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Found 149 results

  1. come on! I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon, let's hear some nice stuff about blighty! I'll start.........but i'm doing it in reverse order (that's confidence for yer) 100. the Cotswolds
  2. Hi people, I don't know if it's right place to post on this forum but i hope so. Here is a little story. And I'm sorry already for any typos I'm making since I'm from Sweden and english is not my main language. Last year i've met a girl online and we started to chat and soon we felt huge attraction between each other. We already talked about who would move where and she told me she would move here. I've decided to go and visit her in Australia and i really liked Australia, but when i came there 2 weeks after she told me she couldn't move from Australia since she was too attached to her parents. She told me she would like me to come to Australia and we could live anywhere. So i came back to Sweden and thinking what to do. 3 Months later we met again in Thailand and had great time and then she told me she couldn't move anywhere in australia except to be in the city where her parents lived. So that a short version of every thing. Now the ball is in my hands. I could get off 6 months of work to work there and i have already applied for working visa. I have really good job in Sweden, working as project manager for big company, having good sallary and having alot of friends and quite attached to my family. I've asked her if i didn't like it in Australia would she move with me she said no. I've asked her what if we have kinds and i don't like it would she move she said no. That means it's one way ticket to aussie country. I'm thinking australia as warm country and that's whats in my mind compared to Sweden where where you wake up and you have a cloud above your head. What i like about sweden is that we have a free healthcare and free schools, including university. But i hate alot of things with Sweden also, actually i hate more things then i love them. What would you do? I imagine Australia as i did when i was on hollyday, but i guess all those palms, treas, kengroos, oceans become everyday life which you don't think about as i do now.. Would you leave everything for a person knowing it's one way ticket? She is already talking about kids. Also everybody is telling even if i go for 6 months i will be stuck since she will do everything to make me stay and that i would regret it after couple of years. Those who have moved there, do you miss your family alot? What is your opininion.
  3. Hello, Here in australia since mid November 2012 on a 457 visa and worked every week 50 hours plus til this day. I need to be with my children as i can see they are suffering as i work mornings (i am a nurse) evenings and night shifts. My Husband just got a job with the same firm, he is on my visa. I am last in so all annual leave is not available til the end of the year. HOW can i get alittle respit bite off ( week or two) and be with my children. Could i get a Doctor note, what can he say?? Need a doctor note, after 2 days sick from my work. Would give anything to sit down and take Australia in and be with my children......
  4. Hi everyone! we are hoping to move out in a year or so (depending on court situation) i have two kids from previous relationship both under four. They see their dad on average every 25 days for a few hours over two days- he lives four hours away down south (chose to move away when we split when youngest was two months- two years ago) i am putting together a pack to go and see solicitor in next couple of weeks to seek leave to remove from jurisdiction. in my pack i was going to include: LOCATION EDUCATION HEALTHCARE ACCOMODATION SELF-SUPPORT INFO ABOUT MY NOW HUSBAND CHILDRENS RELATIONSHIP WITH STEP FATHER MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIPS IN UK CONTACT is there anything else i should include? these are just sub-headings obviously would go into detail about city, house, potential school, jobs etc. just want to add i'm an Oz citizen as are kids, and my parents and sister are also emigrating! we're all moving back!!! does anyone have any suggestions about what else i should include?! thank you!
  5. rocky123

    has anyone left 857 visa early?

    Im really struggling at the moment and feel really isolated. and im looking at my options in to leaving early and if anyone else has had experience with this. i really dont want to leave Australia but i need to be somewhere where there's a bit of life. Has anyone left early? did your visa get cancelled? did you have to move to another regional area or to a city? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hi all My OH and I were discussing what we would need to take in our baggage to cover those first few weeks when we are without our possessions and in rented accommodation. We have discussed everything from toothbrushes to sleeping bags and corkscrews and pots and pans :v_SPIN:- and have decided to ask those amongst you who have taken the plunge to let us know what is useful or not? What do you wish you had packed? and equally what do you wish you hadn't? Look forward to hearing!!
  7. Just had PSS pack all our stuff. I was a bit worried as they were the cheapest. Cant recommend them enough though.I told them what was not going and it is all still here! The blokes worked hard and got it all done in 1.5 days.They were contractors but they said 90% of they work is PSS work. Keep em fed with sarnies and bikkies and loads of Tea and you will be sorted. Just one thing: My invoice turned up and a shipping increase charge of £29 and a NES fee (?) was added. I told them that was not what we agreed and wont be paying it. After a bit of argey bargey they took them off. Stick to your guns. JOHN
  8. I think we all know what the reasons are to move to Australia, but I thought being a sterotypical pessimistic Brit, it would be funny to remind ourselves of reasons why we'd want to leave this country!! My top 5 are: The goddam awful weather (including that horrible British grey colour that makes me feel depressed!!). Year after year the anticipation and hopes for a "good summer" are repeatedly dashed!! Chavs The UK government The M25 British holidays where you end up parked up next to a beach listening to the rain pouring down, a scotch egg in one hand and a flask of tea in the other trying to convince yourself that you're having a good time and ignore the fact that you'd rather have stayed at home! :arghh: What are your top 5 reasons to leave??
  9. Hi all, I got my rsms last Nov and came to regional area in Jan this year to start my job with my employer. Just yesterday, one of the mgr shouted at me in the office and made an insulting remark which i felt was uncalled for. And i felt insulted by it. this is the last straw as i have had to endure previous similar incidents over the phone. When i spoke to the business owner abt it, he implied that the mgr was not in the wrong. I was not given any feedback as to my work performance before this incident but was only told during the talk with the owner that they do not think i am performing. I was also called a racist but they could not give any examples when i asked for it. Neither was there any clarifications with me when he 'heard about it' from 'the staff'. I am getting stressed about going to work everyday and not knowing when i will be shouted at again or being accused of not doing things which I did not know i should be doing. (Note: I took over from my predeccesor and did what I was taught and no one said things were done the wrong way then). After this incident, I am dreading to go to sleep because it will be tomorrow then when i wake up and I will have to go to work again. My question is will my RSMS be revoked if i leave this employer and work for another employer in the same town? I do not mind living and working in this town if i can find a job. My husband and I have even bought a property in town and he has also got a job. So i think we are committed to stay for the long haul. My employer has kinda threatened to say that if this is my way of trying to get out of the situation, he will have no choice but to report to Immi. Do I have a case? Distressed and teary. Cell13
  10. [h=2]We want to have another baby but what about Maternity Pay?[/h] Hi Everyone, We are one step closer to getting to Oz with out 176 Visa coming in any day now. My deliema is that we have one son and would love another baby now but do we wait and have it in Oz or have it now and put off the actual move for a while? Im thinking if we stayed in the UK to have another baby we'd have the maternity pay and also my company maternity pay but it would be more financially difficult in Oz? I know the government provides 16 weeks paid leave at $570 per week and are entitled to 52 weeks leave but want to know what I could expect from employers. Anyone give any advice? what are the options for New Mothers in Oz??
  11. Hi folks! I wonder what will happen to my 176 visa in case I decide to move back from Aussie for unlimited period of time? As far as I know I have to register the moment I arrive to Aussie for the first time. But what happens next? Do I have to stay there continuously just to keep my visa? Does it have any expiration date? I know that 176 visa is for PERMANENT residents. But are there any conditions which may cause the visa to get expired or non-valid anymore? Will be difference if I'll have to leave after being less than 2 years or more than 2 years (which are required to stay in certain state for sponsored visas)? Thanks in advance! All help will be greatly appreciated!
  12. The Harbords

    Things to do before you leave

    Hi Please could someone give me the link regarding a post that was on here with a list of things you need to do before leaving for oz and what to do when you first arrive. Thanks Sharon:smile:
  13. My wife is 6 months pregnant and we are living and working in Oz. She is on my 457 visa as a spouse and is working for an Australian employer. My understanding is that because I'm on a temporary visa, we won't qualify for any Australian government support. Will we receive any support from the UK government? We both worked for years in the UK before moving out here and have therefore paid plenty in National Insurance over the years. I am still on the books of my UK employer, but have not paid any UK National Insurance for a couple of years as I am paid by our Australian office.
  14. Big Dave has done what he said he would do and he has vetoed the European leaders latest idea which to an ordinary layman like me is hard to follow.:confused: Does anyone know what it means?:wacko: Has Dave done something good at last?:wub: Where does it leave the UK now?:chatterbox: Is it time for a Europe referendum vote?:yes:
  15. Hi, I have just joined the site and we will be a family of 4 hoping to go to Perth at some stage. Our original plan was that we would rent our house out. The house prices are so crap here , even though we are in out house nearly 10 years we still have 23 years left on mortgage and our house is only worth the balance that is left on the mortgage if even. Only problem is that I have been reading that unless you own your house outright the bank may not let you rent the house out. Our mortgage is with AIB here. Just wondering does anyone have any info on this ? Thanks Kaz
  16. Hello, I am a registered nurse currently looking for sponsorship in Australia on a subclass 457 visa. I see that it says you have to work for a minimum 12 months. Does anyone know if you can leave a sponsored job before your initial 12 months is done? and if yes, are there any charges/rules etc. Thanks! Helen :biggrin:
  17. Hi we are flying out on 30th October to Brisbane on a 457 visa. Should we open a bank account now ? Or should we just open one when we get there ? Any advice would be appreciated David
  18. gazsmith

    Leave goods or sell

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help on this one for me? We are thinking ahead about obtaining quotes from shipping companies and wondered if anyone can say if prices for white goods are similar to the uk or indeed as high as some people make out?, we are in a rented 2 bed and are leaving all wardrobes and alot of the bulky furniture, in fact we will possibly just take the bed, sofa bed couple of tv's and some medium sized items of furniture along with personal possessions, crockery and small appliances, not sure if i want to take white goods although they are good condition we only got them 2nd hand when moving into rented property earlier this year. I do not know how the shipping companies pack belongings but i would invisage not even filling half of a container. Any advice on the white goods or advice on shipping and companies would be grateful? Sorry for the rant but hope you can make sense of this Gary and Sue:confused:
  19. Hi All Been living in an apartment for nearly 10 months now and havent really like it, its overpriced and we wanted to get out. They swithed realtors and we have a complete tosser managing us now, who has turned up unannounced (said he emailed and posted an entry notice but funnily enough nothing arrived) We have 2 cats which arent on the lease and the owner knows about one as we requested permission, the estate agent has now put on th entry form comments, "remove extra cat"...heartless tw4t! Ok, so I told him I am not willing to do that so he has served me a breach, great. We have 2.5 months t0 go on the lease but I am not getting rid of the cat so I am going to breach continuously, after this, I might get a Notice to Vacate. However am I better waiting for this or giving him an Intention to Leave form now even though they might not be able to rent it in 2.5 months anyway? I.e. will one look worse than the other further down the line? Any ideas? Cheers Sean
  20. I have a lovely new gas cooker here in UK. Is it worth shipping it, or do most Ozzy homes have them already built in? Don't want to bother with it if I'm only going to have to store it on arrival.
  21. Hi PIO, There was write up on what to do before you leave the UK on PIO about a year ago, or maybe more regarding this issue, but I can't seem to find it. It had everything from canceling your insurances, all the main things that needs to be done. It was very informative. Could any help regarding this. regards, Troy
  22. I am moving to the UK with my OH who is British, I am Australian. I have two children aged 9 and 12 years with my ex-husband and they will stay here in Australia with their Dad and their extended family, aunts, uncles, grand parents etc - most whom are from my ex's side. My Dad, step-mum, brother and my boys are my only family in Australia. My boys would never want nor would I expect them to come to live in the UK with me and my OH. Their home is here is Australia. I would like to hear from others who have had a similar situation and how they dealt/deal with it. PLEASE do not judge me, I have only posted here so I could to hear about others' experiences and difficulties and problems that arise. Thank you. Thank you.
  23. I am due to apply for PR this November which is when my 2 years is up on the temporary spouse visa. i''m thinking of having a 6 week holiday in the UK around this time- am I allowed to leave and still apply for PR? I was an onshore applicant when i got my visa. How might this work if I am out of the country when the 2nd stage visa is due?
  24. With the wonders of modern technology, it is now so much easier to find old acquaintances, school friends, work colleagues, lovers :biggrin: etc and with the age of Social networking upon us, we can now quite easily find people we may have lost touch with. This may not always be a good thing of course, but there may be many wonderful reunions or catching up with people who may have got married and had children, or long lost family members even. What about the fashions of days gone by? Were they better than todays or do you prefer the wide legged trouser version from the 70's or the wonderful creations of the Punk era. Music? Are all of todays pop stars just a flavour of the month and do you think that the great rock bands of the 70's/80's were better. Or was the fluffier 80's/90's pop scene more to your taste? Ahhh who can forget Kylie and Jason staring into each others eyes in the 'Especially For You' video :wubclub::biglaugh: So what or who are you glad to leave in the past, it can be anything . . . [YOUTUBE]aGuNsiSZ9RI[/YOUTUBE]
  25. Hi I am currently waiting ot move to Oz to start a new job - and the company is paying 9% super annuation. I plan to be in oz for 3 - 4 years and want to know what happens to this when i leave? Am i able to transfer it back to the UK? Either to my existing pension or as savings? Thanks for your help