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Guest poeblo

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Guest poeblo

Hi Everyone

Please can anyone help, would like to apply for jobs and possibley secure one before I leave the UK.

Does nayone know of any organisation who can help with this.

Many thanks


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Guest glennandkate

Hi Paula,

I have found tha attached company really good. They do the whole migration thing but they will also just look for jobs for you at no cost to you. They get commision from the employers (just like a regular job agency).

Speak or email Rechelle.


Rechelle Grimson

[RMA 0425550]


Migration Matters Pty Ltd




+61 (0)2 6226 1082

+61 (0)408 224 489



Good Luck


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I'm having the same problem myself. Every position I've looked at seems to stipulate that you already have a Visa before you apply. Where do these people get job offers from before they get a Visa?

Also, when/if you get your visa, is there a time limit on selling up and and getting over there or can you do it at your own pace?

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Me and my boyfriend received our visas last week and we have until the 7th October 2006 to validate them (actually go to Australia). Your police checks are only valid for one year so that is how they work out the date you must enter Australia by.


Hope that helps! :lol:


P.S We are only starting to look for jobs now our visas are through.

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Hi Thank you everyone for the advice.

We have had our Visa since feb 2003 amd we visited Australia in Sep 2003.

We have been through the loss of a close family member and were unsure wether to move.

We have made up our minds to go in July this yr.

Its just we are moving our whole lives and we would feel better if at least one of us had something to go to .

Cheers everyone



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Hey fellow posters


I was luck enough to get a job before I left. I recruit IT&T Sales & BDM people for my clients in Melbourne now.


To be honest, if recruiters advertised for applicants without residency, they would be drowned in applicants from all over the world as everyone wants to work in Oz. Depending on your skills and experience, some clients will sponsor and some won't, it depends on their knowledge of the visa process, internal policies and whether there are enough candidates already in Australia.


I have some clients who will sponsor sales/pre-sales people and some of my colleagues clients will also consider sponsoring technical IT staff.


However, there is risk on both sides and it takes time and effort to sponsor someone. The last thing a boss wants is someone starting and leaving after 3 months following a lengthy recruitment process.


If you can prove you have already looked into the visa process extensively, have gone to the trouble of having your skills validated by the approving body in Australia, or have visited Australia previously, it all helps your case for sponsorship and reduced the risk involved.


I hope this helps in some way and best of luck.


Pj xx

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