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Hi, I've decided to create a topic as I wanted to know if anyone has recently decided to get a cleaner. Certainly not something I would have thought about in the UK!


I've been here a few months now and have moved with the GF into a place where I doubt we're really going to have the time to clean everything. It's a great place and I think I owe it to myself to keep it clean but with my work and her study being at odds we don't have much time together - as a result I am considering getting a cleaner.


What can I expect to pay?

How can I take steps to ensure the person is going to be reliable/trustworthy?

How often do you get yours in?


Also - would I be able to get someone that does Ironing too? Or am I wishing for too much?!


I look forward to hearing your replies!


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Guest famousfive

hi,having used this service for an elderly relative I can give you a rough estimate of costs.Cleaners can range from $20-$30 an hour,usually no less than 2hrs and ironing can range from $15-$20 a basket.The best way to get someone trustworthy is by using an agency or someone a friend has used.

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