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  1. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place.. but it is a bit of a dilemma.. Hopefully someone on here can point us in the right direction. we came out here in 2008 and settled in Yanchep, About 1hr north of Perth. When we came over we were unable to sell the house as the market in the UK had crashed. We had to rent it out and hope that things improved. 5 years later and our neighbour in the UK wants to buy it and knock through! Cool. So we got a buyer.. now for the problem. My father is wiling to do all the leg work with regards the selling of the house as we are doing it privately. However we need to grant him power of attorney. Can we do this from over here? And if so, how? I've looked online and cant seem to find much out. Any guidance on this would be muchly appreciated.
  2. We are in a sticky situation. We have our 457 visa, our employer wants us there by end of april, and we can't sell the house. Will the 457 allow me to go over first and start work? That way I can send the wages home, still pay our mortgage and my wife could oversee the (eventual) sale of the house and follow on with the kids afterwards. Is this possible? We're in Panic mode BIGTIME!!:arghh:
  3. Hi, Firstly, I can't give advice with regards your Australian citizenship, although I can only see that it would be a benefit. I can however fill you in on all the court and legal gubbins as we have just been through exactly the same thing twice with my two stepsons and both of their natural dads. The eldest wasn't so much of a problem as his father only kicked back a little at first but understood, with time, why we wanted to make the move. We still had to go through family court proceedings though to get a court order (a removal from jurisdiction order) for Matthew to permanently reside in Australia. You will also need to download consent forms from the Aus Immigration website and have both yourself and your ex partners sinature witnessed. We did this at court while both parties were present with their solicitors. Basically, if you can proive that the move is going to benefit the child and if you are seen to be making the effort to keep contact, you should be ok although with our youngest, James, his dad was just being awkward for awkwards sake and it ended up being refferred to a CAFCASS officer. This then lead to a long process of interviews with both parents, James, and a mixture of the three. James was adamant though that it was what he wanted and that he didn't want to see his dad. I think a 12 year old is seen in law as able to know their own mind. Fortunately for us, the Cafcass report was in our favour, although it didn't feel like it during the interview process. The judge granted consent on the basis that James father backed down. If however, you fail to come to an agreement, it is then refferred to a proper court where you will have to fight your case. In our case, the judge just wanted to see that we had a solid plan of action once in Aus and included contact clauses in the order to make sure we keep James dad informed of how he is. Basically 4 emails per year. I think the fact that your the natural, custodial mother, your ex has distanced himself, etc..and your Aus citizenship should see you ok. One other thing, the consent forms that I mentioned earlier, don't worry too much about them, we were advised that if, because of the breakdown of relations you are unable to obtain your exes consent, just provide a covering letter explaining the situation. You will have a court order granting you consent anyway so that should be enough. I wish you all the luck in the world. Be strong and back up your case, ie areas to live, examples of houses in the area, schools or playgroups the kids may attend, how you will support them financially. Basically, anything that makes you look good and shows your serious. Best of luck. Kind regards Mike
  4. :arghh:HI We have just been tld by our sponsors that we have to be with them by april. Aswell as this being a ridiculously short time frame we have to sort getting the dogs over there. I have a list of everything i need but i don't know where to get the Defra Export health cert from. I've visited the website and drawn a blank. Will the vets have them?
  5. MikenSal

    E457 APPROVED!! What next?

    I wish we were in a position to do that, but there is no way we could still pay the mortgage AND move over to Aus. We have had a 2 year court battle and so lot of costs (to gain consent to bring my 2 stepsons), so financially we are wiped out. We need the equity to get over here and set ourselves up. We are heading to Perth. I have a job painting aircraft at RAAF Pearce in Bullsbrook. Thanks for the advice, I just wish we could do it that way. Still, nothings gone smoothly so we shouldn't expect it to start now
  6. MikenSal

    E457 APPROVED!! What next?

    Alright matey. You will need your sponsor to supply a letter either to you(to forward to immigration) or directly to DIMIA(your employer will need your 'TRN' number). It basically has to confirm that your employer is extending their sponsorship to your dependants. You will also (if you havent already) have to supply your employer with the full names, date of births and possibly even passport numbers of your family, to be included in the letter. Good luck. and beware, it starts happening VERY quickly when everything is submitted. We were given 28 days to lodge ALL documents and evidence INCLUDING meds. We recieved that email on christmas eve of all times!! You try getting a Med appointment over the xmas/new year break. The hospitals may be open but the reception staff weren't working!. Still we scraped in with 2 days to spare! :swoon: Good luck and may it all run smoothly.
  7. MikenSal

    E457 APPROVED!! What next?

    Thanks everyone. We just heard that they want me to start 1st week in April!!! MAJOR PANIC!!! Looks like we'll have to sell they house through one of those companies that offer you 80 - 85% market value. Bummer.... Its a loss but we got a damn site more to lose if we don't. Exciting though. :spinny:
  8. MikenSal

    E457 APPROVED!! What next?

    We had our E457 approved today:jiggy: so things are really moving now. Can anybody tell me what next? Do we get our visas stamped in Aus or do we have to send them to Aus House in London?
  9. MikenSal

    Case Officer - 457 ?????

    They started processing our 457 application on the 21st of jan. We, like yourselves, have been checking the online status page and were told by a guy at crown relocation, that there was around a 6 week delay on temp visas. This proved wrong as today, our status read 'Approved'. Your application sounds like its only a few days behind ours so keep checking. Good luck. See you there!
  10. MikenSal

    Fingers Crossed!!

    Thanks to everyone for the welcome back and the good wishes. We have friends (Wynand and Becca Fourie) who've have in Butler and from what we've seen/heard, its an area we'd like to head for although we know we have to keep our options open as we don't know what we can afford until we get there. Bullsbrook seems nice too but its a little too far out. Ideally we'd like to be within easy reach of the beach(like everyone else i guess!). We will be renting for the first couple of years anyways so longterm we have chance to find the right place, although we do want a good school for the 2 boys (14 and 12) and don't really want to have to uproot them again once theyre settled. Our friends are helping out a little with schools for us, asking about on which are good/bad. I will be working for Airflite a RAAF Pearce as a paint sprayer, starting wage is around 43k although i've been assured that it rise after a short probationary period. Sal's a hairdresser by trade so hopefully she'll find work easy enough. We heard from the bloke at Crown relocation that Dimia have about a 6 week backlog on temp visa's at the mo so hopefully that will buy us a little more time to sell the house. We also know that once we have the visa's, we have a minimum of 3 months anyway as we have been told that that is the minimum notice needed to book the dogs into Perth Quarantine (?) Thanks again for the welcome and lets hope the house sells soon! Mike
  11. MikenSal

    Fingers Crossed!!

    Well its really a long time since i visited this site. We started our plans in motion well over 12 mths ago, and finally, it looks like things are going to work out. We have been through the courts to get consent from my two stepson's natural fathers. Cafcass reports, allsorts but we have come out successful. I have been offered sponsorship on an e457 visa to work for a Aerospace firm in Bullsbrook, Perth. The visa is currently being processed and the house isn't selling!! Still nothing has gone smoothly so we can't expect it to start now! So... we are nearly there. Please can everybody keep their fingers crossed for us?
  12. MikenSal

    aircraft jobs

    Hi. My family and I are hoping to move out to Perth in the next few months. I also work at Broughton, in the Site 5 paintshop. I've been offered a sponsored visa with a company called Airflite. I will be working at Pierce RAAF base in Bullsbrook but i do know that they have operations in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Airflite Western Australia, Aircraft Maintenance, Sales, Avionics and Repair If your not plans aren't concreted then give them a try. Contact Kristian Constantinides kris@airflite.com.au or Heath Okely hokely@airflite.com.au. Both very down to earth and helpful. They get you out on a e457 long term business visa and then after 6 months or so, will help you get your permanent residency. Good luck in whatever/wherever you choose. Mike
  13. MikenSal

    Gaining permission from ex to take child abroad!!!

    Just one thing i forgot to ask. Have you any idea how much it would cost to go through the courts? We have been told that to get the court order independently costs about £120. Obviously this will cost more with a solicitors help. But if it goes further, we were told it could cost thousands. Have you any idea?
  14. MikenSal

    Gaining permission from ex to take child abroad!!!

    GOOD LUCK. We're still trying to pluck up the courage.
  15. MikenSal

    Gaining permission from ex to take child abroad!!!

    Were in the same boat. We have taken a bit of advice on it but we can't even apply for our visa until we have permission. On top of this, both son's have different fathers, one see's his son 48hrs (if that, Overtime seems more important) per fortnight and the youngest has refused to go to his dad's(who pays minimum maintenance, despite being a self employed chiropractor!!) since before christmas!! We are in the process of gaining the courage to approach both fathers about our plans, but don't know where to start. WE know it's going to be a better life for us all but how do we explain this to the fathers? 'Ummm, well the weathers nice....ummmwe'll be near a beach..errr? All we can hope for is Luck, the 'what can you offer them' line, the threat of court and the lure of 'no maintenance'. Sorry we can't be of any assistance but at least you know that your not the only one out there with this problem. Good luck, and GO FOR IT.