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  1. PositivePixie

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    I'm out of the classroom now running the Education arm of a STEM Charity, I was ICT Secondary in the UK, followed by severe special needs and then primary before the move, since being here I just did Primary, relief and short term contracts by choice, and turned down quite a lot of work, was able to turn down the schools I didn't love going to. I have quite a few teacher friends here (mainly primary). Know lots and lots of Science teachers especially (due to the nature of my role). Science & Maths teachers are always needed - I have science teacher friends in Qld that didn't struggle in anyway to secure positions, Brisbane and the surrounds. It's like anywhere - if you want to work and are realistic etc you'll be fine. Adelaide certainly has lots of relief work, it generally pans out that you get 'in' with a couple of schools local to you and you fill up your days with them. If you *need* full time relief work (the wages are good, so you can have a very nice life on not full time, I certainly did including lots and lots of interstate and international travel. but then I didn't have a family at all) you can sign up with the main agency here, Switch, or with DECD, but I only got about 3 days in a couple of years through DECD, so private/catholic its a lot easier to get work. Catholic schools aren't the best behaviour, DECD are much better in my experience here in Adelaide region. Hope that helps a bit
  2. PositivePixie

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Heaps of work in Adelaide - and we're quite near the coast too (perhaps you might want to try here Quoll? )
  3. PositivePixie

    Aged Parent 804 visa form (47PA form) question

    Of anyone is following along at home, the residential address is the address they are staying at in Auatralia. Still trying to find out about country of residence
  4. PositivePixie

    Aged Parent 804 visa form (47PA form) question

    Are you/family applying for this visa palace boy atm? The research I've currently done suggests there are about 7-9 years wait being granted atm it appears -far off the silly gov quoted 30 years, and at any rate, if they are allowed to stay etc etc on a bridging visa whilst waiting, it might not matter much what the actual piece of paper is called that allows them to do that . Actually getting the final visa granted doesn't nec. need to be the goal given their ages, just something that gives them freedom to stay, do volunteer work and leave the country if they want fairly easily for a few years (and hopefully buy property). Can I ask, when you/yours applied, what did they pop down as residential address/country pls? Cheers
  5. PositivePixie

    Aged Parent 804 visa form (47PA form) question

    It's all a bit confusing applying onshore imho as if you aren't allowed to stay long term here, then yes you surely have a residence elsewhere as well, but technically where ever you lay your head is a residence if its for more than (depending on the local laws) x amount of days. For eg in South Australia you are resident if you stay somewhere for 14 or more days (from the residential rentals act)...so technically now they are resident here (until they go back to Spain, which they technically could never do id they kept extending their holiday as it were).
  6. PositivePixie

    Aged Parent 804 visa form (47PA form) question

    Good to know, thank you - will have to look into that then and possibly plan more frequent trips perhaps
  7. PositivePixie

    Aged Parent 804 visa form (47PA form) question

    Because the difference between $80k and $10k is them coming or not - Dad is slightly reticent so if he has to spend that much money he won't come
  8. Hiya, Need a really quick question answered if anyone can help with/has done - we have decided to apply for the Onshore Aged Parent visa for my parents, whilst they are here on holiday this time around - in the form 47PA that you fill in it asks for country of residence and residential address. I'm guessing their 'country of residence' is still Spain, where they are actually living at the moment still (ie all their assets are there) but the residential address should be one in Australia (where they are residing currently whilst on holiday visas here). We are planning on applying for Bridging Visa A and then Bridging Visa B to allow them to go back to Spain in a few weeks time, saying they need to sell their house (which they do). They are due back next Feb for a few months, when we will get another Bridging visa for them, and then hopefully a few months after they go back to Spain in 2018 they will be back here for good. They can't apply for the offshore version when they go back to spain because of timelines and wanting to come here whilst they wait for the Aged Parent visa to be granted (on the bridging visa). My visa experience was a lot more straight forward as I was offshore and staying there until the visa was granted, whereas this is a little less obvious to us. Cheers guys H
  9. PositivePixie

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    For AITSL, It's not the PGCE they care about but rather the number of days supervised teaching practice, that is at least 45, and at least 1 year full time (or equivalent part time) course. Because it lead to QTS that should mark it as an initial teacher training course, so as long as there is the prac requirement (this is really really key) he should be ok. As the requirements for QCT are either a 4 yr undergrad or a 1 year post grad ITT or a combination of the above, it would seem that you have that. Hope it goes well for you
  10. PositivePixie

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Sadly my response is the same as AGMs - they do things by the book when it comes to assessing you, you will not be able to get away without having done the required things, mainly because teaching is different here in terms of you are qualified to teach a very particular thing here and that is very different from the next - I was an SEN teacher in the UK, but my teaching qualification is as a Secondary School teacher of ICT - whilst I was allowed to teach in Primary schools (due to working as a Primary School Teacher in the UK for the 5 or so years before migrating I believe, one of those as an SEN teacher in a severe special needs school), I was not ever successful in applying for any SEN related position. I also used to do lots of Adult education in the UK - I am not allowed to do this here, as it comes under a totally different qualification and if you don't have the right bit of paper in Australia, you simply aren't allowed to do it. I'm not up to date on the SOL and professions on it, but have you thought about getting a position as a primary school teacher in a mainstream school, perhaps playing on your SEN specialism, and ask to be sponsored? Not horrifically likely generally, as there are more teachers than jobs here, and its not very common to get a perm. position, short term to term or year to year contracts are far more normal, it depends on the location though. Sorry I can't give you more positive news, good luck with whatever path you go down, PP
  11. Totally wait until you get here for DECD schools, and even then weigh up if its worth your while - the application for DECD is well known for being a total and utter pain in the butt, with very little returns. Most migrants I know just don't bother, its too much outlay for too little returns due to the way the appoint etc in DECD schools - there are heaps of indy schools here, so generally enough to find work in that way instead. With regards to what you put down (if you want to) you just tick what you feel comfortable teaching - I added everything I felt I could teach from previous experience, thinking I would have to back it up, but I didn't, they just took my word for it and approved me for everything I ticked. Everything seems a lot more laid back here tbh, so just try not to stress really is my big tip for how to navigate it all Good luck
  12. PositivePixie

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    It depends what work you want to do - here in Adelaide, if you want to do some TRT work you might get one of the two agencies allowing you to register with them, but other than that I wouldn't have thought you would get anything at all - I know you wouldn't get any sort of contract at all at any of the schools I work at, they just don't look at anything other than PR visas tbh. If you want to move here in the long term, look at obtaining a visa first would be my advice as its easier to hit the ground running than to go back and forth with regards to visas. HTH
  13. PositivePixie

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    You might find this was the major issue - for example I know none of my schools will consider anyone without PR - its just not worth their while (no matter how 'definite' getting PR is, unless they already have it, my schools just aren't interested). I've worked in a remote Indigenous Community and whilst that does take a realistic outlook, this just really came across as racist to me - if you fail children before you've even met them, they tend to 'live up' to that attitude. Just Wow really. This really isn't what happens in the UK - for years and years there have been reports about how many teachers are out of work especially new graduates as they are massively over training teachers and churning out wayyyyy too many teachers in the UK - the universities need the fees, so they aren't going to stop, and as there isn't any teacher regulatory/register board in the UK anymore, who is going to set these teacher levels?
  14. PositivePixie

    Help?! What jobs can I do on a working visa?

    There aren't any restrictions on what job you can have on the WHV, apart from those jobs you need to be a citizen for (eg prison officer/customs official etc), however TAs aren't really the same over here as in the UK. They're aren't as many for a start, far fewer TAs in schools here than in the UK in my experience (I'm a teacher and have been doing supply work), and they tend to be very much word of mouth/mum's jobs compared to the UK. Also, I don't know your exact circumstances, but I don't know what visa you would be looking to get to stay on with after the WHV expires - being a TA probably wouldn't qualify you for any visas. I wouldn't base coming over and earning enough to live off working as a TA (or indeed earning anything) - you might be luckier doing OHSC work (after school club) but I don't know the requirements for that, I don't know if you need a diploma or a Cert III for that kind of work, something to look into maybe though.
  15. PositivePixie

    Second year WHV investigation advice

    Soz Blossom - head tooo tired today lol