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? Medicals for 457 visa

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I have just lodged my 457 visa...am slightly confused as when checking progress of my visa it states


Application received processing commenced

Application fee received


Health requirements outstanding and lists my medical checks xrays blood tests etc


It has a heading which you can click on to complete a health form just for myself but not for dependants on visa


I have filled out the form and it has given me a referral letter to take with me for my medical


Ok...if it says medicals, xrays etc outstanding or required does that mean I can book them now or do I have to wait to be officially asked to do so?


I assume that I also book appts for my dependants although there was no form to fill out for them...I am sure they only need the medical but it does not list what is needed


It states that you have to take forms A160EH and 26EH with you and yet I do not seem able to locate them on my application...is this because I should only book medicals once properly requested and the forms will magically appear or am I being daft and just cant find them? soooooo confusing lol


I also have a 16 yr old son who is staying in the UK with his dad...he is not on my visa but am sure that I have read that he may still need a medical...is this correct?


Oh and arent medicals just soooooo expensive :arghh:


Any help greatly appreciated



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Guest siamsusie

Hi Trace,


Bumping your post for you.


Good luck



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