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Found 106 results

  1. Hi, guys. I just wanted to ask if anybody has any recent experience of applying for a tourist visa and waited for more than a month? I have lodged my visitor visa application last 21 November and the processing time is between 15 to 29 days. I am still waiting for an update. Would it be better to follow-up now or just continue to wait further? Would anybody know which email address I could use to follow-up on my application status? I have checked online but I am unable to find it. I plan to travel from January 15 and I am just getting worried. Hope you can advise Thanks
  2. We applied for our subclass 143 visas at the end of June 2015. We have receipted reply. Processing time has gone up to 30 months. Can anyone explain what happens next as far as contact with the department is concerned? When are we likely to be asked for police and medical reports and form 80? When they quote processing times, is that to the final stages and issue of the visas? it's all getting very frustrating because they don't reply to emails until a case worker has been allotted. Any information welcome! ian
  3. I have had to have a medical done for my non migrating step-son and this has been received in Sydney at HOC. I am concerned that because our meds have been done and finalized they wont know what application his are to be uploaded to. Please can anyone tell me if I should be worried or if you have had a similar experience?
  4. Hi all, I'm desperately trying to talk to someone at the British High Commission (Canberra, Melbourne, anywhere really!) but all I get when I call the number is a hugely irritating voice message that just directs me to the website. Does anyone know how I can actually talk to someone? Thank you so much for your help, Rachel
  5. Hi All, Just starting the process..mega excited! Going it alone (no agent) so ill be relying on you guys for help. My question is: Does VETASSESS contact my previous employers? The reason why i ask is i worked for a company for 2 years (2008-2010) and i decided to leave but they didnt make this very easy and i ended up leaving on a bad note n(i wasnt sacked - i left) I am not going to approach them for a reference but i have my contract, payslips, P45 and P60 will this be enough eveidence or will VETASSESS contact them? If this is the case i will not include them on the application. Many thanks in advance :cute:
  6. Hi I just wanted to check if anyone else has been recently applied/been granted for the permanent spouse visa 801, following been on the 820 temporary spouse visa. I rang immigration this week and they said that they will contact no sooner than the 2 year mark or anytime up to a month after. Is this the usual thing they say even though I have heard many people receive letters from immigration 2 months before the 2 year mark to request an update on the situation and to apply for PR? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  7. Hi I'm Moving to Australia in a about 6 months, with my daughter (9) son (5 months) and husband, my daughters is from a previous relationship and we have been to court and go the ok to move but with several conditions. 1, I have to register the order with the Australian court 2, we have to come back on 2 separate occasions each year Since winning the case ( which cost us 25,000 and took a year,!) my ex has been extremely difficult trying to take me back to court for breaching the order (even though I havnt) lying about it, and trying his dam hardest to split me and my husband up by threats and lies. My daughter is getting wise to this and soon will not want to see him as she's reluctant to go now as he is saying things to her now too. I would like to know if anyone has immigrated with a similar situation and if and how enforceable the contact order is in Australia and is this is the same in each state? I have a feeling when I go he will do his upmost to try and make to breach the order so he can order me back, but I want to no if he can? He is very vindictive and has put me in difficult situations already regarding our contact order. If anyone can help that would be great or no of any solicitors I can talk to over there. Thanks Kate
  8. Nessie1970

    Online contact lenses

    Hi Can anyone suggest a good Australian online lens supplier. Thanks :biggrin:
  9. Ezy Going

    DIAC Contact number

    Does anyone know the contact number of DIAC. I guess this is the number 1300 364 613 from their website http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/telephone.htm but how to dial it from out of Australia? Thanks in advance!
  10. PositivePixie

    Contact lens rules

    Am investigating what to do with my eyes whilst we are travelling around, and researching prices etc - my contacts seem a fair enough bit cheaper in oz than here in the UK, so was wondering what the regulations are on prescriptions etc over there? Here you need to have an opticians prescription saying you can have contacts before you can get them online for eg, do you need that in Oz too, and will they accept a UK one? If not (probably not), is it the same process as here (ie a few trips to the optician) and any idea of rough costs for contact lens trial to get that bit of paper? Cheers for any help anyone can give
  11. Hey everyone, Hoping that someone might be able to help.... Moving to Sydney with my partner on the 30th Aug.......very scared! We have accommodation sorted for the first two weeks with the company that I am going to work for, but not 100% sure when we are best contacting agents to start looking at properties?? Any advice?? Some people seem to have contacted them before they left and then others say wait till you arrive..... I've had a look at the domain website (on an almost daily basis) and seen a few furnished and unfurnished properties that are within our budget ($500-$550 pwk 1 bedroom). We have a good idea of areas that we would consider living in...(Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Newton) and have a list of other areas that are slightly further away that we would also consider if we were struggling in the locations we like best. We have also looked into cheap furniture packages and rental of white goods etc....so quite clued up with a lot of it just need some advice on when to start annoying the rental agents??? I was thinking of trying to arrange viewings (from the UK) for our first weekend in Sydney but have now started to panic as there are some lovely apartments available for the week that we would have to move in and they are doing viewings on them this weekend! I am now worrying we will be left with something really rubbish!! Do they always view on set times or are there some that you can view by appointment? Thanks!!!
  12. Hi all, My employer in australia is now pushing me to get over there, and has asked me to contact immigration to find out what stage my visa application is at. The only number i can find is £1.02 p/m number in london. does anyone know of any others, or is this the right one. How long has it taken for all your 457 visa's to come through, so can I can get an idea of a timescale. Many Thanks Wayneo
  13. I filed the visa in person on June 6, 2011. They stated to me at that time someone would contact me- clearly the case officer in 2-3 weeks from that time. I received a receipt email that they have it and noted a case number and case officer in the email on June 9, 2011. Today is July 7, 2011. That is just about a month. As most of you are aware in the system generated receipt email it says not in my nest interest to contact them first etc etc. This is for a prospective marriage visa so you guys may understand that I am eager to hear what is going on. Any advice? Thanks!
  14. Just wanted to say hello to everybody. My husband and myself and our four kids have just started the emigration process for permanent residency. I have tried looking through the threads but am having trouble finding anything similar. My ex has been denied contact with my daughter and we have a court order. She is 2 now. Do we still need his permission to emigrate? Waiting for an appointment with a solicitor. Just wondered if anyone else has been through this process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks X
  15. harrison clan

    How do I contact eHealth?

    Just spoke to the clinic to book our medicals and she said we're not showing up on the clinic's system. She found us on the main system and we are all booked in now but she said we need to contact the ehealth people and get them to move our examinations to their clinic so that we can do ehealth. Has anyone else had this? How do I contact them? I've had a quick look but can't find any details. Wendy
  16. Guest

    How do I contact HOC?

    Hi all. Our non migrating sons medical was referred to HOC on 7 June 2010, and our case officer is still waiting for a reply from them (now 23 June). Can anyone explain why this is taking so long? I understand they might have a backlog, and is there any way of finding out what this is? How do I contact HOC? Am getting frustrated. Jen
  17. Hi Anyone got a direct contact telephone number or email address for the unit who may be able to advise if I want to quit my 857 employer before the two years is up? Waited on the phone for 45 minutes and was given the wrong email address :arghh:
  18. Hi All, I`ve got letter from DIAC today with visa (820 TR) grant, which is cool. After 11 months without any communication, I didn`t even know that I`ve got CO. My questions are: 1) Do I have to renew my medicals + Police checks from now till grant of 801 visa? 2) If studying UNI, can I study part time now or full time (because I am not PR but not student either) Any ideas by chance? Thanks for Your support :mask:
  19. I am trying to cal DIAC for enquire about my visa status . but the no i have dialled is showing invalid no. I am calling from outside australia and used +611300364613. Can anyone help me in this regard. Thanks in advance Tony
  20. Hi Having just come back from an initial consultation with the emigration group to start the Visa process, we were most shocked to be told that my husbands daughter from his first marriage will also need a full medical. Only in the last 3 weeks have they finally exchanged emails after no contact for 6 years. She is 12 and the divorce and contact has been very difficult. The agent reassured us that as long as we can prove we have tried to get her to have a medical then we should be okay, but can anyone advise if they've been in a similar situation? Not sure I'd be too keen for my kids to undergo a Xray, blood tests etc for no medical purpose, so I'm pretty sure she won't agree. What kind of proof is needed to show we've tried? :unsure: Thanks Nat
  21. Hi all, We`ve lodged our complete flawless application in Sydney 11 months ago and we haven`t heard anything yet (except for that confirmation letter right after lodgement), not even email. We don`t have case officer yet. I called them up and was told that it was put in a backlog. Fair enough but my question is - do I have to renew my medicals? I don`t want to keep on waiting and then be asked for new medicals.. Is there any rule that every year requires new medicals? I mean - if that booklet says 6-8 months for TR, 2 years for PR, does that actually mean something? Cheers:wacko:
  22. I have been asked to get medical results for kids from ex marriage, but ex wife wont allow this what can I do now. Please help there must be way round this. Stephen
  23. Guest

    Contact Lenses

    Hello All My partner and I hope to be in WA by the end of the year. I wonder if anyone could help me. As i love wearing contact lenses as i am able to wear sunny's. Despite having a astigmastism and relatively poor eyesight - unable to have laser treatment to give you a general idea :-( . Please can anyone recommend any good opticians around the Perth or Mandurah area? Also how much roughly do the contact lenses cost? Im currently paying £84 every 3 months for 3 monthly contacts. Thanks,your help is appreciated! Debs
  24. Hello there, My name is Ali, i'm an Egyptian 23 years old guy, i'm a Software/Web Developer with a BSc in Computer Science, i've been thinking about moving to Australia, after a good research about living their and in some other countries, but i liked Australia the most. Started some weeks ago to take it seriously , searching and researching, found that i could get help from Immigration Agent, but this agent must be registered, so i went to MARA's site and found some, but that didnt help alot, 'cause its so random. Finally i found this site, the most top two agents recommended around here are Alan Collett and George Lombard. Frankly i found that GoMatilda has more recommendations as well as a free initial discussion that i didnt found on George Lombard website. All the info i mentioned above is for anyone who's gonna start thinking about moving to Australia and completely lost. Now my problem , i've contacted GoMatilda through their contact form 3 days ago... and no reply at all. Contacted Sarah White directly (i found someone around here is recommending her) two days ago.. also no reply. So is there any time intervals they might be contacting people in ? Is there any restriction on "where are you originally from" or something ? also if anyone has any helpful tips for me , please dont hesitate to share Thanks alot //Ali
  25. Hi everyone, As a large percentage of people that post on here will have been through the skills assessment process through VETASSESS I am just wondering if they actually contact past and present employers and the people who supplied the references. Thanks, Dave