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    New British Passport issued.....

    They like you to get it put into your new passport , we had a bit of a drama returning from UK last year . Some jumped up know all , started going on about "that isn't valid if it's not in your new passport blah blah....... shut up you idiot. I dont think he liked that. So i pionted out that even though the visa was still valid and in date. We were in fact citizens of Australia now,and the visa become's redundent. This fact did not sink in either so i called his supervisor over and got her to tell him in words he could understand, then like a light being switched on, you could see it in his eye's . He knew what a **** he had been..........I just waited for the apology............ Hope this help's:goofy:
  2. Hi Phil, I'm a Brickie from Birmingham originally , and living on the gold coast , if you have a long run of work , i would like to have a chat.
  3. Bonzer

    Bricklaying in nsw

    You will need a green card in NSW , get the local paper and in the back will be all the info for getting one , you may be able to do it on line . Find either the Master builders or HIA, Australia .But most RTO's will have a course going at most times .Cost is about $80.00. and you can use this card in Queensland aswell. All the best
  4. Bonzer

    The Secret Of Success In Australia

    There was a saying on the construction sites in and around Birmingham, a chap called Tommy Archer used ...... Head down arse up , and make it happen.
  5. <p>Hi Karen, Registered Training Organization are trainers and help you get your English qualifications changed into Australian ones, that is if you want to work for yourself and gain a license to do this. Most qualifications from outside are not recognized , which they don't tell you before you get here , even though the Australian government do recognize.I mite add that you will be able to work for a company as an employee , but not selfemployed as you will not have the required papers , catch 22. Just give us a call if you need anymore info .</p>


    <p>Hi, i just wanted to ask you about the RTO's, my OH is a spray painter, he sprays wood, but is at tech at the minute getting an NVQ for vehicle painting. We would be grateful for any info at all. </p>

    <p>Thanks, Karen.</p>


  7. Irish club Queen St Brisbane , meet in the middle ..................... Bonzer
  8. Bonzer

    New to PIO

    HI, Hope all goes well BONZER
  9. Bonzer

    Thank you

    :jimlad: Aharr Tim Lad , Great site , and i think we were here from almost the beginning? We are almost in line for citizenship. All the best . BONZER :wubclub:
  10. Hi, Alliekate. This is somthing tolally off what you are feeling at the moment. An agency in London is advertising for 400 bricklayers from England and Europe to land in Townsville on building projects.(by the end of Feb) So soon, you'll have all of us flood your town , beach , parks , pools , just think of the mess there going to make . Just to let you know and you can make provision for the invasion, and as luck would have i'm a bricklayer . It's all BONZER.
  11. Bonzer

    We are new members - hello to all

    Hi , Hope all goes well Bonzer
  12. Bonzer

    Oz qualifications needed??

    If you need to gain Aus qual's and are in queensland , get in touch with John O'Donnell or Phillip Smith of Australian Construction Training Service, 07 5564 7023 . These two can help you also with the blue card aswell . All the best Bonzer
  13. Bonzer

    Looking For Phil Grimwood

    Hi , Pete, Done a little digging and found these , hope they help 1 , NSW, P F Grimwood ,25 Bulkirra Place, Bolton Piont, 2283, Tel:- (02) 4959 5451 2, SA, P Grimwood , 1 Needlebush St, Whyalla Stuart, 5608, (08) 8645 0727 3, SA, P A Grimwood ,25 Goodrington Crs, Moana , 5169, Mob:- 0413 185871 All the best in your search Bonzer
  14. Bonzer

    What do we do

    Hi to you and yours, Welcome to the site . I,m a Bricklayer , at the moment we are in the UK . Going back too Gold coast either before x-mas or just after . Can't stand the cold anymore ,your OH will know what i mean. Not sayiny you don't. Anyway if you need any Q's answering just , PM us or post on here , they are a grat lot . All the best Bonzer
  15. Bonzer

    brickie in butler

    Don't forget to get your blue card , go to the Master Builder in Ashmore there in the book . It,s the same as a CSCS card over here . No card no work . All the best lads Bonzer ( brickie )