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Found 14 results

  1. EasyTyler

    Regular Cleaner

    Hi, I've decided to create a topic as I wanted to know if anyone has recently decided to get a cleaner. Certainly not something I would have thought about in the UK! I've been here a few months now and have moved with the GF into a place where I doubt we're really going to have the time to clean everything. It's a great place and I think I owe it to myself to keep it clean but with my work and her study being at odds we don't have much time together - as a result I am considering getting a cleaner. What can I expect to pay? How can I take steps to ensure the person is going to be reliable/trustworthy? How often do you get yours in? Also - would I be able to get someone that does Ironing too? Or am I wishing for too much?! I look forward to hearing your replies! ~Tyler
  2. Hi everyone wondered if you can help? Does anyone know the best and cheapest way I could transfer money on a regular basis back to UK. We have a rental property etc... and need to send back to maintain our nest egg. Would be about $300 month. Living the dream!:laugh: Kind regards Del
  3. Well i was 15 years old when i first went into a pub and bought my first drink, i'm a big guy and i probably looked a tad older, but i recall going into my local pub with 12 and a half pence and asked for a half pint of Falstaff bitter, which tasted horrible. The barman looked at me and said ............ are you sure your 18 and i mumbled .............. YES. I was shaking as i said it, but from that moment on i was IN and it was a fantastic new world, drinking beer and playing pool with my mates and i saved every penny up to go there every weekend. How old were you when you started drinking regular in pubs?:wub:
  4. Hi all, What's the cheapest way to regularly transfer money to a UK bank account from Australia. It costs $20 to transfer with Westpac, where my bank account is held, I think. Direct into the account would be best as it's to my mum, who can't do things like transfers from Paypal etc. Thanks, Phil.
  5. Thought it might be good to start a thread for a regular meet up in the city, arrange some dates over the next few months and then people can post suggestions as to where to meet. Maybe a bi-monthly meet up on first Saturday of the month, starting Saturday 7th August?
  6. Evening All I'm wanting to transfer a regular amount back to the UK each month. Now i used Moneycorp UK to transfer from the UK to OZ and they were spot on. I used Moneycorp Australia to transfer some monies back to the UK this month and although their service was fine, they charged me $15 admin and my bank in the UK (Santander) have charged me £12 transfer fee also...so all in all I will have paid approx. $35 to transfer the money. Now i know this isn't a great amount, but i would obviously prefer to pay as little as possible....over a year your looking at $420 currently. I'm guessing I'm not the only person who needs to do this? Has anyone else used another company? Or have advice on a better way to do this? Thanks in advance Andy
  7. Do you need to transfer money overseas from the UK on a regular basis? If so, you could benefit from using a Regular Payment Plan (RPP). This is a specific service developed for regular international payments, such as: · Mortgage payments · Pension transfers · Salary transfers · Property maintenance payments The service is automated and will save you time and money when transferring your money. Typically these payments may range from £250. A Regular Payment Plan is fully automated so it takes the hassle out of regular overseas transfers. Your sterling is collected by direct debit and automatically sent to the designated bank account abroad. For every transfer made, you will not have any to pay any transfer fees along with receiving competitive exchange rates. If you would like further information on this service, please feel free to contact me.
  8. Guest

    Regular money exchange

    We are having a regular transfer from our UK bank to our bank here using a well known transfer company. From taking the money from our UK account it is taking 6 days before it appears in our account here, my question is this normal? Anyone care to comment. Many thanks:realmad:
  9. Hi, Hope someone can give me some advice ? I moved to Oz in 2006 and hold permanent residency. I have an extremely close relationship with my parents who have been visiting since our arrrival using the 676 visa. Up until receiving their latest visa they have been granted a stay each time of up to 6 months but this time we were able to get them a stay of up to 12 months with mutiple entry. They have had confirmation from the immigration department that this visa allows them to stay for up to 12 months at any one time, they have also been advised that if they leave Oz and then return before the expiry of their visa in Oct they will be entitled to a further 12 month stay which is great. Problem we have is this is the only way that they are going to be able to keep visiting Oz as they will not qualify for the aged parent visa due to the balance of family test. My Dad was married previously and had 4 children who all reside in the UK. Subsequently he and my Mum married and had myself and my brother. My brother has since died but apparantly the children from my dad's marriage are taken into account. This seems such an unfair disadvantage as my dad has no contact with his previous children and their life is totally dedicated to myself and their grandchildren who are now living in Australia. I am sick with worry that they will be refused the tourist visa at some point but what other choice do they have. My Dad is 68 and my Mum is 60. They do not have the money to come in on the investor retiree visa which requires $750,000 to be put in a designated investment as well as having to show a further $750,000 plus proof of annual income of around $60k. The visas they have been granted to date have all been done by me on line and the last one took longer to process and required proof of their savings etc. Am I worrying unnecessarily as the thought of them not being able to visit me is worrying to say the least? Any advice from people in similar circumstances would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Guest

    How is a regular work day?

    Hi. I'm newbie at this forum and I'm looking to move to Australia. I want to know how is a regular work day for a IT specialist. I mean, here in Mexico a regular day for an analyst consists in gather requirements, design and often do the programming too. So, our tasks are very diversified. We talk a lot between coworkers. I would appreciate any sight. Thanks in advance :smile:
  11. Hi. I'm newbie at this forum and I'm looking to move to Australia. I want to know how is a regular work day for a IT specialist. I mean, here in Mexico a regular day for an analyst consists in gather requirements, design and often do the programming too. So, our tasks are very diversified. We talk a lot between coworkers. I would appreciate any sight. Thanks in advance :smile:
  12. Hiya All, Title says it all really, I need to set up savings accounts for our 2 children as when we move to TAS they will be getting regular monthly payments from a family member in the UK. As I had heard on PIO that Nationwide was good, I was going to set up an account with them here in the UK before we left, and then the kids could use a cashpoint card in OZ to draw money out. Is this the best thing to do? Someone did suggest opening an account with ANZ which apparently has UK facilities to pay the money into. So, UK account or OZ account.... any advice would be gratefully received :notworthy: Thanx CC x
  13. Hi, Not sure if anyone can help, but yet another question has popped into my head and I am now starting to worry about it!:sad: I have a strong family history of bowel cancer in the family. For that reason I have to be checked every few years. So far I have come out all clear, I am awaiting my next appointment (due in the next few months). Does anyone know what affect this will have on my meds, if any? Lou
  14. Guest

    Regular medication issues

    Hello, I have asthma and need a regular supply of inhalers. Can I still get this in Australia? Sounds like a silly question I suppose, but I just don't know how it works. Also, I've heard that prescriptions cost $25 each - is there a pre-payment certificate I can buy? Do I have to register for Medicare before I can do this? Is there anything else relevant that I should know? Thanks, Spock.