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  1. Hi all, As an unskilled worker Ive been toying with the idea of trying to migrate to a country near to Australia (not NZ) and use it as a jumpoff point into Aus. The flights to Aus would become much cheaper if I lived in somewhere like Indonesia. I could maybe go on the Pacific Workers visa scheme if I moved to a Pacific Island. I could become skilled working in an Australasian country, where the cost of living is much lower, then make the break for Aus 5-6 years later. As Australia is making relations with the far east now more than the UK this makes some strategic sense. Have you seen all the far eastern migrants in Sydney! Has anyone had experience of this or know of anyone who has done this?
  2. Members additions and recommendations are very welcome please. http://www.airlinequality.com/AirportRanking/hkg.htm Cathay Pacific Airways UK Website http://www.cathaypacific.com/cpa/en_GB/homepage Cathay Pacififc Airways Australia Website http://www.cathaypacific.com/cpa/en_AU/homepage Seat Reviews :http://www.airlinequality.com/Product/Yseat-CX.htm Airline Review: http://www.airlinequality.com/Forum/cathay.htm Airport Review: http://www.airlinequality.com/Airports/Airport_forum/hkg.htm CATHAY PACIFIC CHILDREN AND BABIES AIRLINE POLICY See Post No 7 Inflight Laptop Power Inflight laptop power 110 V AC PC Power: Need to keep your laptop computer running at full speed onboard? We offer you inflight laptop power! This service is available to all passengers in all classes on long-haul flight. The voltage is 110V AC, maximum power output is 100 watts. 15 V DC PC Power: When travelling on regional flight equipped with DC power, you need to have your own universal air power adaptor that plugs into an "empower" socket. This is different from your terrestrial power charger, and can purchase on the ground at major computer store. The voltage is 15V DC, maximum power output is 75 watts. Enquire about availability when you check-in for your Cathay Pacific flight. Frequent Flyer.. Marco Polo Club http://www.cathaypacific.com/cpa/en_HK/ffp/mpo Currency:HKD.. Currency Converter ..http://www.xe.com/ucc/ Interactive Map of Hongkong Airport which includes shopping and dining http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/interactive-map.html Visa: Nationals of the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand don’t require a visa to enter Hong Kong for stays of 90 days, six months for UK nationals. You will need six months validity on your passport. UK Embassy Hongkong: http://ukinhongkong.fco.gov.uk/en/about-us/our-consulate-general/contact-us Australian Embassy Hongkong:http://www.dfat.gov.au/missions/countries/hk.html Pay-in Lounge You can now relax and indulge yourselves at the first arrival pay-in lounge, the Plaza Premium Lounge, located at the central access way (non-restricted area) between the two terminals. Offering a wide range of relaxations, including hot showers, all day food and beverage, beauty and massage services, the brand new lounge is the first lounge tailored for all passengers and airport users. It is easily accessible from Terminal 1 via the central access adjacent to the Airport Express Station (To City) or from Terminal 2 near the Coach Station Hall on Level 3. Location : Level 3, Ground Transportation Centre (Near Airport Express Station (To City) or Coach Station, Terminal 2) (non-restricted area) Telephone : +852 3559 1108 Service Hours : 24 hours Website : www.plaza-network.com Email : enquiry.pplhk@plaza-network.com A 15,000 sq. ft. flagship lounge offers full amenities under one roof and a secluded area for VVIPs to enjoy the tranquility as well as privacy during travel. This includes showers, massage, spa, dining, wifi, rest areas, tv... see link http://www.plaza-network.com/index.php/locations/hongkong Travellers Lounge West Hall , 6W524, Departures Level, Terminal 1 Hong Kong International Airport (after Gate 35) Open 24 hrs daily Plaza Shower & Relaxation Lounge 7W509, Departures Level 7, Terminal 1 Hong Kong International Airport (after Gate 60) • Opening Hours : 24 hours Daily • Tel : (852) 2261 2608 • Email : enquiry.pplhk@plaza-network.com Plaza Premium Lounge Arrival Hall An airport lounge at the Arrival Hall takes care of passengers with late or early morning flights - a decent place to stay, rest and refresh after hotel check-out or early arrival in Hong Kong. 4G024 Ground Transportation Centre Hong Kong International Airport (beneath Airport Express Platform, connecting Terminal 1 and 2 • Opening Hours : 24 hours Daily • Tel : (852) 3559 1108 • Email : enquiry.pplhk@plaza-network.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Regal Airport Hotel The Regal Airport Hotel is connected to Terminal 1 by an air-conditioned bridge. The hotel provides superb accommodations with 1,171 rooms, extensive meeting and conference facilities and an extensive array of high quality restaurants and bars serving Cantonese, Shanghainese, Western and international cuisines. Location : 9 Cheong Tat Road Hong Kong International Airport Telephone : +852 2286 8888 Fax : +852 2286 8686 Service Hours : 24 hours Website : www.regalhotel.com Email : rah.info@regalhotel.com Regal Airport Hotel SkyCity Marriott Hotel Novotel Citygate Hong Kong Hong Kong Hotels Association Information Counters AsiaWorld-Expo World Trade Centre - Hong Kong International Airport Children Play Areas The colourful children's play areas provide young passengers with a feast of fun during their stay at Hong Kong International Airport. Location : Between Gate 23 and 25, Departures Level, Terminal 1 Location : Between Gate 509 and 510, Departures Level, North Satellite Concourse Children’s TV lounges Young passengers can watch cartoons and other shows at four Children's TV Lounges near Gate 1, 15, 40 and 60 while they wait for their flights to board. A number of fun games are also available. Location : Near Gate 1, 15, 40 and 60, Departures Level, Terminal 1 Internet and business facilities Wi-Fi Internet access Stay connected at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) before boarding your flight! You can enjoy free wireless Internet access at Terminal 1 and 2, North Satellite Concourse and SkyPier using your Wi-Fi enabled device. Click here for details. Offering extensive in-terminal wireless broadband coverage, HKIA is one of a handful of major international airports where passengers enjoy free wireless Internet access. Miniature gardens and resting lounges Passengers wishing to rest in a relaxing green environment can visit the miniature gardens and resting lounges on the Departures Level near Gate 21, 26, 34, 41 and 61. Green plants with comfortable seating are available to rejuvenate tired passengers and airport users. Smoking Lounges Smoking in the terminals is prohibited by Hong Kong law, except in the designated smoking lounges at the restricted areas of Terminal 1. Battery recharge service 194 charging points at Hong Kong International Airport allow passengers to conveniently charge their notebook computers and other communication devices while enjoying the free Wi-Fi internet service at the airport. The charging points are situated at 53 locations either at seating areas or adjacent to public phone from Level 4 to 6 of Terminal 1. To enjoy the service, please be reminded to bring along an adaptor that complies with Hong Kong’s specific safety requirements, i.e. 3-rectangular-pin fused plug rated at 13A. Mobile phone and notebook computer battery recharge service is available at Aisle H in the Check-in Hall on Level 7 of Terminal 1 at a reasonable cost. Please contact Worldwide Flight Services on its 24-hour hotline (+852 2261 2727) to request for the service. Health and medical services The Airport Medical Centre, operated by Raffles Medical Group, provides a comprehensive range of health care services including standard clinic consultations, X-ray/ laboratory services, first aid/ emergency services, stretcher services, vaccination and physiotherapy. For a full list of medical services and corresponding fees, or for other enquiries and appointments, please contact the Centre. Location : Room 6T004 & 6T009, non-restricted areas of Terminal 1 Telephone : +852 2261 2626 Service Hours : 07:00 – 24:00 Nursing rooms Parents with tiny tots can freshen up in the airport's well-appointed nursing rooms. 33 nursery rooms, equipped with changing and feeding facilities, are located throughout the terminals and SkyPier - 21 in Terminal 1, five in Terminal 2, five in North Satellite Concourse and two at SkyPier. Baby stroller rental Baby strollers are available for hire at Hong Kong International Airport. The service can be procured through your travel agent, airline, airline’s handling agent or Worldwide Flight Services, which operates a 24-hour hotline (+852 2261 2727). Electric vehicles A fleet of 14 electric vehicles operates in the restricted area of the Arrivals and Departures Levels to carry passengers to and from the aircraft gates at a reasonable charge. This service is provided by Worldwide Flight Services. Departing passengers can procure the service at the two service counters at both ends of Departures East Hall, Level 6, Terminal 1. Arriving passengers can contact the operator on its 24-hour hotline (+852 2261 2727) to request for the service. Wheelchair service A wheelchair service is available for departing, arriving, transfer and transit passengers. The service can be procured through your travel agent, airline, airline’s handling agent or Worldwide Flight Services, which operates a 24-hour hotline (+852 2261 2727). Unaccompanied minors service An unaccompanied minors service is available to guide and assist juvenile passengers (under the age of 14). Departing youngsters are accompanied from the Ground Transportation Centre (GTC) or car parks, all the way to the Check-in Hall and the departures gate. Arriving young passengers can be met at the arrivals gate and escorted to the GTC or car parks. You can contact Worldwide Flight Services on its 24-hour hotline (+852 2261 2727) to request for the service. Post Office Sending a postcard or mailing a last minute letter is easy at Hong Kong International Airport. The Post Office is conveniently located in the Check-in Hall of Terminal 1. In addition to the box at the Post Office, you can also drop your postal items in three other post boxes at the following locations: Location : Departures East Hall, Level 6, opposite Alfred Dunhill, Terminal 1 Departures West Hall, Level 6, near Gate 41, Terminal 1 Departures Hall, Level 5, near Customer Services Centre, Terminal 2 Terminal 2 Banking: Bank Of China..HSBC.. Travelex Travelex Worldwide Money Travelex Financial & Travel Services Centre offers one-stop and integrated services catered to travel and financial services needs of travellers and clients. In addition to an extensive array of money exchange and travel-related products and services, including purchase and sale of more than 30 foreign currency banknotes, Travelex is also expanding its insurance product range to cover accident, health and personal lines. Terminal 1 Departures East Hall, Level 6 Restricted Area 06:30 - 23:30 Terminal 1 Departures West Hall, Level 6 Restricted Area 07:00 - 23:15 http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/shopping/insideshopping/all/money/trav.html 4D Extreme Screen With about 360 seats, the 4D Extreme Screen is equipped with state-of-the-art 3D projection system supplemented with seven multi-sensory special effects providing audiences with unique experience beyond any normal theatre. The size of the projection screen is the largest 4D screen in Asia. Terminal 2 Level 6 Non-restricted Area 11:00 - 22:00 AVIATION Discovery Centre The Aviation Discovery Centre (ADC) is targeted to provide a channel for visitors to discover the fascinating aviation related topics with focus on the aviation development of Hong Kong through fun and exciting settings. The ADC is decorated throughout with aviation themed exhibits and graphics with attractions including a HKIA visitor centre, SkyDeck, Interactive Kiosks, Cockpit Simulator, a full-motion plane-cabin ride simulator 4D Motion Ride and many more. Terminal 2 Level 6 Non-restricted Area 11:00 - 22:00 i-Sports i-Sports offers various one-of-a-kind sports simulators such as soccer, basketball, golf, boxing, skiing, car racing, shooting... which welcome beating challenges from amateurs to professionals. Other prize catchers and photo machines are also available for leisure visitors. i-Sports, the most enjoyable place in the airport for passengers and visitors who want to have fun and challenge under the wholesome environment. Terminal 2 Level 6 Non-restricted Area 11:00 - 21:00 Playstation @Gateway PlayStation® Gateway, the only dedicated special gaming area to be found within an airport in Asia, lets you play free of charge to your heart's content with the next generation PS3™, PSP® games and games with the themes of aviation, transportation and movies. You can even enjoy the free latest PSP® trail games download service at PlayStation® Spot. Besides, there is a high-definition family cinema playing the latest movie and game trailer to bring you the totally different gaming experience free of charge! Terminal 2 Level 6 Non-restricted Area 11:00 - 22:00 SKY CITY NINE EAGLES GOLF COURSE SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course is a unique leisure facility of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) nearby Terminal 2 and adjacent to AsiaWorld-Expo. It is the Hong Kong's first nine-hole golf created to United States Golf Association standards and offers a relaxing amenity to passengers and users of HKIA. Inspired by the world's famous 17th hole at the Tournament Payers Club in Sawgrass, Florida, the Nine Eagles adds a new dimension to the Hong Kong golf scene with a signature hole, Island Green. Situated on an island in the middle of an artificial lake, this signature hole is unique in Hong Kong. Other services include: • Nine Eagles Golf Academy running by acclaimed golf instructors • Equipment rental • Baggage storage • A Thai restaurant • A pro-shop • Flood lighting system allowing swing and putt at night Oriental Massage Centre Only massage centers in the airport providing oriental style foot, head and shoulder massage service. The reflexology value is attributed to improving the health conditions as well as easing muscle pain for airport passengers especially for long haul flights. Terminal 1 Departures West Hall, Level 6 Restricted Area 07:30 - 22:30 beauty express Beauty Express offers a streamlined selection of “quick pick” beauty products and exclusive travel sets for the newly arrived and transit passengers. Terminal 1 Arrivals Pre-immigration Hall, Level 5 Restricted Area 07:30 - 23:00 Wellness Salon Either you simply want to pamper yourself during weekends or need to take a flight in the airport, you can enjoy our hair and beauty services, seated and foot massage in SkyPlaza at Terminal 2 to relax and renew your body and soul. Terminal 2 Level 3 Non-restricted Area 09:00 - 21:00 3150 8146 7/11 Shops SkyPier Shop 106, Level 4 Restricted Area 07:30 - 22:00
  3. Hi All, Has anyone had experience with these two companies? *** is a smaller firm, very competitive(low price) however, trying to see if they are an accredited international removals company. Anglo Pacific, out right said they are unlikely to be as cheap as the smaller firms, (that makes sense due to overhead costs being higher for a larger firm) However, as I am going groupage this makes me feel a bit more secure with regards to waiting times. Any views?
  4. The OH and I are getting busy planning our trip out to Oz next year and are hoping to treat ourselves to a 4 or 5 night stopover in Singapore along the way. We've looked at quite few hotels but two that tickle our fancy are the Pan Pacific and Conrad Centennial. Trip Advisor speaks pretty highly of these, I just wondered if any PIO members had any personal experiences with either - or if anyone had any other suggestions. Looks like there's plenty to see and do in 4 days but does anyone have any recommendations for things to do in Singapore whilst we're there that we might have missed? Also, taxis to and from the city - are they fairly easy and cheap to get or is there a better way (assuming our hotel doesn't have a transfer service)? Cheers all! The excitement's building now - I've just told my boss I'm off next year... :shocked:
  5. Hi All. Being packed up ready for our move to WA. Flying out this Wednesday. Had eight quotes and decided on Anglo Pacific. We have Rob, Jim and Ross here packing as I write this. They are doing a great job. Polite, efficient and very careful and thorough. Highly recommended. Who ever you chose make sure there is plenty of tea/coffee/biscuits - (it seems the kettle goes in last!) Cheers and off we go. Spindrifter and family
  6. Am currently deciding between these two as they were the two companies I found at the recent Expo in London. I am a bit concerned about all the comments on this forum about companies with hugely delayed shipments, lost containers, broken possessions.... but (understandably) no names!! Makes it very hard to separate the good guys from the bad. I'd be really grateful if people could send me feedback on both PSS or Anglo Pacific, if they have any experiences with them, if you've heard whether they are good or bad... if you have negative feedback please feel free to PM me with the info ! Thanks so much and good luck to everyone going through the same choices x
  7. Hi All, First time I have used this site, found some really usefull info on here, so thought I would ask my own burning question! We ( my husband, my 18 month old and my 4 yr old) are flying out to the GC end of April 2012.. visas in place, we havnt been to GC before, but have visited other areas in Aus a few times on previous hols, we may not have enough funds to do a reccie first ( madness I know!) so just going for it! After researching, I have found I cant quite decide between Robina and Pacific Pines...does anyone know these areas? Want family area, but still some restaurants, pubs and social things for the adults nearby. My husband is a plumber (and UK gas fitter) and I want to be somewhere within easy range of all amenities, and if possible nursery/infant school for my little ones, Im finding I can find info for house prices etc, but not how near schools are etc.. so any info would be so appriciated, no matter how small!! Thanks guys!!! xx:biggrin:
  8. Hi All, My wife and I arrived in Sydney Dec 2010. Now living on Central Coast and Loving the Aussie way of life. We used the same company to move our car and furniture The 20ft Container with our furniture went thru from beginning to end, quite smoothly, although I don't think the company are the best organised or cheapest removers out there. They used Australian firm to handle the final stages of importation. AV are a small company but I was very impressed with their level of service. The Car was a different matter. :arghh: the shippers gave us duff info, and I ended up paying more than expected on Duty. Also, they use a NSW based agent to handle the importation of the vehicle. they were in my opinion are useless! Their staff were discourteous and very poor at keeping me up to date with the proceedings. One of the senior managers called me to apologise and blamed the fact that their staff numbers were depleated by maternity leave. Their mis management of the final stages of the process meant that we incurred costs for extra time hiring cars etc. Our own car actually spent more time on the docks at Sydney than it did at Sea!!!:realmad: My advice? Please PM me for full details of companies involved. PS. Luckily, this is the only real issue we've had, and I would recommend 100% moving to Aus to anyone:biggrin: Martin
  9. Guest

    Anglo Pacific containers

    hi, has anyone used Anglo Pacific Containers? We have been sent some info on them by our Migrant agents. I am looking for quotes at this stage but am obviously looking at the best customer service from the company:cute: any advice always helpful...x Dennise
  10. Hi there, Wondering if anyone out there can help me? My family and I have just booked our one-way tickets to Oz. I am returning and my hubby and kids are migrating. Does anyone have any feedback for me on the above removal companies - good or bad? We are struggling to make a decision as there is very little information (reviews, etc) on White and Co and seemingly biased opinions (as well as greatly varying ones) on the other 2. Any help and feedback would be much appreciated. Many thanks, AKB
  11. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/fallen-police-officer-damian-leedings-spirit-will-live-on-as-family-donate-organs-to-save-others/story-e6freoof-1226066772499 RIP brother John
  12. Guest

    Pacific Pines or Varsity Lake

    :wideeyed: Visas issued and looking at moving January 2012. Been searching for areas and Pacific Pines and Varsity Lake take our fancy. Have a 6 year old and 3 year old so needs to be family friendly. The first couple of places that we looked at got very very bad reviews from the forums so had to change research. Any tips and advice would be greatly received please please please.x x
  13. Hi, Ive had 3 quotes to take my stuff from London to Perth: John Mason vs Anglo Pacific vs Crown Crown are the more expensive of the 3. All seem reputable companies. Price is one way to differentiate but would like to gauge people's experiences as well. Thanks, Marc
  14. redditchcouple

    migrant airfares through anglo pacific

    hi all, does anyone know of the approximate migrant flight costs when you use anglo pacific to do your move? we are hoping to move near brisbane in november,but have not yet booked a mover/flights. any feedback would be great thanks...cheapest flights I have for a family of 4 atm come in at just under £2200!
  15. So the cheapest airline for flights home at Christmas seems to be Etihad, closely followed by Cathay Pacific. Can't say I've ever flown with either of these, in fact had never even heard of Etihad. Anyone got any experience with either of these airlines? (food, service, seats, punctuality record...) What about the transit airports? (security, facilities, etc?) slightly concerned about transitting in the middle east, after the stories of the guy who got arrested at Dubai airport for drugs because he had three poppy seeds on his lapel after eating a bread roll in Heathrow... May in the end decide to fork out the extra $200 each to fly with Singapore, but wanted to explore the options a bit
  16. If you are looking for a family home to rent in Pacific pines then look no further, This new house is only 3 months old. 10 jardine Crescent It has..... 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms seperate toilet master has on suite and built in wardrobes other 3 have built in wardrobes also. good sizes. all bedrooms have celing fans. air conditioning. Family/ media room open plan kitchen with stainless steel appliances + dishwasher dinning and living area alfresco area with good size garden Fully fenced Laundry room and laundry hanging area outdoors Basically everything you need for a family! This house is under the catchment for Park Lake State School and the school is very good my own kids go there, check out there website. its only 5 min drive to the school.This house is in the newest part of pacific pines and has beautiful views. The house is available 28th Jan 2011. I feel it best to let Poms in Oz know about this before the rest of the world does. it wont go to market until next week so if you get in fast you will beat any competition. This house is $420 per week and is a min 6 month lease, perfect for anyone moving from overseas. I am not renting this house out it is through an agency so i cant reduce rent. We are moving as family are moving over now to stay with us for a year and we need to rent bigger. If you are interested or want pics then PM me. We will help you get the rental sorted from this side as much as we can.
  17. Evening all, Well I have just driven up from Sydney with the thoughts on settling in Varsity as I am working in Burleigh Heads. Now I arrived today with huge expectations but was a little dissapointed. I know its school holidays but to me it felt like a ghost town!! I was intending on trawling the streets seeing whats on offer but can across 2 open houses so I poped in. From what I had seen on the net it looked value for money but I may have underestimated but am still hoping for things to look up. I am currently staying with a freind in Springwood till I find a house but I need to have one by next week as I start work on the 17th!! Was thinking of taking a drive to Pacific Pines tomorrow and having a look around. Does anyone have details of real estates in the specific area as I couldn't see any on the net, only in surrounding suburbs. I know you get more for your money in Pacific and since there is such a strong English presence there (so I read) I thought it would be good for my wife and son (me being aussie and all)..... If anyone could help me out that would be great, also wouldn't mind catching up with some people in the area to meet n greet and maybe some inside infor?? Thanks, Nathan & Anthea (xavier (6) and Payton (14 months).......
  18. Guest

    pacific pines

    Hi, We are looking to move out to pacific pines next year, was just after some info about the place schools etc does any 1 know what banks are bassed there for when we come to set up bank accounts. Any info would be great cheers chris:chatterbox:
  19. Anyone looking for a house on Pacific Pines, just trying to help a friend out who is moving back to the UK, so needs someone to rent her house so she can get her rent back. 4 bedroom, ceiling fans, air con, tv room/study and large kitchen living area, rent $450 per week. oh right next to display village within walking distance to the schools, Sarah x
  20. Hi, we're breaking the lease on our rental as we've bought our own home. Available early November, have put the link below. Four beds, two baths, two living areas and double garage. Nice big spacious house with secure garden for kids, short walk to park and school. Cheers 286 Universal Drive, Pacific Pines, Qld 4211 - House for Rent #403652536 - realestate.com.au
  21. Guest

    Pacific Pines High School?

    Hey everyone, was just wandering if any of you or any of your kids go to pacific pines high school, year 10, Gold Coast? If so, please message me with there names and i will add them on FB and so i can get to know more people from my new school.. Thanks guys Harrison
  22. Guest

    Anglo Pacific

    Has anyone used the removal company Anglo Pacific? How were they? For those of you who have already made the move, which company do you recommend? Thanks Francine
  23. Guest

    Cathay Pacific

    We have finally booked our flights to Perth on 7th December with Cathay Pacific. We asked if we could have extra baggage allowance as we are emigrating but were told no. Has anyone managed to get additional baggage from Cathay? Thanks Sue
  24. Hi there We are moving out to Qld in Dec/Jan (from NZ where we have been for 8 years) and had pinpointed Pacific Pines as somewhere that would suit us. I had looked at the school websites and thought they looked pretty good... However a friend pointed me to the myschools website and I was so disappointed by the schools performances against the national averages in all subjects. They were below average in ALL! This includes PP high school, PP Primary and Park Lake.. I am sooo disappointed - I know performance and league tables aren't everything but I would at least like the school to be performing at the national average... Does anyone know anything about these schools? Can anyone recommend good schools on the Gold Coast? Kids will be year 8 and year 3.
  25. Hi all, we're having a garage sale saturday 18th september, 7-11am. Not a great deal, just a few bits to shift before we move house next month including; Pool/Games table (won't fit in the new house) Blow up pool (8 foot I think) with pump 3 wheel pram toys kids furniture, curtains 286 Universal Street, Pacific Pines/Oxenford border :wubclub: