handle the final stages of importation. AV are a small company but I was very impressed with their level of service. The Car was a different matter. :arghh: the shippers gave us duff info, and I ended up paying more than expected on Duty. Also, they use a NSW based agent to handle the importation of the vehicle. they were in my opinion are useless! Their staff were discourteous and very poor at keeping me up to date with the proceedings. One of the senior managers called me to apologise and blamed the fact that their staff numbers were depleated by maternity leave. Their mis management of the final stages of the process meant that we incurred costs for extra time hiring cars etc. Our own car actually spent more time on the docks at Sydney than it did at Sea!!!:realmad: My advice? Please PM me for full details of companies involved. PS. Luckily, this is the only real issue we've had, and I would recommend 100% moving to Aus to anyone:biggrin: Martin
  7. Guest

    Anglo Pacific containers

    hi, has anyone used Anglo Pacific Containers? We have been sent some info on them by our Migrant agents. I am looking for quotes at this stage but am obviously looking at the best customer service from the company:cute: any advice always helpful...x Dennise
  8. Hi there, Wondering if anyone out there can help me? My family and I have just booked our one-way tickets to Oz. I am returning and my hubby and kids are migrating. Does anyone have any feedback for me on the above removal companies - good or bad? We are struggling to make a decision as there is very little information (reviews, etc) on White and Co and seemingly biased opinions (as well as greatly varying ones) on the other 2. Any help and feedback would be much appreciated. Many thanks, AKB
  9. Hi, Ive had 3 quotes to take my stuff from London to Perth: John Mason vs Anglo Pacific vs Crown Crown are the more expensive of the 3. All seem reputable companies. Price is one way to differentiate but would like to gauge people's experiences as well. Thanks, Marc
  10. redditchcouple

    migrant airfares through anglo pacific

    hi all, does anyone know of the approximate migrant flight costs when you use anglo pacific to do your move? we are hoping to move near brisbane in november,but have not yet booked a mover/flights. any feedback would be great thanks...cheapest flights I have for a family of 4 atm come in at just under £2200!
  11. Guest

    Anglo Pacific

    Has anyone used the removal company Anglo Pacific? How were they? For those of you who have already made the move, which company do you recommend? Thanks Francine
  12. Just opened up my email to find the following from ANGLO PACIFIC: So.... begs the question... will they REALLY be telling anyone anything they don't already know (nowt bar speculation) OR could this or rather the date of this seminar be a clue as to when we can expect news on the SMPs? Well from 3 of the states at least???
  13. Koala Chloe

    Pickfords vs Anglo Pacific

    We are having real difficulty in deciding between Pickfords and Anglo Pacific for our removals, and hope someone may be able to offer any experience/advice. The rep from Pickfords who came out was really un-dynamic, and didn't sell his company very well at all. But Pickfords get a good name on here for removals, and we used them about 10 years ago for a domestic removal and they were really good. The rep from Anglo Pacific was really impressive, enthusiastic, and had much more of a 'can-do' attitide, nothing was too much trouble. But the reviews about AP on here are really mixed, with various posters saying not to touch them with a barge pole! The dilemma is - Pickfords - Un-dynamic salesperson - but the company may be good at delivering our belongings = versus = Anglo Pacific - Dynamic saleperson - but the company may not be as good at delivering our belongings. How do we decide who to choose? We are so unsure about which company to choose. Price is important, but all we want is peace of mind that our belongings have the best chance of getting to Oz safe and sound! Does anyone have any positive experience with AP that they could share? I feel as if we go with Pickfords and its a disaster than I will blame myself as our experience with them so far this time has been mediocre. Any thoughts? Thanks! KC
  14. hi all, ok im having things shipped over with anglo pacific they have given me a variety of box's, what do i pack in which box's i have a bike box obviously my bike goes in there, i have tea and export and a few other box's believe. Ok i have books, videos dvd cds etc, clothes, a few corckery items and ornaments, please anyone help me : ( can't ring them as it's sunday Nadine
  15. The Lucky Country? Why is Australia the most successful and most peaceful multiculture in the developed world? How did an Anglo nation responsible for Aboriginal land theft, anti-Chinese riots and the White Australia Policy mutate into the country with arguably the least interracial violence in the developed world? It is an informative article, but I find it a bit patronising still that we have Australian media (and lobbyists) dictating to the public whether immigration is good or not...... fear of the Aussie stereotypes being challenged? Even PM Rudd quoted recently saying Australia could not go without Indians in Oz because of their food...if you follow the media that is logical as ALL Indians are rorting the immigration system by studying cookery for PR..... (of course no other nationalities use this pathway ) Rudd could have mentioned that many middle class doctors from India and other countries such as Iraq, Iran, etc. save the Australian regional health systems from collapse, and the Indian security issues in Melbourne do not exist in country towns where they are mostly appreciated as community members (though the "white" welfare ferals or trailer park trash from big cities moved to country towns can be a real problem). Australia suffers from relatively little ethnic violence, and when it has emerged it was encouraged by shock jock radio djs e.g. Cronulla. As someone said some years ago, Australians can give others a lot of verbal stick, but are really to lazy to hate that much....
  16. Guest

    White & Co or Anglo Pacific?

    Ok - so we think we're going to be moving out of our house on the 10th of July and going to stay at my mum's until we get on that plane at the end of October/ start of November (Hopefully!!!). We've had several shipping companies round to give us quotes and the two that are in the running for us are White & Company or Anglo Pacific. Which would you choose? They are both the same on cost and we're putting our belongings into storage for a couple of months (both the same on storage too). We obviously need to get cracking and make a decision and let them know so we can get it booked in so we would really appreciate any advice if you have had any experience of dealing with either company...good or bad! Majorly stressed :arghh:
  17. welsh in oz

    Anglo pacific

    Are a pretty damn good company in my eyes!! They have refunded me our shipping costs for the boxes that were damaged in our consignment (a quarter of the total that we paid!) and insurance money was in my bank account 10 days after my initial phone call. Pissed off they broke all my stuff but the claims dept and shipping manager have been great and very efficient, just thought i would let you all know. Now I am off shopping......woohooooo!! :laugh:
  18. Guest

    pss, anglo pacific or simpsons

    Has anyone used Simpsons, PSS or Anglo Pacific to ship their belongings to Perth, if so your opinions and recommendations would be most grateful.
  19. Guest

    Problems with Anglo Pacific

    Hi there, our shipment has been in Sydney since the 23rd March but we are still yet to see it. When we manage to get through to Vanlines Aus (Anglos agent) they are far from helpful and can't give us any dates? We have no winter clothes and are starting to get chilly as we had no idea how long this would all take! anglo really did not make it clear! Is this normal, can anyone give me some advice to give them a kick up the a*** as i am banging my head against a brick wall at the moment! Thanks
  20. welsh in oz

    Anglo Pacific

    Has anyone used these guys? We are shipping some stuff over (not furniture or anything so just using excess baggage service) and the quote seems reasonable. Has anyone had good/bad experiences with them?
  21. Hi peeps i know there prob has been info on these removers b4 but they have been recommended by someone but nobody knows better than you guys so can anyone shed any light on them and let us know if there any good cheers Ron
  22. Hi, moving abroad is a big step. It takes a fair amount of organising. It is quite stressful. Do yourself a favour and avoid AngloPacific. You do not need the added stress caused by their short comings. To cut along story short, our consignment was collected from our house in August, we are still waiting for it in December. The latest guess from the shipping company is delivery some time in January. I'm not holding my breath.
  23. Guest

    Pickfords or Anglo Pacific?

    Hi Anybody got any pros/cons with these 2 companies? Quotes around the same- trying to decide which before Xmas Cheers Paul
  24. Guest

    Anglo Pacific removals???

    Anyone used these guys, we are only shipping a couple of large suitcases and the oh so important set of golf clubs, planning on starting afresh upon our arrival on 21 March B