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'Free' eligibility assessment


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Hey all


Im at the very beginning & still very much doing my homework.


I have seen many migration agents offering a 'free' online eligibility assessment. I am keen to do this before i start contacting & ultimately choosing a migration agent.


Is it possible to complete these assessments before 100% deciding what i want to do? I am not in a position to start the Visa aplication straight away but would like an idea of what my chances of success would be.


I dont want to get stung with a bill or stuck with a migration agent because i complete an assessment.

Has anyone else done this & then changed agent &/or waited some time before officialy starting the process??

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It seems a fairly standard way of getting the ball rolling, and as far as I know/have experienced with a couple is completely free, no bills further down the line for it or anything - however it is limited in what it actually tells you - they aren't going to give you something for nothing as it were for no reason after all.


It will basically tell you if you have a hope of getting a visa or not but won't tell you what job you would be assessed as etc etc so its just to get you interested and nibbling as it were.


If you have a straightforward case (straightforward job, no messy family stuff etc) you might not need an agent (for eg we aren't using an agent and are scrubbing along just fine with everything), you can try the immigration website visa wizard as a get you started type place as well, (http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard/) which will tell you what kind of visa you are eligible for.


Good luck :)

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