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Got job! Should i contact DIMIA?

Guest angela bourne

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Guest angela bourne

Hi all,


Had interview with Royal Adelaide Hospital last night who offered me a job. They have to check my references but will send me an official letter confirming it :D


The DIMIA have requested our medicals and pcc's which we frontloaded so are now waiting for our visa :?


The question is should I ask my agent to contact DIMIA to inform them I have a job offer and could they give an estimation of when we will get our visa as I have had to tell the hospital I don't know and they are holding open the job for me. I think it would be fair of me to give them an expected arrival date?


Also, do you think the DIMIA may process our visa faster if I have a job offer?


The thing is, theyve also asked for my partners daughter to have a medical even though she isn't coming with us and isn't dependent on us???? So that held us up but her medical has gone now. She is doing a police check for us as well incase they ask for one but that's going to take ages. So, the point is, we really having got a clue how long it's going to take for our visas now!!!!


Any replies greatly appreciated



Angela x

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