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Found 41 results

  1. I have just completed my Occupational Therapist Degree in the U.K and simultaneously met my future husband in Orange NSW :). I am 47 and it appears that my age works against me WRT work visas. Is there anyone who could advise me what my options are? Many thanks Jasmin
  2. Hello, Thank you in advance to anyone who can help us with our queries.. My partner and I are currently in the process of completing our forms for a Partner Migration visa, I currently hold permanent residency however I have been back and forth from Aus for the past 4 years as I came back to the UK for university as I was not entitled to any H.E.L.P. support with tuition fees down under... ( In that time I have been back on 3-4 month holidays etc, however two years ago I met my partner (who now wants to emigrate) and ended up living with him in the UK, currently still living together and have been for 15 months. We have been to aus in this time but we are just wondering if I satisfy the requirement of being ' usually resident in Australia ' as I have been out of the country on and off. My goals have always been to move back to Australia after university, just being a normal human being I met someone who after 2 years now wants to do make this move back with me. My entire family lives in Perth so we have a strong foundation for moving out there. I just hope that I am still entitled to my permanent residency status. I have checked VEVO on the immi website and I know I have no restrictions on my visa, my PR was granted in January 2012. I hope someone can help us, this is the only niggle we have regarding the application!! Thanks again, Lauren and Paul
  3. Hello, I am looking for some advice regarding my current situation. I have been living and working in Oz on a WHV since July 2012, and so in 5 weeks my visa will end. Since December 2012 I have been in a really good relationship with an Aussie girl and so I am hoping to stay beyond the end of my WHV on a tourist visa, hopefully until October (or December at the latest if I can get a 6 month tourist visa or additional 3 month one) time when we will both go traveling and to live in the UK for some time (for various reasons my partner will not be ready to leave until then). Due to my age (31) I am ineligible for a 2nd WHV. Therefore my plan is to apply for a tourist visa (subclass 600). When I first called immigration regarding this approx 5-6 weeks ago, I was advised that this is possible and should be fairly straightforward. I was also informed that it is possible to apply on-shore.However, when I called again at the start of this week, I was advised that I may not be automatically granted the a tourist visa, especially since it follows my WHV. I was wondering if anyone has any advice to offer from their own knowledge and experience regarding the likelihood of the tourist visa being granted. Thanks in advance.
  4. Kudos to all the Gurus ! I m a noob here. pls excuse if i sound thick. I am planning to apply for visa subclass 190 but stuck at the no. of years of fulltime experience required. 1.I did my Bachelors in Electical and electronics which qualifies as ICT minor and 2.I hold microsoft certficates (Microsoft certified IT pro & Microsoft certified technology specialist,xchange server) which qualifies as AQF diploma. the immigration website says 5 yrs of fulltime work experience with either one of the above two qualifications.( i have 3 yrs) Now since I have both,can this makeup for the 2 yrs of work experience I am falling short of?? Thanks cheers, decipheran
  5. Hello all, I know this is a bit of an essay, but hoping someone can perhaps help! :biggrin: Thought I had everything planned out but have just read a doc on the immi.gov.au website that's made us a bit worried :unsure: The scenario is this; * I have been with my girlfriend (in a genuine, continuing relationship) since February 2010 * We left for Australia on a 1 year working holiday visa in April 2011 * In May 2011 (having received a positive skills assessment), I applied for PR (my partner was included) * In December 2011 (after all medicals etc had been completed), the DIAC advised that we had not satisfied the relationship requirement (as we'd only actually lived together for 10 months at the time of application), therefore my partner provided written withdrawal). * My residency was granted in March 2012 (following a trip to New Zealand, returning to Australia as a resident a few days later). * In April 2012 we both came back to UK (as my girlfriend's WHV was up and we didn't want to be apart) * The plan was then to live together here in the UK to get the extra evidence we need (which we've got now having been living together in Oz/UK for a further 14 months on top of the existing 10). My partner is English, has a degree, no kids, no criminal record and is 25 so I don't think there's any issues on that side, the question surrounds my eligibility as a sponsor... After the permanent residency visa was granted, I stayed in Australia for about 4 weeks before departing back to UK (due to partner's WHV being about to expire). We're now wanting to apply for the Partner (Temporary and Permanent) (subclass 309 and 100) visas and everything looks fine, apart from a line on P16 of the 'Partner Migration booklet'; "If you are an Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, you are required to be usually resident in Australia." ...nothing of this kind appears to be mentioned anywhere else. As it stands though, I am NOT usually resident in Australia (as I don't want to be without my partner!). Will I need to go to Australia alone and live there for awhile before I can sponsor her? Is there a set amount of time you have to be a resident for before you are allowed to sponsor? If anyone has any experience/advice of a similar scenario I'd be very much appreciative if you could share! Thanks in advance fellow Poms in Oz Ged (A Pom not yet in Oz!)
  6. Hello I am not sure if anyone can help but we have received our 2nd stage partner visa documentation ...we hope to submit it tomorrow..we have only been asked for a police check, form 80 and stat decs. Does anyone know if we have to send in other stuff (proof of our relationship) or wait until we are asked. Also i was granted my last visa on the 12th January 2010 So have received the paperwork very much in advance does this mean they won't look at my application until after this date or if a little miracle happened could it be granted before this date? Thank you so much for reading this post
  7. Hi, do anyone know if it's worth to spand approx 1000eur for this certificate? Any experiences with it??? Does it really work or help to obtain an employer feedback??? :sad:
  8. Hi all I would appreciate some advice on one part of my 47/40 de facto ap. I am currently in Oz on a WHV with my partner. Visa runs out in 2 weeks so are in complete panic and rushing to submit 47 de facto application. We are v worried about my partners eligibility to sponsor me as he is not working and has not worked in the last 2 years due to a serious medical condition. So in fact I am supporting him and centrelink know about me and my income. I have a good job here and could get my employer to confirm that my contract would be extended once my WHV restrictions waived. We are terrified that we will be asked for AoS - we do not have any relatives in Australia and having only been here 11 months (partner returned to live here with me for first time in 15 yrs) so do not know anyone sufficiently well enough to be able to ask them to do it. I am hoping as we are already here and settled money wise with my financial support that this will not be an issue once explained... but I'm absolutley terrified will be deported! Anyone been in a similar situation or anyone with advice I would be extremely grateful! Thank you Rachael
  9. Hi All, I just got a positive skill assessment letter from ACS under ANZSCO CODE: 262113 - Systems Administrator Moving on to next step, now I am eyeing for State Sponsorship from South Australia. Hopefully, things will be finalized for me in coming few months. I am eligible for Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 176) VISA. I have few doubts, when I will come to South Australia with my spouse, what terms will be applicable to my spouse : I have read that I have to work in the state which is sponsoring me (SA in my case) for at least 2 years. Is this applicable to my spouse too ? Will my wife also get the same 176 VISA ? Will she be able to work in South Aus along with me, she has not got her skills assessed from any authority. Does she has to take IELTS before applying for a job ? What is the validity of 176 VISA ? Is it same for both of us ? Forgive my ignorance on this topic. Please throw some light on this. Thanks in advance. Regards, Jyoti Khatri
  10. Hi Friends, I planning to immigrate to Australia and need your suggestions & advice for the same. Profile Details Age : 26 Yrs Qualification - Diploma ( 10 + 3 -- 13yrs of Full Time Education ) Experience - 6.4 Yrs experience as Systems Administrator ( 4Yrs in India & 2 Yrs in UK). Present Location - India. Technical Certifications -RHCE ( Redhat Certified Engineer),ITIL. Please provide your suggestions whether I will be eligible for state sponsorhip from SA,ACT,NT in Australia. Thanks
  11. :err:Hi, Can anyone tell us if newly migrated people, with PR status, heading for Victoria, having been home owners in the UK, but selling up before leaving UK, will be eligible for new house owners grant? Thanks Tania
  12. shaigi

    eligibility questions

    hi ppl I'm seeking an advice from experts regarding my eligibility to apply for 176 or 175 and my conditions as the following age :27 marital status : Single Education : British bachelor degree with honors in Communication and Electronics Engineering [3 years] (conducted in malaysia ) + 1 year of foundation in engineering + 12 years of school working experience : Electronics engineer (with only one year experience) origin and passport : Sudan Place of birth : United Arab Emirates Ielts : 7 in all Bands 1- Am I eligibile to apply for 175 or 176 visa ? 2-how long does the process take ? 3-Can I use a help of migration Agent from Australia and how much the cost from A-Z ? Appreciate ur help
  13. Guest

    Please help!!!!

    Hi all.... I am from UK...working as a Registered Nurse.....and I manage to find a job in NSW nursing home....I passed the Interview..........and they told me the company head office will contact me for the next steps of 457 visa..... Honestly I have no idea what is 457 visa and next steps of actions I should do...or what will they do or ask me to do....?? any one got any idea.. also how long it will take to get this kind of sponsorship visa........I am ready for a move any time... also do I need police clearence etc...from UK..on nursing registration side, I got eligiblity letter from AHPRA...need to submit ID at any AHPRA office for completion of registration...how long will it take??? Someone know more about these procedures please help.... Thanks....:hug:
  14. I've been on the immi.gov.au website and want to find out if the recent work experience requirement of '12 out of the last 24 months' still applied for a 175 independent skilled migrant visa? The eligibilty requirement was standard before 1 July 2011 and was very clearly stated across the website and within the 175 visa category sections online. It is now gone from the website but does still appear in "Booklet 6" in a contradictory way. Is this because the booklet is not up to date? Any advice appreciated. (I'm an experienced accountant but have been running my own 'non-accounting' business for 2 years - so this is crucial and I may need to return to work for 12 months if it is still required)
  15. I received a letter from Medicare today stating my Medicare Card is about to expire and they are asking for: "current letter from DIAC confirming that all pople listed on the card have a current application for permanent residency" any idea how to get such letter? thanks!
  16. Hi everyone,:unsure: I have several questions regarding my eligibility for a graduate visa 485. I did a bachelor of commerce in marketing in Feb 2009 and finished in Nov 2009. In Feb 2010 i cont'd on to study a masters of arts in Journalism and now in June 2011 i am about to complete my course and get my results sometime next mth. Both marketing and journalism are no longer in the SOL but i held a student visa on or before Feb 2010 so i am eligible to apply for a 485. I have several questions regarding that. 1. The IMMI says that students that don't qualify the 2 year study requirement may either study something else that is of higher level than what they previously did or take extra subjects that would contribute to the current course but both has to be closely related to their current course and job that is being nominated on the SOL. My question is does marketing and journalism qualify as closely related? i called up the immigration and an officer told me i qualify but in my forms i need to justify to the IMMI why i believe they're both related is that true? 2. Initially i was planning to apply for a 485 on the basis of marketing being nominated as my job on the SOL but i realised that i held a student visa before 8th of Feb 2010 however i completed the course in Nov 2009 and in order to qualify i need to apply for the 485 not longer than 6mths after i graduate so that means i can't apply under marketing as my nominated job? 3. If marketing is not possible for me i will then apply on the basis of journalism as my nominated job however i will only be getting my results etc. somewhere in July and my student visa expires on the 30th of August. I know that the skills assessment will take about 8 weeks but will it speed the process up if i submit the form of urgency stating my student visa will expire soon? and if i still have to wait 8 weeks will i be alright to submit the application of 485 with all the IELTS, police clearance, identification etc but along with just a receipt from Vetassess stating that i am waiting for an outcome of the skill assessment? If i am not mistaken i have 28 days after my application is lodged for me to produce all the documents before my application is being rejected am i right? I do hope that anyone on here could shed some lights for me on this issues as it is pretty urgent and i really want to con't living and staying in Australia with my Aussie partner. Thanks for reading and any advice is highly appreciated. Melissa
  17. Guest

    spouse visa sponsor eligibility

    Hello everyone, i am new to this forum and do have questions about a spuse visa sponsorship. i enter australia on a student visa in 1991, and then met my first bf in 1993. he sponsored me (under the de-facto relationship) for my PR in 1997 however, things didn't go well and we got seperated in 1998/1999. then i got citizenship in 2000. i then got married to my ex-husband who is an australian citizen, but ended up divorce. i am now married to my husband who is not an australian, and wants to apply the spouse visa for him. am i qualified to be my husband's sponsor? thank you~ fen :notworthy:
  18. Hey all Im at the very beginning & still very much doing my homework. I have seen many migration agents offering a 'free' online eligibility assessment. I am keen to do this before i start contacting & ultimately choosing a migration agent. Is it possible to complete these assessments before 100% deciding what i want to do? I am not in a position to start the Visa aplication straight away but would like an idea of what my chances of success would be. I dont want to get stung with a bill or stuck with a migration agent because i complete an assessment. Has anyone else done this & then changed agent &/or waited some time before officialy starting the process??
  19. Guest

    LAFHA eligibility

    Hi, I've been offered a job in Australia, and I will be working on a 457 visa. I would be earning more than $45k/annum. I'm British and my wife is Australian (although we have never lived in Australia, both being born and raised in the UK). She does not intend to work once we arrive in Australia. We are currently seeing this as a 4 yr assignment, and currently intend to return to the UK where we have (and will continue to have) a mortgaged property The company that have offered me a job would pay our removal costs and pay our airfares, as well as giving us a small relocation allowance. The company have told me that I am not eligible for LAFHA - although they do provide LAFHA for other employees. This would make a big difference in our decision to take the job or not. Can anyone please tell me whether or not I should be eligible for LAFHA? If I'm not, why not? Any help would be greaty appreciated - thanks
  20. Guest

    Eligibility for 121/856 visa ?!

    hi, I am here in Australia on a 457 visa for almost 1 year now, my question is can i apply for Subclass 121/856 visa. -I have been assessed postive for skill assessment (Recruitment consultant) -Worked with the same employer in the same position for 2 years part time on Student visa & 1 year full time on 457 visa. -My employer willing to sponsor me for the PR -got a masters degree from Australian university (if any help) -overseas experience isn't in the same postion (customer service & sales-3 years )Am i eligable? Thanks
  21. Hi All, I got a job in Adelaide. My employer want to help me apply RSMS 119 visa. I checked the immi's Web site, I'm not sure if my employer could sponsor me. The problem is that the company is registered in Sydney, only the IT office of the company is in Adelaide which is my employment location. The company also has many other offices in different cities around Australia. I get my salary from the head office (Sydney). SO, can I apply RSMS visa? Hope someone could help me.:huh: Many Thanks.
  22. Am I reading this right.... To be eligible for this visa, I have to find a job paying me a quarter of a million dollars? Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856)
  23. hellsbells712

    AHPRA Eligibility or Registration

    It appears AHPRA are being as damned inconsistent as usual. Can people please add whether they have received "Eligibility to register" having to go to the AHPRA office in the state you are going to or actual "Registration" where names are actually appearing on the register. I am trying to find out if it's a state thing or just damned inconsistency with them, so can you let me know which capital city your application was processed in. The reason being is, Queensland are refusing to send my 1100 SS nomination form to DIAC because my name is not appearing on the nursing register. I received "Eligibility to register" on 10th Jan. Application processed in Brisbane. If you could just post Eligible or Register, followed by city. Hellsbells712 - Eligible - Brisbane I need as much info before I make my complaint to the ombudsman. Please help me, this is causing me so much stress, it just seems you get 1 thing sorted, then there is another problem. We have everything else in order for our SS 176 visa, meds and police checks done and meds finalised. Now planning on going out on 457 visa to sort registration out. Please all you good nurses out there help a fellow stressed nurse. xx H:confused::confused:
  24. I am trying to find some nurses who have been granted Queensland State Sponorship pending AHPRA registration or eligibility to register. If you are out there can you please let me know. I need this sorting for my 176 visa. QLD are refusing to send my form 1100 SS nomination until I actually have registration. This damn nursing registration is the only thing holding up my visa. Meds finalised when QLD SMP released in DEC. I was granted QLD SS last August, SMP criteria for nurses says "eligible to register as a nurse". On the 10th Jan 2011 I was finally given eligibility from AHPRA after a long, tedious and frustrating 6 months. But now QLD are saying this is not acceptable. I need actual registration. Why bother putting "eligibility" when they won't even accept this. BUT AHPRA are not giving out registration, what they are doing is giving you eligibility to register. And when you turn up at the office in brisbane or the state where you will be working, they will issue you with your certificate. PLEASE PLEASE surely I am not the first nurse for this to happen to???????? If I am, why am I ????? I could cry:cry::cry: at this very moment in time as I am so cross at this whole situation.
  25. Has anyone had QLD accept eligibilty letter from AHPRA to forward on form 1100 to immigration. I received my eligibilty letter from AHPRA last week. QLD are being awkward saying because I don't have my registration they cant forward on my state sponsorship. AHPRA do not give registration, just eligibilty letter until you actually arrive in the country and turn up at the office. No visa I can't turn up anyway. So what am I supposed to do. If anyone has received 176 visa with just eligibility letter can you please get in touch with me. I think I just have a snotty woman trying to cause problems. Even on the QLD SMP registration and experience criteria it clearly says must be ELIGIBLE for registration. It doesn't say must have registration. Please help someone. Thanks, Helen